Love at First Sight

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This poem is dedicated to my wife as we approach our fifty sixth anniversary.


love at first sight


I saw her first where the ocean thrashes

And the Gibraltar rock dominates the straits,

A young, smiling, attractive girl

Conversing with many shipmates


Alone and exhausted at a table I sat

Weary from a vacation gone wrong

From her table I heard her accented voice,

It attracted me, like a siren’s song


That night in my lonely cabin I thought about her,

Well dressed, sophisticated, and smart

Someone I’d like t know better I thought

But I shouldn’t let her into my heart


Logic and reason ruled my life,

But emotions are a powerful resource

When the next evening I saw her siting alone

I did not resist some unknown attracting force


I asked to sit down, she smiled and said yes

Her face was bright and serene

We talked about places that we had visited

The unique sights that we had seen


The ship rolled like a rocking chair

While passing thru the straits,

Passengers rushed to their cabins

The band played, and the hour grew late


On the dance floor we slid left and right with each roll

Laughing and turning, like on a carnival ride

Young and happy with all concerns forgotten,

I soon asked her if she would like to go outside


The night was clear and full of stars

The water’s surface untroubled and calm,

It was the turbulence below that rolled the ship to and fro

On deck it was peaceful and warm


Soft moonlight filled the sky,

My mood was relaxed and relieved

Our conversation flowed like the water below

As pleasant memories were retrieved


I talked about the California way of life,

She about pyramids and kings

The hours passed unnoticed by us

Lost in the time that fascination brings


The following days were immersed in conversations

Two explorers from different worlds were we,

Eagar to share our thoughts and ambitions

Weaving the bonds of a lifetime to be


Fifty six years of marriage have now passed

Our love soft and tender, our children all grown

I still marvel at the strange fate that brought us together

The result of  strange forces unknown


She on a ship when she that had planned for a flight

My vacation two week short of my planned stay

Humans make plans, and believe they are right

Life ignores them, and goes its own way

Submitted: June 14, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Tuxie. All rights reserved.

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