Spring day is here

And you need me

Spring day is there

And I need you

We know that

Seven is a lucky number, and

 I feel lucky that I've met you

You've made me the happiest girl on planet just by looking at your shining eyes.

 Your smile is like the sunshine,  

Bringing happiness to all our hearts.


Nobody can tell me

How much I love you

If all I want to do

It's spend time with you


You make me happy, strong and brave

You make me smile everyday

And your hand is the only one

That I want to hold forever, everywhere


Shushh! Don't deny being the little one that makes me laugh every day.

Your love makes me touch the sky,

The sound of your voice when you burst out laughing

It’s one of my joys and favorite hobbies.

During this spring day all I can do is wait for you.

Waiting for us to meet again like the moon waits to meet the sun someday.

My little ray of sunshine now is spending a spring day far from home.

I know that you hate when I call you little Prince because

It reminds you of living in a little planet.


Perfect pieces of purple papers painting proudly my love for you.

My pillow is asking me when you are going to come home.

I spent good days, sobbing for your absence.


You always tell me, you miss me,

And that breaks my heart, little love.

Your eyes are my lanterns,

Your body’s my shelter,

Now spring day is over, over and over it will reminds me of you…

Submitted: June 14, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Anyelis Olea. All rights reserved.

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