Dear Ocean

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Dear ocean

Ocean operates our old world and when the ozone is out crying it will forever obey it.

The ocean says that It feels extremely sad and it does not like our pale colors.

when I’m in front of the sea, I feel a sense of July 4th inside of me.

I was so hungry; I could have eaten everything in the ocean.

Inside of the big ocean, where my dreams sleep my soul is a strong flower

My life finally makes sense and I feel like a fish in the water because I talked to the ocean.

I remember clearly whom I used to be three years ago; it was the first time that my eyes saw the beautiful ocean.

It smelled like freshness on a rainy day.

I still can hear the water touching the rocks producing a ring sound, Ding! Ding!

Alerting me about the importance that ocean would have to me.

 That moment marked a sunrise for me.

Dear ocean the guide of my dream, the guide of my soul.

In silence calls my soul, in silence from the deep.

Is the hymn of your waves and your strong voice.


Submitted: June 12, 2020

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