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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A story of Ines and Eva shortly after running away from Heaven.

Table of Contents

Down the List

There are things you can never talk about, Eva. There are things you will always have to keep to yourself. That is the cost of your survi... Read Chapter

Gods and Giants, Ines and I

Heaven used to be shared between gods and giants. Something happened between them a very long time ago, before I or many others existed. ... Read Chapter


Joining the fairies was easy. It was the easiest thing Ines and I had done in the 3 days we lived. We found their door almost the moment ... Read Chapter

Young Fairy Hearts

When fairies are first built, their hearts are very weak. That’s just how young fairy hearts are. One mean word from a careless strange... Read Chapter

Next-Door Neighbors

Ines and I were neighbors for a day. We couldn’t see each other because there was a solid wall between us, but we could both hear each ... Read Chapter


It was Morrow who said we should try our luck with the fairies after we told her we wouldn’t like to stay with her. Morrow was sweet to... Read Chapter


Thick, opaque clouds covered the planet, Inas, that was home for Ines and me for a good while. These clouds would move so slowly, that it... Read Chapter

The Stench and the Void

There is an ordinance in Heaven and Hell that restricts access to the transit door to the fairies. Some fairies told me that the ordinanc... Read Chapter


Most doors to the fairies', regardless of where they are, point to Edwin. Hallways make up most of Edwin, and circular areas with pillows... Read Chapter

Edwin's Sleeping Pods

Edwin is a dream cube, the only destination all fairies can access without any kind of invitation using the fairies' door. There are thre... Read Chapter


Marley’s glass dome is in Atlas, a planet where the giants used to live. The dome is larger than anything else on the planet because it... Read Chapter

Death Over and Over Again

In the back of my head, I keep hearing myself getting murdered again and again. One of me got away, but there are more of me. The rest of... Read Chapter

Generating Bodies for Interdimensional Traveling

The fairies’ natural dimension is the dimension Heaven, Hell, and the void is in. However, this dimension is not ideal for them. The fa... Read Chapter

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