The Obelisk Part 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: House of Ghosts

What lay at the heart of the Amazon jungle? What unknown evil goes forgotten by time and buried by man?

The Obelisk


by Benjamin Patelsky


Part 1


To those for whom it may concern I have written this message in hopes of possibly shedding some light whilst alleviating any curiousity on the mystery regarding the particular circumstances as well as the peculiar nature of my disappearance. Although it seems apparent to me such gestures maybe considered futile by my fellow people, it's my motivation that perhaps one day future generations will understand what is was that transpired for my expedition during our observation of that enigmatic monolith-like structure found deep within the Amazon jungle. For it would appear that as nightfall approaches and my fate draws ever closer that I must conserve my resources as my final sources of light burn away. I've buried this message in hopes that it one day reaches civilization and they may know of what nightmares exist within the hollowed depths of this endless sea of trees. 


It began in the summer months of 05, an expedition was launched into the mountainous jungles of Lima Peru. Talks of an ancient city detected by satellite imagery provided the local government with enough incentive to send various expeditions of cartographers and geographers scouting for possible resources. The goal was rather self-explanatory: we find the lost city, set up a base camp, chart down its approximate location, examine the area for any loose artifacts capable of being returned for examination and carbon dating. This was to be a 3 day long excursion into the wild accompanied by 7 mercenaries, a native guide, a cartographer as well as a geography and a wildlife expert. It wasn't uncommon for groups to go missing in this particular region of the jungle, whether it be because of the inhospitable nature of the terrain or the multitude of un-contacted indigenous tribes. We were unsure but we brought necessary provisions in the form of firearms to ward off any known threats. Needless to say we took this precaution very seriously and armed all 12 members of the party properly with sidearms in event of an attack from an unknown enemy. This however was in vain as little did we know, lurking in the shadowy depths of the jungle dwelt something much more sinister than that of an opposing faction. For what accursed secrets must lay hidden beneath earth, trees, and stone? What atrocities must be buried by mankind so that they must one day be forgotten by time and returned to the earth?


When we set upon our journey we found ourselves walking 12 miles by the first day before we took note of changes in the geography and flora around us as well as what appeared to be a 12 foot obelisk-like structure in the distance, we all stopped to catch wind for a moment when suddenly our guide noticed something peculiar protruding from out the soil. It was a small stone relief carved most unconventionally perfectly for something to be found this densely in the jungle, it was exceptionally well crafted so much so it was initially mistaken for a work of modern pottery. It possessed unique features such as iconography not unlike those found on Mesopotamian or Hellenistic sculptures, most notably all along the artifact's exterior uniformally spaced out was the startlingly beautiful image of a women wearing a crown made from a thorn bush. What struck me as most fascinating about the artifact was the very nature of its origin, unlike many other artifacts originating amongst tropical climates this carving barred a striking resemblance to those of the Greek or Classical origin. Once more it seemed to be in impeccable condition as it possessed no evidence of weathering or decay whatsoever. Some members of the expedition elected we bury the object feeling the need to return it to its final resting place once more, being a man not prone to the impulses of superstition but science I presented the artifact to the geographer for safe keeping.


We continued onward several more hours towards our approximate destination when we emptied out into a valley only to be met with a vast array of unfamiliar architectural formations. This valley was filled with what appeared to be man-made terrances which were numerous as we hit a wide open valley. These gatherings were of very unusual sediments unlike those of the natural rocks formation found elsewhere in most parts of the jungle, these formations suggested a civilization had transported rocks from other climates to the Amazon by unknown means. The now buried rock formations we'd discovered suggested the presence of long-time settlements as well as the possible existence of primitive sewage systems, waterways, and roads. One particularly odd feature of the architecture was the presence of perfect circles carved directly into the middle of each sediment. It were as though a modern drill had been used in the crafting process here, additionally they must of had knowledge of mathematical equations or at the very least access to makeshift apparatus' as they'd achieved a level total uniformity between structures  unachieved anywhere else in the world. This revelation came to be highly unwarranted as no historical record of any known civilization existed in this part of the world with known access to such advanced technology. 


It would appear that as we got within only a few kilometers of our destination night would begin to fall. Naturally when it came time to set up camp we found ourselves an even ground overlooking a steep mount positions at the very edge of a grove, in the distance was what appeared to be our quarry. This was done very strategically as a way for us to glimpse at the structure from afar before descending to its unknown depths. For you see we dared not approach the formation without proper knowledge of the immediate vicinity, this however could not be achieved without the aid of sunlight. When camp was set up we made efforts to have at least one person always stand watch with a firearm ready as predatory wild-life and hostile tribesmen were commonalities when confined this deeply in the jungle. This proved to be in vain as in the dead of night we were collectively awoken, in spite of my reputation as a man of science and reason I scarcely understand what it was that transpired that night. 


As the moon lit up the sky we watched in horror as what appeared to be smoke rising from out the mysterious structure billowed forebodingly into the distant horizon, as we watched in amazement at this spectacle we heard chanting growing louder coming from the woodland immediately below us. To our surprise it would appear as though no presence could be counted in the area save for my party and the endless ocean of trees. To our terror it was as though we had awoken in the midst of some form of religious ceremony or perhaps even a witches cauldron, yet we saw not a single person amongst all the hills or within the trees. Warning shots flickered through the night as members of my party began to frantically open fire into the night, madness took hold as my now frightened comrades unloaded their clips into the dark abyss screaming and crying as they do. After a moment of pure silence which felt like an eternity the terror continued now as the chanting returned even loud and closer then before, what's more what appeared to be an intense light peered out into the darkness. Like a search light this beam of light was caste into the vicinity of our campsite and in horror we stood helplessly as the metaphor relates like "a deer in headlights" only to have full scale panic immediately set in. For my company could no longer stomach the duress caused by the intensity of this most unpromising predicament, so within a moments notice my companions did so retreat haphazardly into the jungle, recklessly departing from the safety our campsite with no knowledge of the jungle or where they were going. And whilst I stood helpless as my compatriots descend into the wild brush that is the wilderness I could swear I heard laughing come from within the structure. Coud it be? No. It was impossible yet as I gazed into the vacuous drop that was my vantage point I could hear it so clearly. It was some kind of laughter, low and gurgling I felt my inner most bowels lock up as I heard the laughing growing louder along with the chanting. And as smoke stacks eclipsed the moon and I faded from consciousness gun shots could be heard ringing out across the night, surely my comrades had met whomever the benefactors were orchestrating these events or perhaps this was all a mere dream and there never was a structure. It had simply been my imagination. Maybe. 


Submitted: June 10, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Benjamin Patelsky. All rights reserved.

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This story works so well in the F.P format. It reminded me of a good old Victorian gothic or a Lovecraftian story.
Enjoyed it immensely and look forward to the next instalment.

Wed, June 10th, 2020 11:28am


Thank you so much friend. It's very much in the spirit of those things u compared it to. Have a good day! Lol wish me luck on penning a good sequel!

Wed, June 10th, 2020 10:27am

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