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We head to Marty's I'm so excited they have my favorite candy's. Blueberry gummy sharks and gummy bears. I loved them since I could remember. My mom would always buy them for me. Ben gets these nasty sour candy's and a variety pack of chocolates to share with us. Cole grabs chocolate pretzels and this huge case of spongebob gummy krabby patty's. You better share those with me I say to him. He smiles an says of course I know you love these things. I smile. Jenna grabs skittles and starbursts. She doesn't like chocolate just sweet or sour candy. 

So we end up paying and leaving with the goods. We get into the Jeep and head to our next destination Stop and G0. This time we do some damage. We pick out frozen pizza, hot pockets, chicken nuggets, mac n cheese. Anything we liked we through into the shopping cart. We all chip in when we get up to the register. It's always supper cheap like twenty dollars each. Finally done shopping. 

We load the Jeep up with grocery's, and head to Jennas. As we arrive at Jennas we hand Ben an Cole the grocery's because they were with us in the back seat. We greet Jennas mom like we normally do hi Mrs. H we all say. She greets us and says the kitchen and living room is ours to use. We all laugh. 

We start cooking and frying up this massive buffet. The smell of everything we can't wait to dig in. The food is done and is ready to bring into the living room. Jennas searching through Netflix trying to find a movie. So the boys and I bring the food and candy out. We place the plates full of food and candy on the coffee table that is in front of the tv. 

Jenna screams I found the movie to watch! We all look at the screen. No way the three of us say. We're not watching In "The Tall Green Grass". We never watched it but heard some reviews about it. Jenna starts pouting and batting her eyes. Ugh we really can't say no to her. We start digging in and the movie starts. I have to say half way through the movie we're all digging it. 

Jenna and I hiding under the blanket on the couch and the boys are sitting in the recliners now. Jenna an I are such babies when it comes to scary things. We scream and try to hide our eyes. We make it through the movie. It was interesting sometimes it was hard to understand what was going on but at the end you understood it. I'm glad you picked this one I said to Jenna. The boys agreed. They were literally locked into the movie. It's getting late Ben says. 

We start cleaning the mess of food we had in the living room. We place the leftovers in containers. Cleaned the counters and start doing dishes. I star tidying up the living room. Folding blankets, wiping the table down, shutting the tv off and fixing the pillows on the couch. Finally were done. Ben and Cole say goodnight to Jenna and I. We say see you tomorrow, drive safe. 

Now it's just Jenna an I. Jenna squeals an says soo tell me who's this handsome guy your drooling over. I laugh an say girl you have to see him. He's soo dreamy. And he asked me to go the game tomorrow night! Will you go with me I ask? Just the two of us no Ben or Cole. Of course I will Rosie. I'm so happy to hear that, maybe will see your crush. Jenna has been crushing on James, he's been on the football team since freshman year. He's a senior now. I'm pretty sure I seen him today at school. You should try talking to him tomorrow. Jennas face is already blushing. Will see how it goes I say smiling. 

Jennas mom pops in telling me I can sleep over. I ask Jenna if she wanted me to go home. I say every now and than you need a break from your friends. She shakes her head no. We can have a girls night like we always do she says. Doing our nails, face masks, girl talk, watch tv, listen to music and of course stay up all night. I can't wait I say. I text my dad telling him where I am and what I'm doing. He texts back quickly just saying stay safe I love you and goodnight. He's awesome. 

So Jenna and I stay up all night. First she lends me some clothes to sleep in so I don't have to go home. Don't worry I have my own tooth brush here. Jennas house is my second home. After I change an brush my teeth. Jennas already changed and ready to start on our gel nails. We start reading the directions an I start on her nails. She picked this pretty apple red color. I finish her nails. Before we start on mine we do a pineapple enzyme face mask. As we wait for the mask to harden we start on my nails. I can't decide between these two neon colors purple or pink. 

Jenna convinced me to pick hot pink. It's almost one a.m. we finish my nails and take the face masks off. Than I decided I want to paint my toes. I might wear my sandals tomorrow I say. I don't know what I'm going to wear when I see Allen I think to myself. So I do them while Jenna plays some music. She likes pop anything to put her in a happy mood. We gossip some more. Than she moves to her closest. 

Her closet is huge it's so organized and neat. Hats, scarves, handbags and accessories lay on the top shelve. Below that shelve consists of pants, legging, shorts and skirts. And below that is where she hangs all her jackets, hoodies, dresses, shirts and tank tops. And lastly the boots, sneakers, heels, flats, slides and sandals. She's obsessed with online shopping. No she's not rich. She reviews items on her own website and makes her money back. I'm so proud she's built herself up. She even shares her clothes and shoes with me. We're almost the same size. I'm just a tad bit smaller. 

Jenna starts trying on some outfits. Honestly she looks great in anything. But the last outfit I love. She has on this black tube top that hugs her body perfectly. These distressed high wasted skinny jeans with this adorable chain belt. I run to the closet. I grab these black heeled combat boots. I say these will look great with this outfit cute but edgy. She puts them on. She squeals and says your completely right Rosie. I love it. That's why we're friends I say. I think James is definitely going to notice you. How could you not. We both smile. After she lays out her outfit she changes back into her silk pjs. 

She gets in bed an I get on the futon. The last thing I remember was watching "family guy" before I knocked. Before I know it I'm awake. I look at my phone. It's already eleven past. I have twenty messages from the group chat. Ben and Cole asking what time were meeting up today. Do they ever sleep late. I yell to Jenna asking her what time she wants to meet the boys at. She says whenever. I text them saying to meet at my place for two. 

Jenna does her makeup and hair. Which takes up to an hour. I just watch and admire. She doesn't need makeup. She looks amazing with or without it. After that she puts on her outfit that we picked out last night. She straightened her brown shoulder length hair. You look amazing I say. She smiles and thanks me. She asks me if I want to borrow any clothes. I thank her and head to the closet she follows. I ask, what should I wear. Should I wear our school colors. Our school colors are purple, white and black. 

I have an idea Jenna says. Give me a minute. She starts looking through the closet. And picks out this purple halter top, white shorts and black thigh high socks. You're amazing I say. Than she grabs the all black slip on vans. Ohhh now I love it even more I say laughing. I'm obviously obsessed with vans no doubt about it. I own almost every color and style. And I'm constantly browsing the site for new arrivals. They fit amazing and there just so comfortable. Jenna folds the outfit and packs everything into a bag. She grabs her keys, phone and purse. 

I change into the clothes I wore yesterday. Grabbing my handbag and phone. We start walking to my house. The sun feels so nice on my skin. Jenna and I arrive at my house. My dad greets us both. I head upstairs with the bag of clothes. While my dad offers Jenna some homemade chocolate chip cookies. Whenever my dad is off of work he either cooks or bakes. He's really talented. He could of made a career out of it. But he decided to work in an office. Nothing wrong with that but I feel as though he would of been so happy doing something he loves. Not that he's miserable or anything. 

I hear my phone go off as I get out of the shower.  I wrap a towel around me an check my phone. Allen Johnson wants to add me on Facebook. No way I say out loud. I'll accept it later. I change into a shirt and shorts. I walk to my room Jennas already playing some music. I sit at my makeup Vanity. And start on my makeup. I decide to do a little extra today. After I'm done I change into my outfit. Jenna starts on my hair. She does french braids from the bottom up into space buns. It looks so cute I say thanking her. Jenna smiles and compliments me. Now we're both ready. I grab my phone and my black shoulder bag. 

The guys should be here any minute Jenna says. Before heading outside I talk to my dad in the kitchen. Telling him I'll be out till late and if anything changes I'll text him. He hands me a container of cookies. I thank him and head outside with Jenna. We sit on the stairs and try to come up with a plan. How we're going to tell Ben and Cole we're going to a football game an ditching them later tonight. I'm nervous Jenna says. Let's just tell them the truth, I say. There going to noticed we're all dressed up. She nods. 

A few minutes later Ben and Cole pull up. Your late we both say running up towards the Jeep. Ben says there was traffic. We jump into the Jeep and I hand the cookies up front to Cole. These look so good your dad made them right Cole asks. Of course he did I say. Ben takes a few and starts driving.

Submitted: June 07, 2020

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