The Treasure Hunt

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Love attending wedding parties? Here's a romantic fun-filled treasure hunt adventure between the bridesmaids and the groomsmen.
Bridesmaids Vs Groomsmen. Let the Hunt begin!!

"WOW!!! Now, this is.... " Shreya takes a 360 degree view of the villa and the meadows that had been transformed into a rustic venue that perfectly blends into the pleasant evening.

"LIT AF?! I'm assuming Vishwa has a brother, " Kiya completes the sentence, admiring the gleaming willow tree, from which hangs a wooden board that reads ' Getting En-caged!! '

"Ugh! Typical Shrishitha," chuckles Samreen. 

"SAMREE!!" Shreya squeals and hugs her saying, "Long time!!!" 

"Oh! I've missed you gurls!" Vrishi hugs everyone tight. "VRISHII?!" Samreen is excited to see her. 

The girls share a flood of high school memories as they all laugh and drink.

"I mean I can't believe Shrishitha is getting married already!" Says Shreya.

"And, I still can't believe Samreen literally thought infinity war was based on a historic event, " says Vrishi. All burst into a laughter as Samreen says, " I’ll hate Marsha for an eternity for spreading this"


Just then a pleasant music plays as Shrishitha all dolled up and Vishwa all dapper, hand in hand, make an entry through the floral archway leading to the dais. 

"Aw! They look so happy!" says Shreya. 

"IKR! Look at her.. She's gorgeous" says Samreen. 

"What? Seriously? Get a new pair of eyes, lady!!" says Kiya. 

"Okay, what's wrong with her?" Samreen asks. 

"She's missing Aeron, " Shreya chuckles. 

"Why would I miss him? He's not dead yet, " Kiya replies. 

"Oh! Come on, Kiya!" says Vrishi. 

Shreya's gaze slowly drifts to her right, fixed on the sight of Adrrath in a tux. She can't help but smile to herself looking at him, and waves a hi with a suppressed little smile. He smiles and waves back. They both share a brief moment of eye contact interrupted by Marsha. 

"Good Evening, dear friends and family. I take pleasure in welcoming you all to celebrate the engagement of Shrishitha and Vishwa. Before we begin the ring changing ceremony, I'd like to call the lovely bridesmaids Kiya, Samreen, Shreya, and Vrishi, and the handsome groomsmen, Adrrath, Aadhvik, Nivaan, and Vikrant, to the dais" 

"You know, I'm not going if I have to give a boring speech about relationships, " Kiya stands reluctant. 

"Shut up, Kiya!" Shreya drags Kiya to the dais. 

As the bridesmaids and groomsmen line up on the dais, Marsha begins to announce with excitement, "To make this evening more memorable and fun, we are having a Treasureee Hunnttt to find the engagement rings," and the crowd cheers.

"Man, this evening just got interesting!" says Aadhvik. 

"Really? I suck at treasure hunts, " says Vikrant. 

"Losers! We are gonna take you down. Girls are smarter, " Samreen smirks. 

"Hah! Says the woman who thought infinity war was real, " scoffs Vikrant. 

"Ugh! Has Shreya ever known to keep a secret from her cousin?" Samreen glares at Shreya. 

"Samreen, you know, secret is a big word for it," Vikrant laughs at her. 

"May the best team win," says Adrrath. 

"And, by best team, I'm sure he meant ours, " Nivaan let's out a sly smile. 

"Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, you will be given two different clues, one each, leading to two different places and the final clue leading to the place where the rings are hidden. The first team to get the engagement rings to the dais wins! Here goes your first clue!" Marsha hands one clue card to the bridesmaids and another to the groomsmen.

"Let the Hunt Begin.... NOW!!!" Marsha bursts the party poppers. 


"Okay, so here goes, the first clue,

I preserve the flavors of love, 

I preserve the hunger for power, 

I preserve the thirst for passion, 

I preserve, " reads out loud Vrishi.

"Sounds like fooooodporn to me, " says Shreya. 

"For some reason, that word makes me sick!" Kiya says in disgust.

"Oh boy! The guys made it to the next clue already, " Samreen puts us in haste as she watches the guys run. 

"Got it! It's a refrigerator! Hurry up, gurls!" Vrishi runs off to the kitchen, while the girls follow.


Meanwhile, the groomsmen get to the final clue. 

"I'll be the light in your darkest night

I'll be the cure when you're obscure

I'll be the last breath in your death, " reads out Adrrath. 

"Now, What in the world could this be?" Nivaan lets out a sigh. 

"Cure when you're obscure? Last breath in your death? WHAT? A First aid kit? " Vikrant tries to crack the clue. 

"Vikrant, It's okay, You don't need to prove you suck at Treasure Hunts" Aadhvik pats his shoulders. 


Meanwhile, the girls get the final clue card from the refrigerator in the villa's kitchen, trying to figure out the place it leads to. 

"Light in your darkest night? Cure when you're obscure?" Vrishi thinks. 

"What a cheesy pickup line! Cheese! Dinner! " Kiya craves for food. 

"Girls! Concentrate! It must be a place around us, light in your darkest night... " Samreen keeps thinking. 

" Light? Cure? Breath? THAT IS IT! I found it!!!" Shreya says.


"It's the lit Willow Tree in the meadows" Adrrath says spontaneously.

"Genius! Let's go get the rings right now, " Nivaan rushes.

"Nivaan, Wait. If we all got to the willow tree, and the girls would know even without cracking the clue," Adrrath says.

"So... We are going to split up, distract and confuse them while one of us sneaks to get the rings quickly, " Aadhvik says.

"Finally, something I'm more than good at," Vikrant smirks. 


Shreya sneaks into the meadows, crawling behind the bushes towards the willow tree. "The rings must be here," Shreya keeps crawling until she meets head on head with someone, "Ouch!!" she lifts her head up to see Adrrath, "Ad-" she is silenced as Adrrath keeps his finger on her mouth saying, "Ssh.. I can hear someone else" Adrrath whispers. Shreya is confused and mouths, "WHAT?" Adrrath beckons to listen to the faint voices as he keenly observes. 

"Oh! I've missed this"

"And, this... Mm.. "

"Sounds like somebody is getting all naughty," Adrrath winks at Shreya.

They both hear feeble moans until it finally rings a bell. 

"What the? It's Samreen" Shreya whispers, utterly shocked until she hears, 

"I love you, Samree!" 

"Oh My! What the? I mean! WHAT?" Shreya is flabbergasted.

"Woah! Clearly, he is more than gooooood at this, " Adrrath keeps his cool, also trying to find the rings.

"My best friend and my cousin had been in a relationship for... God knows how many years.. And, I had no clue about it?" Shreya is trying to process. 

"Shrae, they get to keep their relationship private," Adrrath says. 

"Cool, then keep it private not a secret!!!" Shreya sounds to be mad. 

"Come on! You knew they kinda had a thing going on. Aren't you happy for them?" Adrrath asks. 

"No, I'm.. I'm very happy.. But.. " Shreya is interrupted by Adrrath, "Perfect! Now that you're happy, I presume we are in the midst of a treasure hunt, " Adrrath nudges her to look for the rings. Shreya sighs, looking dissatisfied at Adrrath but it slowly turns to a smile. Her voice, passionate, "Adrrath..." she leans in closer, and whispers into his ears, "I... found... the rings… while you got busy trying to distract me” 

"You what? " Adrrath asks as he steps away. 

"We win!!! " Shreya shows off the engagement rings, feeling accomplished. 

"Oh! Not so easily, darling," Adrrath quickly snatches away the rings from her hand and says, "Technically, the first team to get the rings to the dais... wins. We win.." 

Adrrath runs off to the dais while Shreya chases him, screaming, "Damn you!! I found the rings first, " and Adrrath replies, "And, Thank you!! For making the task easier," He tosses the rings to Vikrant who takes it up to the dais and hands it to Marsha.

"Thank you, Vikrant. So, the groomsmen win the Treasure Hunt! I'm sorry my, dear bridesmaids. Better luck next time," Marsha announces.

"And, the best team wins," Adrrath says. 

"Arghh!! I hate him," Shreya is irritated. 

"Sure, " Kiya sips some wine from her glass. 

"The ring changing ceremony shall now begin, " Marsha announces. The crowd claps and cheers as Shrishitha and Vishwa exchange rings, and share a few words about each other. 

"Okay, now, if we are done with this, can we go have dinner? My stomach is growling, " says Kiya. 

"Hey hey, Kiya Kapoor, " a voice is heard. 

"Aeron?!?!" Kiya says with a rush of hope and happiness. 

"Surprise!!!" Aeron screams as he appears with a bouquet.

"You told me that you can't make it," Kiya sounds worried but happy that he's here.

"Well, If I had told you that I can, It wouldn't have been a surprise, " Aeron smiles. 

"Surprise? Seriously?! How cringe are you? " Kiya rolls her eyes. 

"Subtitles: How sweet of you! " Aeron says.

"And, this bouquet? I think I'm developing an allergy to flowers," Kiya denies it.

"But, you can never develop an allergy to chocolates, " Aeron hands her the chocolate bouquet. Kiya smiles. 

"I hate that fact that you know me so well, and I hate you, and.. for the record, I’M NOT KIYA KAPOOR, " Kiya grabs his hand as they both walk towards the buffet table, giggling. 


Shreya takes some shots by the dance floor and chats with Vrishi. Just then, "Shreya, I'm stealing your girl for sometime," Aadhvik says. "All yours, Aadhvik, " Shreya smiles as she admires Vrishi and Aadhvik happily dance. 

"May I have this dance, milady?" Adrrath holds out his hands. Shreya looks at him, smiles, takes his hands, and frowns saying, "No, thanks! Ask me again never?"

Adrrath pulls her close. He takes her to the dance floor, looks intensely into her eyes, holds her waist and sways her gently in rhythm with the music. Shreya closes her eyes, rests on his shoulder, enjoys the moment, the music, the dance, the warmth, and they are happy until the romantic instrumental turns into an electronic dance music. 

"Thanks for the dance, " Adrrath says. 

"You're not welcome, " Shreya smiles thinly. She leaves, takes a few steps and stops, turning back to look at him. 

"You messed up with the wrong person, " Shreya shouts against the noise. Adrrath chuckles and mouths, "I love you"

Shreya, finally, smiles for real, and mouths, "I love you, more..."


Submitted: June 08, 2020

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