A new beginning

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Suddenly the wind went swoosh, swoosh! Violently through the young guayacan's branches

The chilly and sunny weather wasn't there anymore

Crows where everywhere, flying in the stormy sky

Foreshadowing something the tree wouldn't ever know


The tree, as brave as a lion, asked the sky

"what are you doing sky? Are you trying to bring another universal flood to drown us all?" 

Kindly, the sky replied "I'm trying to help you all, for I cannot stand any more suffering" 

The tree grew angry "your explanation is as clear as mud" replied bitterly


The sky, as kind as it could be, replied 

"I feel great pain every time I look down and see

The way they torture and kill animals

The way they pollute water and air

The way they destroy and burn everything 

Horrifies me, and I grow sadder and sadder every day


Tell me, young tree, would you prefer to have a sunny day

While your brothers and sisters suffer, I bet you do

For anyone who hasn't been through pain, won't understand others pain

Lucky you, a young tree growing in a privileged area, well taken care of 


But there are so many creatures suffering every day, every second

And if I have to make it rain 

until I drown the whole world

In order to give you all a new beginning, then I will. 

Karem v


Submitted: June 11, 2020

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