Chapter 2: Fate

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Fate. It's an interesting entity wouldn't you agree? After all, it was fate that brought you to me in the first place, the boy whom I fell head over heels for. I hadn't had the privilege of reading stories about princesses being saved by their prince charmings while growing up as you already knew. While other girls were fawning over stories happening far far away in the land of imagination, I was being buried alive in the brutal adult world of economics. As the only heir to the family, it frightened me. The empty shelves where my future awards were to be placed taunted and ridiculed me daily. They materialized my fears I held of being discarded by my parents for not living up to their standards. After all, what good would their child be if they could not shoulder the weight of their monopoly?


They knew full well that my fears plagued me. That's why they knew to weaponize it against me to forcibly string me along and become their soulless puppet. A puppet who could not think for herself and only did what she was told. A puppet whose sole existence was to become the next head of the monstrous monopoly. A puppet made not out of love, but of corporate greed. 


I felt imprisoned. Trapped by the blood which flowed through my veins and the words which resonated within my head. I didn't know it then, but I had become just like one of those princesses in those silly made up stories. Except this time, there was no prince charming coming to save me.


I guess that's why you just had to save me then, wasn't it?


The happiness we shared then was fleeting, but remains to be some of the happiest days of my entire life. You showed me then that there was more to life than the books I was burying my face in, that there were simpler words with which I could use to express myself with that were not in any mainstream dictionary, that even in the most mundane of activities, it was always more fun with a friend. When fate had us forcibly separated, the world around me seemed to lose a shade of colour. Trees turned noticeably duller, grass became splashed with an unsightly tinge of brown, the clouds in the sky seemed more often like massive clumps of dust bunnies rather than white cotton candy. Just like how Summer has to lose its warm glow to make way for Autumn, I lost you.


An endless Winter took hold of my life after that, with the frost covering more and more of my exposed body with each passing day, further solidifying the strings which dictated my actions into hard shackles. I was forbidden from ever enrolling into any kind of school afterwards, public or private, out of fear that "the incident" would repeat itself again. I was forced into isolation for fear that interaction with others would set me free. As the prisoner, I could do nothing but watch as my life was kept under lock and key once again. 


Day after day I stayed in that wretched prison of a home. Starting before the sun's rays could fully mature, and ending well after it had sunk below the horizon, it was always the exact same schedule. I'd wake up, have breakfast, do my morning studies, have lunch, do my afternoon studies, have dinner, do my night studies before finally sleeping. I was locked in, both by the obligations of the blood in my veins as well as the numerous servants who were under tight watch by the tyrants above. They knew my situation better than any outsider, yet none spoke out about it. Eventually, I began to lose track of time all together, with hours turning into days at first, then months, and finally years. Before I even knew it, a decade had passed me by. The desk and chair which were once too big for my childish self now seated my grown delicate frame rather fittingly. The mountains of books which once towered over me were now nothing more than inconvenient pillars which only came up to my chest. The shelves surrounding me, which were once empty, now housed a couple of certifications, none of which I felt prideful about. My future, which was once too big for me to understand, was now hazier than ever before. Without my parent’s direction, I was aimless. 


I had grown into a docile young woman, but at what cost?


The final step of this decades-long indoctrination procedure came as a surprise after my twenty-second birthday… 


When I was suddenly told that I was to be married to a man I hardly knew by the time I turned twenty-five.


The marriage was purely for the business, a transaction if you would. The man I was to marry was the son of one of my parent's closests business partners. Another monopoly in its own right, their family oversaw most of the agricultural market whilst mine held an iron grip around distribution. If our families were to merge… Well I guess you can figure that out for yourself. Needless to say, I was furious. Stripping me of my youth to groom me into the next head of the corporation was a horrible act as is, but forcing my hand into a marriage built on nothing but handshakes and contracts? That I could not abide. For the first time in a long while, I had a drive, a goal. 


I wanted to break free.


In the days following that surprising announcement, the memories of you, once just a suppressed thought at the back of my head, came flooding back like a dam bursting open after a heavy season of downpour. I realized then how much I’d missed you over this past decade, your face, your laugh, your energy, as I cried alone on the floor of my study. The frozen strings holding me puppet, once solid and seemingly unbreakable, were finally beginning to thaw. The endless Winter freezing over my life was finally succumbing to the new warmth of Spring growing within me.


Remembering you, I knew I just had to leave this prison no matter what, for my heart and soul were never the same since that Summer we shared together.


Whenever I think back to the night of my escape, I still can't help but feel that our mutual friend Fate was heavily involved in some way. It must have been guiding me, using its own string to pull me through the thunderstorm. I felt a smile stretch across my face, another first in a long while, as I ran through the winding paths of the garden. I was reminded of you again, of how we’d use to do the same back at that old Summer home. That thought of you was what kept me going, even when my legs were on the verge of buckling under, even though the winds that night were particularly harsh and threatened to either throw my frail body into the dirt or carry me off into the sky numerous times. Even as the golf ball sized raindrops pelted my delicately fair skin and left behind visible red marks, I ran, as far away as I could from my identity.


I don’t exactly remember how long I’d spent running within the chaos that was that thunderstorm, everything becomes such a blur whenever I try to remember. Between the dimly lit streets and the numerous winding pathways, coupled with my lack of knowledge of the town’s layout, what I do remember was that I was lost, cold, tired and extremely afraid. Overhanging ledges quickly turned into my goto shelters during the breaks in between my sprints, offering little to no protection against the elements as I huffed feeble gusts of warm air into my cupped hands and watched the dim street lights illuminate the individual drops of rain as they fell past it. The pure white dress I was wearing had been soaked through and through, and while it was not thin by any means, it was still insufficient in keeping the cold out from eating away at my skin and bones, especially at the extremities such as my legs and hands. With my long wet hair sticking to and covering my face, as well as having cold pale skin which just about matched the colour of my dress, to a random passerby, I could have easily been misrecognized as being a ghost. The thought of it at the time made me giggle a little at the time, I wasn’t sure which would have been funnier, me being recognized as a ghost, or the reactions of the residents if they had seen me. As my laughter was drowned out by the roaring of thunder overhead and the constant crash of raindrops against the asphalt, I began to doubt myself. I began wondering if leaving the mansion was even a good idea in the first place, I’d even contemplated about returning to the life that wasn’t even mine to live. Most of all, I began to doubt whether this personal goal of mine to reunite with you was even feasible in the first place. After all, this country was such a big place, finding you would have been a literal needle in a haystack situation.


Setting my doubts aside with a rigorous shake of my head, I knew I had to focus on the most important task at hand, making it through the night. Just before I could brave the harsh winds and rain once more, I happened to hear a tiny mew sound out right beside me. It was honestly the tiniest sound I had ever heard in my life up until then, and I had almost missed it completely thanks to the constant white noise generated by the heavy shower. It was as tiny as the sound it had made, with big round pupils within its heterochromatic eyes, one of which was a bright baby blue while the other was a calm shimmering emerald. Like me, she was as pure as freshly fallen snow and equally as drenched by the rain, giving her a much skinnier appearance than she would usually have. With another soft mew, she wobbled shakily towards my ankle and quickly grasped onto it before rubbing her tiny face against the bone. In many ways, I saw myself in her. We were both young, lost and alone, with not a name attached to ourselves. Whatever doubts I had leftover disappeared as I picked the stray kitten up and cradled her in my arms.


I was going to find you, no matter what.



Submitted: June 10, 2020

© Copyright 2021 somerandompseudonym. All rights reserved.


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I feel nostalgic, and emotional. Good start. :)

Wed, June 10th, 2020 6:24pm

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