The Hard Road to Success - The King of The World

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sports  |  House: Booksie Classic

Book number 3. The Journey of Harry 'The Hunter' Edwards continues. He is currently the King of The World, the World of Boxing.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – The Prologue

Harry is the Heavyweight Champion of the World. But with a baby on the way and his manager still ill, what is Harry to do next?.
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Chapter 2 – The Champion

Another fight to deal with but suddenly something unexpected happens. Can our hero deal with things in his life?.
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Chapter 3 – Facing Reality

Reality and Time, the only things in this universe which everyone has to face. Good or Bad, it comes for everyone.
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Chapter 4 – He lives in You

Sir Manny Cooper is laid to rest. Harry has to deal with his life now that his manger is no longer with him. Harry receives an unexpected visit from a certain somebody.
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Chapter 5 - For Manny

After two year of finding out that he has Dementia and Manny passing away, Harry finds himself living a normal life as a husband and father but still, he yearns to get back into the ring.
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Chapter 6 – The Journey to America

Harry heads to America, in order to prepare and train for the bout against Shane but can he adapt to the different lifestyle they have there and being away from his wife and sons?.
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Chapter 7 - The Hunter Vs The Viking

Fight Night. Hunter vs Viking. Can Harry do it for a second time around, to win the Heavyweight Title again or is everything going to end horrible for our Hero?.
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Chapter 8 – The Righteous Man

Harry must do whatever is right even if it costs him everything.
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Chapter 9 - Hardships of Life

Harry has been facing certain hardships in his life ever since he fought Grant in the streets and attended the hearing with the WBC but an offer has been given to him, which could possibly turns
his life around.
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Chapter 10 – Life as you know it

Harry has begun his life and role as a manager and trainer at The Dire-wolves Gym, while he continues to struggle with his dementia and being away from his wife and their sons.
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Chapter 11 – The Epilogue.

With Charlotte suddenly becoming sick, Matthew struggles with things because of his daughter suffering the way she is and that he is unable to do anything to help her.
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