The Terror of Infinite Space Chapter 5

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Madness ensues when a scientist gazes into an abyss only for the abyss to gaze back

The Terror of Infinite Space

by Benjamin Patelsky

Chapter 5


My Last Words


Upon my release from the hospital I was denied the opportunity to return to my place of employment, in my absence rumors of insanity and a disregard for human life were now in full circulation about me with regards to the experiment. Because of my delirium I must of frequently been talking in my sleep to which I do not recollect, but to those in close proximity I'd spoken of a strange lost temporal world forgotten by time populated by non-existent creatures the likes of which no listener had any knowledge of. Naturally these words were given very little attention by those supervising me but instead were deemed the workings of the unsound mind. However this was not of any concern to me, for you see to tell my peers of my excursion to the vast infinities of microscopic space I dared not speak. For who among them would have believed me?

Sometime afterwards I went to see a psychologist to whom was fascinated with stories of my scientific career. Unfortunately I found him to be a bit traditional in his thinking, for you see when discussing the concepts of science and religion things would often start off so promising only to end up with him perplexed with the simple topics of “eschatology” or the end of the world. Interest in the conversation generally waned afterwards as the mere conceptualization of every religion all over the globe pointing to a single exterior cause for the apocalypse bared absolutely no weight on him, meanwhile I felt absolutely compelled to discuss this topic to no end with zero hesitation as though it were someone else inside my mind crying out to him “the end is near.” He often looked at me confused as we went from discussing theories of quantum mechanics one moment only to transition into talks of doomsday cults prophesying the end of the world. 

Although the experiment had come to an end it's in the night where I feel it the most. It's the same visage of that creature that lingers with me in my mind. It comes to me haunting me endlessly, cursing me with eternal sleepless nights. Even now I can still hear it. It's watches me. I have taken morphine and all kinds of painkillers. Yet, still I sense its abyssal gaze presiding over me as I try to sleep. I feel the compulsion to drink constantly everyday and night in-order to repress the memorizes and yet even in my most peaceful of moments I can feel it. 

I have written my accounts down for any of those who wish to know my story. Whether it's for condemnation or amusement I no longer care. For even writing this now I feel those eyes gazing at me from the abyss, endless darkness like a moonlit night. I fear the only way to rid myself of my nightly terrors is to end it all. Because of this I've taken a lethal dose of sleeping pills in order to take my own life along and spare myself the horror of seeing that abomination. I hope God forgives me for what I've done but I fear madness has overcome my sense. 

“The end is near.” 

I can see it now. Watching me from the very cracks inside the Earth. Waiting for the day it can return to a world that forgotten what horror. One day when mankind will suffer the same unending darkness and death it sentences to all the earth. One day the abyss shall return, a unsightly beast whose origin was so abominable time and space itself have would condemn the day and forever mar its very existence. One day “The Void” will take humanity and swallow it into the darkest reach of nothing and we will all die.

“What's that at the door?!”

Even now I can hear it. Its come for me. The beast of wraith has come for me. I can see its horrible face. It's here. It's calling out to me. 

I know what I have to do...

The window..
















Submitted: June 09, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Benjamin Patelsky. All rights reserved.

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