When Sam Revisit 2042 AD

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Christian Writers

This is a true dream I listened for generations as a simple birth as human. May our Lord give a new beginning where you are.

Already time remains infant born in the infinite faith within and Sam tried to be so passionate for this divine pursuit. Unprecedent events we have made in the moment, our goddess of the Living Earth, could listen to appreciate the great wonders of manmade communion here. Krishna remembered where it started for Arjuna to reread the little lessons of creation. In the days of the pandemic Karna wandered in the jungle of time in search of a true physician. God, the protector of all creation, was drowned in this journey of our transitory lifetime.

“My Son, you are so humble yet the world saw how weak you are.” That father said to Sam, “Let me see your heart.” Sam requested, “My Lord, I still hear your voice and thank the rest for our Good news in the book of life.”

Nowhere for the luminosity of Sun, Mother Nature warned not to drop a blood clot from the supreme foundation on the highest mountain. Karna did not support or reject the argument on which the faith proposed those footsteps. The next day, Sam collapsed in the midst of his Lord, who read this daily dawn from the stillness of our given birth. But Sam trusted a vision to maintain a different lifetime value. In HIS past the birth to became the scholar who never gave up on the war we made infinite sacrifices and love of the Earthly visitors made for true guidance in everything. It is said the stars above our sky limits are a living soul who never perishes in the moment of the nightly death. Sam remembered that all of us are brought here to the meeting where the glory of human family that created him. The God who looked at the pages at this time realized that our lifetime has sought where the truth will endow new destinations. Those who were sleeping for a long time recalled in a dream, “Can you give up your sleep to awake our creation with everlasting existence for all?” Krishna still pondered into this mind, “How mistaken are your thoughts that is not wrong but is it maintainable in a time when no one even the great Hanuman may carry forward this mountain in every avatar!” When divinity touches every single life on the edge of this turning point, I am born in this human blessing on our living Earth. Most for any angel in these human narrations, “Why Sam will make this beginning so blessed?” No one goes forward only in writings. So, I must say, I should not be a spectator. Before all, Arjuna looked around and recalled that the Moses in the old testament who guided the generation never witnessed the promised land. He warned, “Don’t live today like nobody understands. The story is not written to teach anyone. The battle is won as our responsibility that gives a heart’s nearest voice.” Yet Sam looked into possibilities.

When Krishna finally tested Sam in front of this arena. Sam was not taken back yet requested, “Our grants in a new assurance shall stand for the nearness of this living Earth and you may wish this inborn hope will sustain everything.” Krishna was confused. Sam told, “If there is a symptom the cure can heal so we must overcome how much untold is the problem. I see the future we need has come.” Krishna loved this thought and gave Sam the blessing to be this change in a lifetime so aspires our evergreen existence. Krishna reached for the Stars and gave the three worlds as the sign of rebirth on the living Earth.

Since time immemorial, Sam labored day and night for this moment. The trinity handed him the potion for making this dream a reality. But something no one could think of happened. Sam transformed himself as the living Earth. Trinity rinsed this holy water into the body of the entire creation where the love given so far loved, Sam still stated the change, how so far we can protect our service in this narration.

 Everything will have a good source from where it started. Yesterday Sam may not have come before Karna in the moment of morning bath in the Ganges. The Chariot of our Sun would have made a habit for creating such a beautiful lifetime that we will be the warriors who will be born in a new shore. Finally, the destination reached our vision as we are made for sustaining this given blessing.

Darkness still wandered the absence of this change. What remained in question still starts from the quest we are ahead? Let us make this change that our Lord wish for. If you can be something, be the voice of the living Earth, that Sam narrated when the Space age started for something that will give another title.

May the aliens who retraced our travel in time will be most loved for our gratitude from Sam’s heart that is ever lived in his Fathers loved grants.

In the end of 2042 AD, Ravana feared that the purpose of his deadly power will change.  Ravana asked the oracle, “what is the next?” Oracle iterated, “When there is war and the hero humbles himself before the Lord who wishes from the dwelling of a hearts gesture, you must know the war ends and everyone will enjoy the freedom for an awesome lifetime. This time it is your responsibility and rest remain so blessed.”

Time always has such iterations. More we quench the five elements of a lifetime in this note. Sam still rephrased, what is the final judgements? Maybe it is not a mistake to start at the time that never ends. So, you have a choice. Sam only requested that if we can nurture something great in the 2042 AD ahead, we need to start now that change our past habits where there is a deadline for all. Our Lord who reasoned this  responsibility for cultivating friendship with the Living Earth, made this special message for all who stays hungry for a reality and stay healthy in choices, that the great love can thank this young man, as we are given the resources for another infinite Earth within the protection and perseverance in the name of our endless truth as we believe this as the home for the divine angels so be blessed as our true hero for generation ahead.

Sam doesn’t question himself as the experience he enjoyed with Krishna will be forever living but he never wants anyone join this if it is a burden. But he wishes that no one will murder the change he requested as far the heart narrated the entire Mother Earth in a wake up call for infinite sustenance from this blessing. If you can make a time that take us interpreting what is best for all, please do be kind for our thanksgiving creation that shall sustain everything so alive and lives in the infinite faith within. Let our future sustain this heritage as a blessing for all.

Submitted: June 07, 2020

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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