He's Not The Marrying Kind!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: A Writers World

Ivan Roberts, a successful Criminal Attorney, has built a wall around himself to keep love out...but walls can be torn down. Seeking partnership in the law firm where he works, he's concentrated on nothing but achieving success. Now he's learned that partnership is given only to married family men. He's worked hard to get where he's at, but not in the bosses eyes. Marriage was a requirement, and he's single. He needs a wife, and fast. Marriage meant emotional ties, what he always ran from because he considered himself "Not The Marrying Kind". But, he knew that all had to change, if he wanted that partnership, and he wanted it badly, or all the walls he'd built around himself to get to where he was today would all be torn down!

 Pg. 1
“It was a stupid rule,” Ivan Roberts mumbled
under his breath as he listened to his boss talking
about the promotion that was up for grabs for
partnership in the law firm. It was open to
anyone, especially those young men who were
married family men. He knew there was no way
he could fit unless he was engaged or about to
get married. He lowered his head. He didn’t
even have a girlfriend. His whole life had been
devoted to studying and becoming a successful
criminal lawyer. Now it would be his downfall.
He sighed deeply. Most of the men in the firm
who were partners were married family men with
children. He had to get that position, but how?
Pg. 2
He turned the problem over, and over, in his
mind. There had to be a solution, and he was
determine to find it!
It was the end of another long day in court.
And he had been prepared enough to get the
conviction he wanted. Another win to make him
look good in the bosses eyes, but not good
enough with out a wife on his arm, like Ted
Benson, or Roy Hendricks. He walked slowly
from the courthouse wondering how he could fix
the problem of being single. He liked the single
life. Marriage would only complicate matters
for him. All through Law school he had
succeeded to keep from getting involved with
other women who were studying like himself.
Now, after all his work and dedication to Law, he
was about to miss the opportunity he so wanted.
He just couldn’t let that happen, he just had to
find a way to make the boss see that he was the
best choice, even if he wasn’t married. His cell
phone began to ring, and quickly he answered it.
“Ivan, hope this isn’t a bad time?”
It was his mother. She usually call on the
weekends. Why was she calling now, he
“Is everything okay mom,” he asked a bit
“Oh yes honey. Just called to say hi.”
Pg. 3
He frowned. That seemed strange. She never
called to just say hi.
There was a pause of silence.
“You remember little Teresa Mitchell don’t you?”
He frowned again.
“Tee Tee. How could I forget her. She was
attached to my hip all the way through junior
high, high school, and the university of
“Oh Ivan, she wasn’t that bad. His mother said
quickly. She just had a crush on you, that’s all. I
don’t think she’d appreciate you calling her Tee,
Tee, now that she’s a grown woman.”
“What about her mom,” he asked in a rushed
voice, as his eyes followed Ted Benson who was
smiling and talking to the boss. Probably trying
to get a leg up on him and that position he also
“Ivan, are you there?”
“Yes, he said, feeling a bit frustrated, wishing he
could hear the conversation that was going on
with Ted and the boss.
“What about Tee, Tee...I mean Teresa.”
“Well, she lives in Brewster New York. That’s not
to far from you is it?”
He finally gave up trying to figure out what the
conversation was all about with Ted and the
` Pg.4
boss and decided to just listen to what his mother
was trying to say.
“Okay mom, you have my undivided attention.
What about her?”
“Well, she’s pretty lonely after that mess with
Tyrone you know.”
“Tyrone, is that the same guy she was all gun-ho
about at the university. They were so in love, if I
remember correctly. I assumed they were
married by now, with a couple of kids living in
la, la land and happy.”
“Not so honey. He jilted her at the wedding in
front of one hundred people. She was so hurt
and embarrassed that she moved out of sate to
New York three years ago.
“I didn’t know that. Really sorry about it too. I
never did really like the guy, he was always
flirting with other women even then.
“Yes, well she wrote me a letter, got it today.
She’s subbing at Brewster High School, teaching
Literature. She doesn’t have many friends, so I
was thinking, maybe you could look her up since
you two were such friends all those years ago.
She’s kinda down on men and relationships
now...which is understandable. Is Brewster that
far away from Manhattan honey?”
“Not by car mom. But, not sure I have the time.
I’m really busy now.”
“Ivan Roberts, you get yourself right over there
and see Teresa. Tomorrows Saturday, I’m sure
she’d be happy to see a familiar face.”
Ivan knew by the tone in his mothers voice that
she was serious, and there was no need to even
try to explain his work load to her, or that
Saturdays were days he prepared for his Monday
“Okay, I’ll drive up tomorrow morning. Give me
her address, and phone number.”
He jotted-the information down quickly, then
stuck it in his suit pocket. When he looked up
again Ted Benson and the boss were gone, and
he regretted not seeing which way they went.
Brewster was only an hours drive or less
from Manhattan. He picked up a bag of
cinnamon bagels, and black coffee for the drive.
He wondered if Teresa was still the funny girl he
and everyone remembered. Life never seemed to
affect her. Not even when the other students
laughed at her and called her four eyes because
she wore thick glasses, and was so skinny. She
would just smile and go on. He sighed. He
should of said something then, but he like
everyone else just looked the other way.
Something he so regretted now. But her being
under-foot did keep the other girls away and
Pg. 6
gave him more time to concentrate on his goals
to be a Criminal Attorney. It would be good to
see a familiar face again too, especially after so
long. He was sorry for what Tyrone had done to
her, but it was better he did it now, instead of
marrying her, and then leaving her with a bunch
of kids. Marrying... his foot slammed on the
brakes, just as he was about to leave the gas
station, causing the driver behind him to honk
his horn repeatedly. He gave the driver a wave,
apologizing, then drove off. That was it. The
solution he was looking for. He would ask Teresa
to marry him. He would pay her what ever
amount she wanted, he had the money. He would
explain the whole situation to her. He was sure
she would agree once she knew it was for his
career. He sat back, smiling to himself. Yes, he
had found the solution to his problem.

Submitted: June 13, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Jaylove. All rights reserved.

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