No Respiro/ I Can't Breath

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Looking for justice/Buscando la justicia.


“No Respiro” “No Respiro”


© 6-3-2020  2:04pm


Brota la sangre del hermano por las calles

a gritos, a puños, a humo lagrimoso

que enfurecen al dormido pero apacigua al furioso

bajo al arrodillado gesto que suplica “no desmayes”.


Son palabras de dolor que se derraman,

son acciones de tristeza que devanan

y es como un tiro directo a la razón 

que detiene al palpitante corazón. 


“No respiro”, “No respiro”, hace eco en la nación,

si tan solo a mi hermano escucharas 

no habría tal disputa y conmoción

y otra vida muy valiosa no arrancaras. 


El silencio vale nada,

cuando la vida no es amada,

“No respiro”, “No respiro”, hace marcha a la justicia

Y dignamente acribilla a la malicia.


De millones caminantes

Salen furias en destellos calcinantes

De latidas voces de diamantes

Que justicia han pedido antes. 


"I Can’t Breathe" "I Can’t Breathe"


© 6-3-2020 2:04 pm


My brother's blood gushes through the streets

through screams, powerful fists, and tearful smoke that enrage us but appeases our furious state of mind when a glance of a kneeling gesture begs us not to give up. 


The words that we hear, are the words of pain

The actions that we see, are the actions of sadness that devour our beings.

This moment, this instant, It's a direct shot at the reason that stops beating hearts.


"I can’t breathe," "I can’t breathe," echoes through the nation.

If they would only listen to my brother, there would not be such a dispute and commotion and another very valuable life would have been saved. 


Silence is worth nothing

When life is not loved

"I can’t breathe", "I can’t breathe", launches justice

And erases malice.


Of millions of walkers

Furies come out in burning flashes

Of beating voices of diamonds

For what they have asked before.



Submitted: June 07, 2020

© Copyright 2021 R.D.. All rights reserved.

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