All or Nothing Thinking

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All Or Nothing Thinking

What you can do about this Cognitive Distortion


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Haveyou gotten into a mindset of seeing life in only black and white? Are you overwhelmed with panicky feelings, anger, and anxiety? Are you having trouble getting out of bed in the morning?

Youcould be suffering from Cognitive Distortions caused by all-or-nothing thinking. You start to think the activities you envision are either good or bad. You are starting to feel like everything you do is unsatisfactory. Have you forgotten all the work you did that was fabulous? Now, everything that you decide to do is advantageous or it is completely harmful and negative.



Life is not all black or white, but we’re started feeling this way. There is no other way of thinking. We’ve lost all our ability to consider other thought processes and started going to the negative by the condition.

As discussed by, a cognitive distortion is an automatic way of repeatedly interpreting a situation that causes us to not consider other ways of thinking about it.

We may start to ruin every situation we’re in because we go directly to that negative mindset. Our thought process becomes extreme and unrealistic. We may even have panic attacks, as I myself, was obstructed by in my lifetime. They are very debilitating as a student, a worker, or even as a parent.

When you find that you are angry, feeling anxious, and thinking negatively, the solution is to re-evaluate this extreme thinking. You should try to remember your successes in the past (that project that you got in on time, the morning you had a good exchange with your children). I’m sure that your successes are many more than you realize.


I have covered a wall with my diplomas, volunteer work, courses I have taken. They remind me that often, I have done things right.

It is best to have an action plan:

  1. try not to watch the news all-day

  2. control things you can control

  3. avoid herd mentality (which only adds to your stress)

  4. practice self-care(especially in this time): bubble baths, meditation, exercise, eating right

  5. have faith that things will improve soon

Submitted: June 14, 2020

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