The Terror of Infinite Space Chapter 4

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Terror ensues when a scientist gazes into the abyss only for the abyss to gaze back

The Terror of Infinite Space

by Benjamin Patelsky

Chapter 4 

The Test


It was all over, by June my dreams of notoriety and fortune were slipping through my fingertips. My benefactors had utterly lost faith in the experiment and had soundly cut off my funding, I felt my world closing in on me fast. Following the suicide of our first test subject we ran multiple other tests with the same results each time, it was truly a horrifying prospect. Cryptic jitters of alien-like lifeforms existing at subatomic levels, descriptions of a massive mysterious cloud-like creature whose features pulsated and whose pours released an foul death-like aroma unlike anything produced by any known creature. Always haunting my patients sleep bringing them into nightly terror so foul you could hear their cries and gasps carrying on through the night, this carried on day and night requiring massive doses of medication. Again it was always the same, it would be described quite ominously as something of a humungous shadowy mass of tendrils and eyes whose physical shape and form were utterly incomprehensible for the human mind to look at without losing ones sanity. It spoke in a language completely unknown to the ears of man, and it's name was so alien and foreign to the human tongue there were no sounds capable of pronouncing it. Supposedly it would return every night to haunt those poor condemned souls who'd had the misfortune to gaze upon its visage, speaking to them in a voice only they could hear throughout the waking hours of the day as well as creeping in with them as nightfell. Eventually it appeared suicide would be the only option. All 10 candidates took their own lives shortly after the procedure, every candidates told of the same being perpetually haunting their nightmares. Causing them many sleepless nights, proding them, etching them on endlessly, and then once the insanity set in they'd be catapulted towards the far reaches of madness before ultimately being pushed to commit suicide. 

What is it that awaits mankind in the vast infinity of space? Is it our salvation? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Perhaps there is a shadow looming in the vast eternal darkness whose name goes forgotten by time, whose hateful bane knows nothing of humanity but instead the destruction of the living and the cold dark abyss that lays outside existence. A being whose very creation is enigmatic to the universe and lay parallel with what we understand about natural order. A cosmic enigma whose origin is tither-ed with miasmas of death and destruction, a being who knows no compassion or kinship with life and instead it exists less as being and more as a natural function. What awaits mankind in the vast stretch of infinite space?

My project was dubbed a total failure and on the record has never officially existed, all 10 missing soldiers died in an training accident in the North-Atlantic involving a failed helicopter landing aboard an aircraft carrier resulting in a collision taking their lives. It was after much conference with the board members I was finally told I had to vacate the testing facility and return to other more pressing military contracts, this news was much to the delight of my co-workers and peers. But unlike them I had much different priorities in mind, you see I just had to know for myself. It'd already been six month into the experiment not counting my own personal research, realistically I'd devoted a year and a half of my life to this study only to bear no fruit. How could this be? How could there be something inside the spaces of an atoms that could drive people to kill themselves? This seemed like something fantastical yet unbelievable like perhaps a symptom of the procedure, was it not likely the madness was a side-effect of the experiment? It was impossible to think a creature could invade the mind of an individual just by them looking at it. Yes! This must be it. The madness was just a negative effect of being shrunken down and returning to normal, I told myself this as I felt an unknown feeling lingering inside me. For in truth, I just had to know for myself. Finally I decided I'd be administering the procedure to myself with only my most trusted advisors present to aid me a gentlemen and fellow researcher by the name of William Attenborough, surely this was the only way to find the truth. 

On an early morning in early-June I stepped into the apparatus and began the process, I felt an intense burning in my stomach as my body changed its mass. I felt as though I were sinking into myself and as I woke to find myself next to the pod on a piece of quartz protruding over the plant leaf, I was utterly awe-struck in what phantasms lurked in infinite space. Creatures of unspeakable shape and size resided here and roamed quite freely, much like how fish rule the sea and birds rule the sky these creature resembled those only these creatures were somewhat intangible and possessed no eyes or ear. How they navigated their ecosystems was mystifying and majestic to observe, it was like watching 1000 birds as they descended through the skies and chirped. Some of these winged creatures were as magnificent as they were terrifying, growing to monstrous sizes; although I had nothing to fear as tests showed I possessed the same potential energy as did in my full grown male body. Effectively meaning no microscopic life-form could pose a significant threat to a shrunken humans so long as they possessed their power-suit, it was the suit that maintains our density and energy when we shrink down to microscopic sizes. Literally meaning if I could press 300lbs before being shrunken down I'll retain that property despite my size, basically there were no threats to me in my immediate environment as comparatively I possessed the strength of a titan. The only noteworthy thing to see was that these creature although only apparent to those viewing them in the subatomic were quite well portioned as to occupy mass well in terms of human sizes, and yet they remained trapped here in subatomic space as though they had no relation to the outside world and what physical masses occupies the space around them. Subatomic space was very much like its own zone devoid of sunlight and water, time and space functioned differently here as did the lifeforms. It was like look at an alien world built upon infinite layers leading into the heavens, populated by creatures parallel to those you'd expect on a primordial earth.

I was gauzing at the massive populace of soaring creatures, admiring a world of unknown odysseys completely alien origin in comparison to our own when suddenly I noticed it. Initially I felt a looming presence descending upon me as I left the quartz and proceeded towards the leaf, the fauna of a foreign world appeared to have engulfed me as I embarked along my journey. The land itself was vast and lacked idiosyncratic features making it in anyway remarkable save from the chlorophyll like-green pigment stretching as far as I could see. It was however this unhinged lingering fear that perhaps something was watching me from afar, I came to be all too familiar with this feeling. 

As I reached the highest point of the leaf I saw something, a formless thing appeared in a gorge below me. Indescribable save for the massive gelatinous proportions of tendrils and thousands of red eyes, in the midst of it were rows of teeth. Shocked at the visage I found myself eerily unable to look away at it, it was massive, its stature comparable to that of a normal sized human yet it bared no qualities relating to this microscopic world. You see it appeared alien even here, how could an abomination so massive exist here in limitless space? It bared qualities some might describe as unearthly or some might simpply call “demonic” as at first it looked to be a shadowy thing yet it soon reveals itself to be truly gargantuan in stature with rows of seemingly upending eyes that burned red like the fires of hades and a large gaping mouth full of jagged malformed teeth going in all directions. It possessed tendrils stretched in all directions yet it possessed a strong humanoid frame, arms and legs spanning as far my eyes could see. The colossal beast hissed and roared as it materialized before me in the void that was the gorge, and as it looked up at me and I looked down in its eyes I felt as if I now knew every secret the universe had to offer and suddenly I felt nothing at all. It was like looking into a pure shroud of darkness with no chance to escape, there were no immediate characteristic other than an impenetrable darkness. It was as if a black hole had been opening up before me, coming to suck me into the twisted black vastness of space and absorbing me back into cosmos.

As the creature slowly and lethargic appeared to grow closer, ascending from the abyss towards the me I felt the impulse to run towards the growth acceleration pod as fast as I could. We'd place the pod in the testing zone as a failsafe incase microscopic life was hostile and we had to abort, the pod would then send signals to the suits and the chemicals in my body to reverse the growth process and revert me back to my normal size. As I ran towards the pod I felt a sudden sickness coming over me, my heart and torso began to beat uncontrollably. Sweat poured down my face as my ears began to ring, my head felt as though it was swimming in a vast Ocean and as I looked up I saw the beast directly over me. The gargantuan creature looked directly at me and I back at it and as I looked into the creatures eyes I felt the very fabric of the universe coming undone. It spoke no words yet I could hear everything it was saying, its incomprehensible language flooded my ears. As I heard it speak to I felt as though I had just gazed into an endless abyss of cold cosmic torture, it's thousand eyes had pierced through me and suddenly I felt as though I could no longer standstill nor breathe nor formulate any rational thoughts. Here I was gauzing into the abyss of what is perhaps the universe most abominable creature, a mass so formless and twisted yet immaculate and haunting. As I ran faster to the pod I noticed the leaf itself beginning to die as though the very presence of the creature robbed the plant of its life, it was like watching a force of nature rob the plant of its very existence. 

As panic set in unbeknownst to me my body activated in a fit of adrenaline which took hold of my senses given the absence of my mind. I ascended the quartz whilst the creature seemingly drained the leaf of its life, and as the leaf appear to disintegrate into an ether-like gas I activated the pod which immediately caused me to grow. As I grew the visage of the creature grew more and more intangible as the real world came into view for my eyes, yet the image still remained burned into my eyes. And as my colleague came to my aid, William immediately asked me of my journey and why I looked so disheveled. It was at this moment that I was completely unable to speak as my mind had not yet fully recovered from my encounter with this beast, effectively I too had become traumatized by the experiment and this was dreadfully apparent to him. And I as I stood unresponsive to Mr Attenborough's questions only frantically looking around the room when spoken to, I felt that eery strange sickness descending upon me. As I gasped for air as I grabbed onto my colleagues lab coat but I couldn't stop myself, I felt as though my internal organs had just been ripped out my body and now laid strewed along the floor. I grabbed Mr Attenborough as though I were holding on to him for dear life, I felt like I was drowning in a pool whilst I stumbled forward but very promptly passed out onto the floor and while I'm not sure what happened next I woke up the next day in the medical bay at the military base with William presiding over me. Naturally when the time came and I returned to my senses, I did what all scientists do when faced with a new controversial discovery that could rewrite history: I told him absolutely nothing. How could I tell him of a beast so unholy and alien to this world it disobeyed what we know about natural law and physics, it's as though the unknown enigmas of our reality came together to spawn such an abominable creature. How can I tell him I can still see it even now when I have left microscopic space, and how even when I go to sleep I see the beast hovering over me. Even now as I write this journal I hear it calling to me, begging for me to return to it, speaking to me in a strange forlorn tongue forgotten by mankind and exiled to the darkest reaches of the abyss. On what cursed day did our Creator see fit to create such an abomination, born purely out of hatred for all life this being knows only death and destruction. Less and being more a force of nature it knows only the end of life and yet it calls to me in my dreams, beckoning my return in cold darkness of night.


Submitted: June 08, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Benjamin Patelsky. All rights reserved.

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