Whisper Fontaine

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: A Writers World

To be a movie star could be costly for Whisper Fontaine. Will she compromise her morals and values for stardom? Or will she stay true to herself, and say "NO" to the directors Couch?

Whisper Fontaine
Pg. 1
“That’s a wrap” the director shouted as the
camera’s stopped rolling. Whisper Sighed a sigh
of relief. She was free now for at least four
weeks before filming started again for the shows
new season. She wiggled, she couldn’t wait to
get out of that tight pencil suit, but her character
was a successful attorney, and wore the best,
which meant that each episode she was dressed
accordingly. Sometimes she couldn’t even
recognize herself with all the make-up, and hair
pieces she was required to wear.
“Okay Whisper, a voice said from behind her. It
was Cookie, her wardrobe assistant. Cookie was
Pg. 2
a pretty Italian girl, tall, with great legs. Even
the producer commented that, but then added “If
only her face matched in beauty. But due to an
accident years ago her dreams of an acting
career was shattered, and even after multiple
surgeries she still carried a deep noticeable scar
on her cheek that traveled down to her neck.
Cookie wasn’t her real name, it was Catherine
Steel. Whisper always wondered how she herself
would have reacted to all that Cookie went
through. She wasn’t vengeful, but always had a
smile on her face, and always voiced her
opinion, even if it raised a few eyebrows.
“You really nailed that last scent with Brian Miss
Whisper.” Cookie smiled as she unzipped
Whispers dress, then took it carefully to hang in
the wardrobe closet. All outfits had to be tip-top
condition even if they weren’t wore again.
“Thanks Cookie, Whisper said sincerely. Brian
was her love interest in the show, but not in real
life. They were just friends, and had been since
he was chosen for the part of Brian Reynolds her
law partner in the series.
“And the way he pulled you into his arms and
kissed you...OOH!, she said loudly...I would have
loved to been in your place. he’s a real knockout!”
Pg. 3
Whisper laughed softly. Cookie was telling the
truth. Brian, who’s real name was Chase
Nichols, was a hunk, but he never seemed to play
up on that fact. He was sweet, down to earth,
and fun to be with. In acting she had learned
that playing close to someone, especially in love
scenes often brought on a feeling of warmth. It
was just natural, but she also knew love was so
much more than just a temporary feeling. She
had seen to many actors, and actresses mess up
their personal lives by following a feeling,
thinking It was love. Although she and Chase
were both single, they had never taken that
warmth between them to mean love. Chase had
been married once five years ago to an actress,
who left him for a director from her last film.
But, she herself had never been involved with
anyone. It was so great when she was cast as
Fiona Monterrey in the series “Partners”. It
had gotten her noticed by many producers, and
directors. Like the one today who appeared on
the set to watch the season finale. It was hard to
keep in script and not look in his direction as
they filmed. Griffin Lane, “Griffy” as he was
known, by all of Hollywood had come to see her,
and talk to her about her future possibly on the
big screen. She remembered how
Pg. 4
her heart was beating when she got the news that
he was coming. Everyone was excited for her.
Even her producer Lance, remarked... “You’re
on your way now Whisper...your on your way.”
She could see her name in lights on marquise’s.
But which name should she use? Whisper was
the name most knew her by, but Cerise was her
birth name...Cerise Fontaine. She had acquired
the name Whisper when she was a little girl. Her
mother use to tell her to stop shouting and to just
“Whisper”. It seemed a good name for stardom
since no one even had it but her, so that’s what
she called herself from then on. Yes, she could
see it all now. “Whisper Fontaine.”
“Good luck Whisper, Chase Nichols stuck his
head in her dressing room door, breaking her
fantasy, bringing her back to reality. He was
smiling, dressed in jeans, a cowboy shirt, and
boots, showing his Wyoming country upbringing.
“Thanks Chase, she smiled at him. Going home
to Wyoming?” It was where he usually went
when the show was on Break.
“No, he stepped in, one hand still holding onto
the door. Not this time. Going to take in some of
Pg. 5
the sights of Hollywood, and just relax at my
place. See you around maybe?” He waved, then
closed the door behind him.
She never thought of the racial differences
between them now, like she did when they were
first cast together. Although he was a country
Caucasian boy, and she was African American,
he never once made her feel strange. Even in a
love scene. His kisses were always warm and
sincere, and he never tried to take advantage of
her. She had always said she would never
compromise her values for stardom, and she had
kept that promise. Her agent knew she was
against nude scenes, foul language, and God had
blessed her because of it. Since her arrival in
Hollywood she had been blessed to quickly
acquire a Christian agent, and was quickly hired
for small parts, and commercials. She had work
not stop, and was blessed to be able to pay all
her bills and get an apartment. Then the role in
the tv series “Partners” was offered to her, and
the rest was history. She had played Fiona
Monterrey now for 7 seasons. But she wanted
more. She wanted to show her acting skills, let
the world know she was good, really good. Now
it looked like she would get that chance after all.
Griffin Lane was well known. He had numerous
Oscars behind his name, had fostered the careers
Pg. 6
of many well known actresses. And now he
wanted to talk to her. She still couldn’t believe it.
Would he offer her a script to read? She had so
many questions, but she knew she would have
them all answered soon. He was sending a car
for her, then they would discuss matters over
lunch. She smiled to herself, as she grabbed her
sweater and headed out to say a few words to
other cast members who would be leaving on
break too. Maybe this could be her final
farewell, that’s if “Griffy” offered her a job.
She felt like a little girl at Christmas time, eager
with anticipation.

Submitted: June 13, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Jaylove. All rights reserved.

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