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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Centered around the character named Success, he believed his name predestines him for Success in life. Hardworking and Believing but with one barrier that could be a stumbling block to his dreams.

The Name...................................................5
The Moment...............................................7
I give Glory to Almighty God for giving me the wisdom and strength to carry out this wonderful piece of writing.
I sincerely appreciate my Fiction Lecturer Derek Neale for exposing me to the basics of Fiction writing and to the endless list of Reputable Fiction writers for their contributions. Many thanks to Petra Sobhy and Shelley Gonsalves for their thorough review on my work. 
And lastly, I sincerely appreciate Mr Coronavirus, for giving me the needed time to learn and write about fiction, I sincerely love you that I wish you go away as soon as possible.
To my Family, Friends, Colleagues, and Esteemed Clients.
It's a general belief in Nigeria and Africa at large that your name influence your destiny. It is based on this stereotype that Success, a young man from Oyo State, an entity in the Western region of Nigeria, believed.
Dark, Tall with a well built body, Success is a man with an enticing physical outlook, Standing at 5.9ft with muscles that testifies of his day to day visit to the gym, a wide face, smooth and devoid of any tribal marks peculiar to a descent of Ibadan, his facial outlook are like the still waters.
He believed he's destined for the top, always awake at the middle of the night thinking of a Masterplan that could set him up on toppling the richest man from the Northern part of the Country.
'What can I invent' he thought 'What is needed but unavailable in the country' all these were like the effect of a new water tap on his head everyday. Ajisebi Oyo lan ri, Oyo o sebi baba enikan kan, coming from a proud city as Ibadan, failure in life is a crime that could land one a lifetime jail in the Prison of Poverty and Degradation.
It's 1am on a Sunday Morning, the fierceness of the blowing wind causing unrest on the body of innocent curtains, moving them forth and back, Success was awake for another dose of midnight thoughts, moving closer to his book shelve, he picked up his writers pad and walked backward to his bed, for five minutes he took a pause staring at the Quartz Wall Clock hanging above the Window, below it is written 'God's time is the best'  but still, he needed to be proactive. He started writing down some plans he intends presenting for a business pitch organized by his target man, Aliko Dangote. After three hours of thinking, writing, editing and timely chewing of the pen , he looked satisfied and got them documented on his system as he got set for the Next Monday.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 
It's a beautiful Monday morning, the moon had gone far away, signalling the Sun it was time to resume duty. Voice of fast foods sellers can be heard on the streets, serving as an alarm to wake people up and an advert process. 
'Elewa! Elewa!!', Success shouted, beckoning on the Yam and Beans seller, it was his favorite dish he believed could give him the Six-Six  strength needed everyday. He untied his already knotted tie to create some moving space for his best delicacy journey to the large intestine. While he was still enjoying the food, he started imagining carrying out his business pitch, he was smiling and then suddenly a sharp opposite look sufficed..........He was aware of his Enochlophobia, facing crowd has been one of his major weaknesses.
'I can do this! , I can' He said aloud, an echo followed simultaneously as if he needed to hear the same assurance from an unseen spirit.
'The bag na just packaging, na the rice be koko' He said to himself. To him, it doesn't matter how he said it or his body composure, but the contents he presented which he's always super proud of.
He had won the battle over the delicious delicacy, he tied his shoe laces neatly, an extra brushing will make it looking shiner like his set of teethes, he arranged the files and papers gently into his bag, standing a while to ensure that he forgot nothing, his eyes directed him to the black cover book on the edge of the table, he took a glance at it, wondering if it was necessary to carry it along.
Boldly written on it was 'BEFORE YOU SPEAK, READ THIS' but it was the beautiful smile on the face of the author covering half of the book that caught his attention more.
'Joyce Daniels' He said smiling, he has always admired her personality and drive for success as a woman, she's on the 'A' list of Public Speakers and Trainers with two notable books to her ever growing career. Still smiling, he picked up the book written by the Mother of all MCs as he fondly describes her, fixed it into his bag and taking four steps, he was out already.
He got to the center at around 6:30am, it was a Twenty minutes journey from his Hostel, he brought out the Black cover book and calmly note down points on Building confidence and Pitch Presentation. He had been motivated to do so since watching a YouTube video on Joyce Daniels channel while in the bus tagged 'Speaking For The Win'.
The Hall was almost filled up, he had done his registration immediately he got to the center and was giving the tag 'NO 02', he regretted why he came that early as he would have loved to present late,
'Successful people arrive early though' he concluded.
Taking his seat on the first row of the contestant section, he sat beside a chubby man, his stature and facial features tells him he should be in his late forties. He wondered why someone so full of age will be seated among them and counted himself lucky, he would never want to be this late to attaining the height of success. Bowing down his head on his palm, he prayed a short prayer.
The convener has just been called for his opening speech, the auditorium was silent as the convener gave his speech. Success feet's were already vibrating since he heard they had just five minutes to present, he felt a bit of pressure on his bladder but he knew there was no time to use the restroom, he sighed, roamed his eyeballs in a zigzag manner around the hall as if looking for a lost friend, 
He smiled and said gently 'I can do this'
He imagined himself presenting, getting applause from the crowd as he drops key points, then to being declared the best pitcher, oh...how joyful it is collecting the large cheque board indicating the amount given to grow his business idea and finally posing for a photograph which will be on the front cover of tomorrow's dailies. 
He was still enjoying the fantasy when he heard 'Toluwani Success', his name rang an alarm to end his daydreaming and as if it sounded new to him, he looked around the contestants section to be certain he was the one being called by the moderator. It took just two seconds to realise he was actually the one, proceeding to present his papers to the judges, he walked up to the podium.
Introducing himself, he raised his head up facing the audience, they no longer looked familiar like those he imagined, he had pictured his mum seating among the audience but now there's no one to save him in the real picture, they all looked like wild animals and here he is, fidgeting like a cold domestic fowl.
Words started coming out one after the other, within the first minute of his presentation, he pointed out the major points and in the next two minutes, he tried to convince the judges and audience how his idea could provide solutions to the needs of the people and also create job opportunities. His confidence grew more and more as he continued speaking even to his own amazement, he wrapped up the presentation getting a thunderous round of applause from the audience, he was still stuck by the reactions from the audience when one of the panel of judges stood up giving him an ovation which prompted same gesture from the crowd, taking some steps back to his seat, he couldn't wait for the final announcement.
' Prayers to God, the sleepless nights, the continuous reading, the strong belief in being successful, paying attention to details, the last minute exposure gotten from the black cover book, all these contributed to this successful feat' He said on receiving the white board cheque of Fifty Million naira as the winner.

Submitted: June 06, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Oladoja Demola. All rights reserved.

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