Princess Aneni

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A fantasy series based on African Mythology. Princess Aneni the daughter of King Mane and queen Mosala, was born with incredible supernatural powers. On day one, she could walk and talk. Her parents were excited, worried, and grateful at the same time. They realized she possessed an ancient phenomenal gift. The King and queen were puzzled and concerned about the public’s perception of their daughter. Therefore princess Aneni was forbidden to be seen in public. But she soon outgrew the palace and King Mane secretly used her extraordinary powers to challenge other tribes and win accolades around the world.” Queen Mosala obediently and silently pretended, as if she was unaware of the king's mischief. She was afraid the mysterious evil magician known as Sinoya, the ruler of the dark nights might want her daughter's powers. A book for both young and old, filled with captivating illustrations

Table of Contents

Princess Aneni

When queen Mosala gave birth to princess Aneni, King Mane quickly realized, there was something special about her. Both king Mane and queen Mosala were frightened about their daughter‘s abilities.
They knew the dark cave witch, Shakeita would use her dark magic to kill her. Therefore she was forbidden to be seen in public. Moreover, the king and the queen were concerned about the public’s
perception of their daughter.
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