The Witch Nurse

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

I wanted to write this small piece about youth. We all been there when he thought of the nurse being a terrible monster that hides inside a room. Like what the old saying implies, "Boys will be Boys" I suppose.

Zack Martin heard about the nurse in this school. The nurse they say came from some town that is not pointed on any map when Zack heard that the nurse likes to take away the manhood’s of children.

What are manhood’s; Zack thought in the deep wonder that is so disturbing that he cannot understand it.

Is it something that a man can get and wear on their heads at a certain age? Zack can only think that manhood is his belly button when he looked down at the fourth grade desk at his stomach with his innie belly button all nice and perfect. Then the cold horror started to shake him to the core.

Oh gosh, not my belly button! Sweat started to form on his forehead when he waited for his name to be called to the nurse’s station to be checked on with the disgusting thought of bugs in his hair. Lice ran rampant throughout the school when he knew that he had them, itching his head like his scalp is going to be pulled off at any second if he itched too much. He knew that he is going to go in there and get his manhood taken away from him when he will be the only one that will go into the nurse’s station with the witch that came from a town next to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Zack never been so scared in his life before when he thought about the time he stepped out in front of that car last summer after getting the mail, scaring his heart out in his chest when he dropped the mail all over the road. This is a feeling that is worse than that for that it is something that he can control when he waited for the name to be called on the intercom.

He couldn’t remember if he studied for the spelling test last night when he started to tap his feet onto the floor, looking at the clock and then looking at the door that leads out of the classroom. Mrs. Bromhill is busy doing arithmetic when he looked at the pencil that is upon his desk. It is the 21st century, who still uses a pencil? He only looked at it before he picked it up, feeling the wood in his hand when he started to put the pencil in a kung fu grip. He grasped tighter and tighter when the minutes ticked down with the clock on the wall going towards the point of two o’clock in the afternoon.

The Nurse Witch might have forgotten. Zack smiled with his mind all clear and wild like a kid that found another Pixie Stick in his desk. He felt a second wave of energy in his veins when he started to get giddy in his seat, bucking with his feet touching the floor and his mind thinking about playing video games when he got home. He smiled when the intercom buzzed, dropping his head onto the floor when the announcer came on the line like a buzz saw that ripped through a midnight clearing.

Ms. Creighton, please come to the principal’s office. Ms. Creighton, please come to the principal’s office.

The intercom clicked off when Zack felt the boulder escape him like it grew wings and flew out of his stomach. He felt better when he grabbed the book off of the desk when Mrs. Bromhill asked him the answer to the equation on the board with minor attention being paid to the board. He didn’t even realize that they were doing subtractions when he moved his eyes over the equation, thinking of the answer with the answer being right when Mrs. Bromhill smiled and told him that it is correct. Zack relaxed when time went on with nothing between his ears and supreme thought of going home and firing up the PC to play a little Apex Legends or Valorant. He was never a fan of Fortnite, calling the game “Fartnite” on some consideration of getting a laugh out of the name Fartnite when he fell over from the chair on some occasions and started to laugh until he cannot laugh anymore. Oh it is going to be a swell day when he thought about putting his feet up on the desk and kicking back when he knew that he will be spending another Saturday in school for doing that kind of stunt. He kept his composure, happy for not seeing the nurse witch when it is just twenty minutes before the final bell for the day rung. He is happy, he is triumph to be clear from it, and he is –

“Zack Martin to the nurse’s office, Zack Martin; come to the nurse’s office, please?” That intercom cut off like a saw that lost power when Zack lost power as well. He started to feel the sweat from on his forehead again when he felt like his feet is about to become transparent through the floor. Did his heart stop beating? Worse yet, are they going to cut off his manhood when he looked at his belly button and thought of all the times of putting his pinkie in it to see if there is something nasty that will come out of it? He looked out the window when Mrs. Bromhill only looked at him when Zack smiled in weak protest as he got up, feeling like peeing in his pants when he left the classroom with his books banging on his right thigh. He went to the locker, putting in the combination and opening the door, putting his books in the locker when he thought about his manhood, his manhood, oh my god, my manhood! He looked at the bottom of the locker when he gathered the courage to take it out of his locker and put it in his back pocket for safe keeping when he sighed and started to walk to the nurse’s office with his soul leaving his body.

He got there three minutes later when he knocked on the door and the nurse ordered him to come in. Zack came in with slow protest, not closing the door when the nurse looked at the door that is semi-open like a hinge that is not tightened down.

“Look at you, you filthy boy.” The Witch Nurse spoke to the child like it is her child. She shut the door and came back to the table, looking at the forms that are upon the desk when she did not look at Zack that is hiding the corner now. He kept his key weapon in the back of his pocket when he did not know whether to shit or go blind?

“Have you been in this institution all of your life?” The Nurse asked him when Zack did not know what an institution is when he thought about his hometown, being that of being here when he replied with a gentle yes when the nurse scrawled something on the paper.

“How long has it been since you had a bath?” The Nurse turned her attention towards Zack when Zack can see the burning flurry of anger and madness in those eyes like a snake that is about ready to bite. Zack felt like grabbing the knob of the door and bolting when he only remembered that he bathed over a month ago. Boys go through that time in puberty when they do not bath in over two or three months, feeling fine not to bathe when he answered with a lie.

“I bathed last week.” Zack replied, trying to put on his honest face as must as possible when the nurse looked at him for a spell before nodding her head, writing something on the paper before putting it down on the desk, asking Zack to jump up on the exam bed to take a look at his scalp.

Zack did what he is told, thinking about her cutting off his manhood through the whole time that she looked at his scalp. He waited for her to show her witchy prudence with some sly conviction of keeping a child here so she can cut off his manhood with a wicked smile on her face, cutting off and putting his belly button in a jar so she can observe it before putting it in a pot to stew a wicked potion of absolute control to another sad soul that came across her with only innocent and dull happiness on the brain. Zack kept his hands over his belly button when the nurse smelled faint of skunk pee and cigarettes as she looked through his scalp when she groaned with her latex gloves feeling like balloons on his scalp. She finished up a minute later when she wrote on the paper that is upon the desk.

“Do you have everything with you?” The nurse asked Zack with some tiredness in her voice. This is the last patient for today and she is in bad need of a beer when she gets home when Zack felt the weapon in his back pocket, looking at the backpack in the corner when he only nodded on the bed that crinkled with the paper that lied over the cushion.

Zack left the nurse’s station with his belly button intact when he did not keep his guard down with the nurse that is probably scrawling pentagrams on her notebook papers and speaking in dead tongues that the living may not utter hear. He will wait when he will have to battle the witch that is within the room when he moseyed to his locker, pulling the flask out of his back pocket and putting it in a respectable place. He took his math book and his spelling book to study when he put it in his bag and then closed the locker with the pink note that is within his hand. He was placed on a three day vacation with a prescription that is noted on the paper when he will go home and wait for his mother to come home from the bar after a ten hour shift on her feet. She will be in a bad mood and Zack will know when they will go to the pharmacy the next day to get the prescription shampoo that will kill all the lice and all the eggs that are within his scalp.

He did not forget about the witch when he thought about other boy’s manhood’s when he wondered about the witch and what her intentions are. The witch will not lay down restful for the wicked will never rest. He had to stay alert about the witch when he stayed home and played video games with the thought of the witch not resurfacing until he went back to school the first day after getting singled out and ripped on for getting lice. This went on for three months or less until the children lost interest on ripping on him when Zack dared to never go back into the nurse’s office for the witch will be there, waiting for Zack to make a mistake when he waited and waited as the witch will stay steadfast.

Submitted: June 12, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Adam Steele. All rights reserved.

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