Disclaimer : It's a pure work of the wild imagination of your writer , any similarities with reality is just a coincidence.

The story is set in Mumbai , India.
This story is about a teenager named "Sarah" who has a weird realistic dream.
But what about what happens after the dream ? Did her dream warn her about something ?
Read to find out ;)

Sarah was now 16 , " Sweet sixteen " as her granny said .

She like any other teenager loved reading detective stories ; Sherlock Holmes - Byomkesh Bokshi - Feluda  she had read all of them .

She even aspired to become a famous detective someday .But things changed after that day.

I'll tell you all about it, 


17th , May ,2020 , 

The day right after her birthday. 

It was raining heavily outside, Sarah was all alone in her late granny's old cabin by the beach ; all by herself.

She was sitting comfortably in her  favourite rocking chair with a steaming hot cup of filtered coffee .

The auroma of the special South Indian coffee filled the entire cabin. Soft Sufi music played in the her old radio . It was just picture perfect.

She was only adriming the beauty of the rain when something in the dark outside caught our aspiring detective 's eyes .

" A figure"

Due to the darkness which surrounded the cabin she couldn't see the face of the figure but the tall masculine structure , told her it was a man .

She instinctively got up ,stepped back from the window and stood behind the chair.

The man came running like a maniac towards the window and when he came too close to the window glass he  stopped.

Sarah 's instincts told her something wasn't right .

The man placed his hand on the window glass and wrote something in his breath. 

Sarah's blood ran cold , even the tiniest hair on her neck stood up and a number of thoughts raced in her young mind .

She  quickly checked the door locks and was a bit relieved to know all entrances to the cabin were locked.

The man looked one last time at her and he left.

Sarah waited for a few minutes before going closer to the window . She wanted to ensure that when she goes to check the writings,  the man shouldn't be around to be able to hurt her.

She checked the writings after twenty minutes.

"Tic - Tok" 

These were the only words written on the glass.

She quickly picked up her phone and tried calling her parents a number of times but the signals were not in her favour . 

The calls weren't reaching .

There is an old saying which says "Wherever the drakness comes it brings the demon with it" 

 That's exactly what happened next.

The gas leaking , the smell of the gas filled the entire cabin . 

She rushed to the kitchen and found that the gas pipe was pulled out .

She tried to fix it , but  she failed .

Oh no!

She ran to the main door , unlocked all the locks and tried to open the door.

But the door wouldn't move an inch! 

It was locked from outside.

Oh no! No.. no ..no 

"TIC - TOK , TIC -TOK " said someone as he walked out of the kitchen .

That man ! Oh no Sarah thought.

He had a lighter in his left hand and a can of oil in his right.

"TIC -TOK  TIC -TOK TIC -TOK"  he said in a creepy voice which sent shivers down her spine .

He came closer and closer .

With a SCREAM Sarah opened her eyes and realized it was just a dream .

She let a sigh of relief .

 It was still raining heavily  outside .

She came closer to the window and that familiar fear returned.


were the two words written on her window glass in someone's breath.








Submitted: June 13, 2020

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