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in an effort to write more in my busy schedule i am challenging myself to write for 10 minutes against various writing prompts. constructive feedback is always appreciated.

Prompt: Write a story about someone who has just completed writing his first book. 


It is finished. I can’t believe it is finished. The book I have been writing for the past three years is finished. I feel elated. I never thought this day would come. Writing. Proofreading. Editing. Rewriting. Editing some more. I have spent so much time on this book, pouring my heart and soul into it. I’ve never been more proud. 


I need to call Ed. What time is it? 3:32 AM. Shoot. He’ll be sleeping. 

I call him anyway. 

“Hello?” I hear Ed’s groggy voice say in my ear. 

“Ed, it’s Harold. I have big news!” 

“What is it, Harold?” 

“I’ve finished it! I’ve finished writing my book!” 

“Hey that’s great, Harold. I knew you could do it. Call me in the morning and tell me more, ok? It’s 3:30 in the morning.” 

“Ok Ed. I’ll call you tomorrow.” 

There is a click as Ed hangs up the phone. I am disappointed. This is my greatest achievement, and I thought my best friend would be thrilled. I am still really proud of what I have accomplished.

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