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The punch given by Yazzhini had far-reaching consequences in her life.



“Dad, I wish to join Karate class immediately. Luckily, the Karate master conducts the class twice in a week on the weekend that too in our own street. Please …Please, Daddy … mom has already said ok but subject to your approval. Tomorrow is Saturday which falls on the weekend. What do you say?” Yazzhini compelled her father.


“Yaz, you are doing ninth standard and you will be in tenth standard, the school final, in the next year and you will be busier in your studies. Under these circumstances, why are you very particular in joining Karate?” her father asked.


“Dad, before going for the higher studies, I wish to strengthen my body. Moreover, of late, the girls are always vulnerable and need protection. You are having a few more years of service in your job. Hence, I cannot always rely upon you for my safety nor you can accompany me wherever I go. So I need to learn self-defense tactics. Karate being one of the best self-defending sport, I prefer it. It will help to increase my stamina, besides keeping my body slim, energetic, and confident. Above all, the Karate school is on our own street. So, I may not spend too much time on it. Then why don’t you permit me? You need not pay me anything to join Karate class. I will manage it out of my own pocket money. Ok?”


Yazzhini even without getting the formal nod from her father joined the Karate class very next day along with her close friend Ramya. Both learned Karate sincerely and in the next few months by virtue of their skill, sharp and fast movements, they were lauded by their Karate master for picking up martial art so rapidly. In fact, both of them were on the verge of getting an orange belt in Karate.


But Yazzhini and her close friends had a hidden agenda in joining the Karate class. Ever since the new mathematics teacher Ram joined their school, he became a terror to the students of the ninth and tenth standard, in particular, for those who were weak in mathematics. No doubt he had a good grasp on the subject and was capable of teaching in a lucid way even to the dullest students. Nor he was interested in extra money by taking tuition. But he had a weakness. He used bad words against the erring and dull students thereby insulting them openly in the classroom wounding their self prestige, subjecting them to humiliation. Yazzhini’s close friend Ramya was very weak in mathematics often scoring marks in-class tests only in single digits.


A few days ago, Ram while issuing Ramya her test papers openly condemned her as follows:


“Why do you always score in single digits in my subject? You better score zeroes in tests so that you can use them for making omelets. You got it?”

Ramya felt ignominious in the classroom which forced her to cry tremendously. When she went to her home and told her parents about the incident, they simply quipped, “What he said was perfectly correct. What is the use of scoring marks in single digits?”


When Ram issued Yazzhini her test paper, despite scoring seventy marks in mathematics, Ram passed these unwarranted remarks:


“Ramya is your close friend, isn’t it? If you continue to sit beside her, you will score seven instead of seventy in your next monthly test. You got it?”


Yazzhini felt insulted and her self-prestige was wounded. The words of Ram were rather unwarranted and he was unbecoming of a teacher.


On the next day, when Ram just saw them together on the school campus casually, he smiled at them sarcastically.


Both Yazzhini and Ramya were aggrieved by the unwarranted remarks, comments, and sarcastic looks of their Mathematics teacher Ram.


They even personally approached him and requested him not to insult them personally just because Ramya was weak in mathematics. Yazzhini even went a step further to warn him as follows:-


“Sir, if you keep on insulting Ramya and me, you may have to face the consequences. We won’t tell you what we will do? But we will show you through our actions. You got it?”


Ram simply ignored their request and warning. But instead of changing his approach, he kept on harassing them as ever. Meanwhile, both Yazzhini and Ramya were learning Karate and improving in the martial arts by leaps and bounds.


When Ram issued the mathematics test papers in the next month, he called both Yazzhini and Ramya simultaneously. Ramya had scored 11 marks and Yazzhini scored just 41 marks. He laughed at them derisively.


“Are you not ashamed to score these marks in Mathematics? While Ramya is already a filtered fool, Yazzhini has also recently joined the fools club.  Yazz, have I not warned you earlier not to be a friend of Ramya lest you would also become a fool? You both are now not even fit to clean a toilet. You shameless dirty girls… “Ram just went on abusing them.


Both Yazzhini and Ramya got provoked but patiently requested Ram, “Sir, stop abusing us. There is a limit to everything.”


But Ram has lost his temper and went on, “Who are you to advise me? … You shameless girls. Go and clean the toilets of our school…” He simply threw their test papers on their face.


Yazzhini was terribly provoked by the unwarranted comments and misbehavior of Ram. She went nearby Ram at a faster pace.


“You dirty bitch, why do you come here? Go to your seat…” Ram yelled at Yazzhini.


In the next second, Yazzhini using her recently learned skill in Karate gave a heavy punch on Ram’s face. Ram fell on the ground, got swooned and his nose was bleeding heavily.


Realizing what happened the whole class ran away from the class. But both Yazzhini and Ramya were unmoved and standing nearby Ram who lay on the ground still unconscious. They were ready to face the consequences.


Their school Principal reported the matter to the police authorities. An ambulance came and picked up Ram to admit him to the nearby Government Medical College Hospital.


The Police Inspector after thoroughly inquiring into the matter besides hearing from other students of the class was convinced that it was an act of rank provocation made by Ram through his abusive words against Yazzhini and Ramya. He arrested both Yazzhini and Ramya and surrendered in the Juvenile Court since both of them were 14 years old.


Ramya not involved in the criminal act was let off with a just warning. But the parents of Yazzhini were summoned to the court and informed them about the punch given by their daughter to Ram, her mathematics teacher.


The Juvenile court issued a severe warning to Yazzhini and their parents. They also directed them to take Yazzhini to a nearby Juvenile Home to have periodical counseling for a period of six months.


The punch gave by Yazzhini to Ram heavily damaged his nose causing heavy bleeding. He also lost six of his teeth in his mouth. Since the punch was heavy, Ram got cured only after three months.


The punch given by Yazzhini in a fit of temper in his school days did not affect her school and college career drastically, except the proceedings and the counseling she underwent in the Juvenile Justice System for a period of six months.


However, the news of Yazzhini’s punch on the face of her mathematics teacher spread like wildfire in various schools and colleges having been reported in popular dailies besides prompting a smooth and nice behavior from the school and the college teachers towards the students.


But in the personal life of Yazzhini, the punch had a lasting effect even after the completion of her school and college education. Though by dint of her merits Yazzhini managed to get a job, in the marital world, her punch created a clear black mark on her personality that postponed her marriage indefinitely.


Finally, a bridegroom candidate arrived and came forward to marry Yazzhini when she was 28 years of age and the bridegroom was 33 years. The long-awaited marriage of Yazzhini was rather simple. Yazzhini was really surprised how did the bridegroom digest the factum of her punch in her school days?


Yazzhini could not control herself. On entering the first night room, the first question she asked the bridegroom was this:


“Do you know the factum of my punch on the face of my mathematics teacher, when I was just 14 years old in my school days?”


“Oh, yes… Your parents told me everything about you. But I have also told them about me. Then only we agreed for this marriage,” The bridegroom replied.


“What was the story about you? My parents didn’t tell me anything about it.” Yazzhini was rather anxious.


“You gave a punch at your mathematics teacher. But I was different. When my English teacher tortured me at the sixth standard to learn English, I simply stopped going to school. But the next day, when he was coming to school by walk, hiding in a sugarcane field, I threw a stone at him that correctly hit the target. The English teacher fell on the ground. But nobody knew it was me who threw the stone on the English teacher. Thereafter, I never stepped into the portal of a school. So since both of us sailed in the same boat, I agreed to marry you,” When the bridegroom finished his story, Yazzhini could not control her laughter for a few minutes.









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