A teenage who thought she knew what love was. She's just a senior trying to get through her last year of high school with her three best friends. But when she falls for Allen, she realizes she is in way over her head. She can't handle his constant mood swings, his violent outbursts and his crazy jealousy. What will she do? Who will save her from the man she loves?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Its late August the air is humid and sticky. I'm Rosie Henderson. I just turned nineteen this August. I know, I did stay back in elemen... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

We head to Marty's I'm so excited they have my favorite candy's. Blueberry gummy sharks and gummy bears. I loved them since I could rem... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

What's up with the outfits Bens says while stuffing cookies into his mouth. Well we decided we wanted to go the first football game of ... Read Chapter