Chapter 1: Chapter 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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"Patch me up with Deborah."
"Are you deaf, Puzzle?"
"It's Riddle and I'm not deaf!"
"But you act like one." On this fine August afternoon, Drake McCullers came to me with a ridiculous request, which according to him was an order.
"Anyways, I won't do any patching up," I said, clutching my books closer to my chest.
"Why? You're her best friend."
"That's the problem. Being her best friend, I can't make her future dark."
Suddenly without any warning, I was taken to an abandoned classroom and pushed up against a wall so hard, that my shoulders slammed and I had to kept myself from groaning in pain infront of McCullers, who was currently leaning over me with a good eight to nine inches difference. His face was furious and grey eyes were stormy with light blond bangs on his forehead. He thought it could make him intimidating and unfortunately he was right.
"You're going to listen to me. Nobody disobeys my order and you're not going to also and if you do, the aftermath won't be good. Understood?"
I could do nothing but nod and that's what I did. He pulled away and left the room.
My right shoulder which was already weak, hurt like hell. Tears started to form in my eyes but I took a deep breathe and made sure not to let them fall. Then I heaved a sigh and left for my next class.
Now, I was heading towards the cafeteria of our school, Silver Fountain High School. Beside me was Deborah Smith, my best friend and one of the most beautiful girls of the school. She was quite the opposite of me with dirty blonde hair, sun-kissed skin, light blue eyes and willowy figure while I had shoulder length auburn hair, fair skin, dark brown eyes and a short curvy figure. Deborah was the most pleasant girl I had ever met and she always listened to my nonsense. She was just like a twin sister to me and that's why I didn't want Debby to stuck in Drake McCullers' dirty web. Each and every girl in our school except the two of us, was mad for him because of his panty-dropping smirk. Debby was not interested in him, actually she was a feminist so she didn't want to date anyone, at least not right now.
"In some deep thought today, Annie?"
"Huh? Oh, nothing much. Just thinking about everything and nothing."
Debby nodded. "So, what are you taking for lunch today?"
I smiled. "The same. An apple and a chicken roll with a big glass of chocolate shake. What about you?"
"'s I am thinking about some chicken sandwich and apple juice- Hey! Annie, look! Prentiss Davis is staring at you again!"
I traced her gaze and unsurprisingly found it true. Prentiss was a brilliant boy with a very cute face. He has been into me since last year when our English teacher, Mr.Bennett praised and marked me as the best student in English Literature. His crush on me was evident by the way his face turns red whenever I step in but apparently he was too shy to ask me out so I've lost my hope. He would have been a good catch.
"What's new about that?"
"The look, stupid! The look! At first, he used to look like you're a riddle-"
"Well, I'm a Riddle."
"I'm not talking about your surname. Let me finish. Now, the boy has got a determined look in his eyes."
I made a face at Debbie. "What's happened to my feminist? Huh? Where has she gone?"
"You're changing the point.-"
"Ugh Debby! Stop acting like a mamma hen." I mumbled and quietly went to the counter to buy my tiffin.
"An apple, a chicken roll and a big glass of chocolate shake, please."
The man at the counter nodded his head and started packing while I was fumbling to take out the money. Finally the note was out and given to the man. I took my lunch and went to my seat in the café, which was at the far end of the room.
After a few minutes, Debby came. I thought it was better to start sooner than later.
"Umm Debbie...How do you think McCullers is?"
"A bully and a tosser."
Well, it won't go smooth then.
"You know...he was asking me today if you are interested in him..."Deborah lifted her face with eyes as big as saucers.
"WHAT?! When?! Did-did he bully you too?!"
"Yes.. I mean NO!! He won't dare to bully me!"
It seemed like Debbie bought the lie and continued to eat. So I stuck my head in once again.
"So...what are you gonna do?"
"About what?"
"This McCullers thing."
"Obviously nothing!"
"But-but why?!"
"You tell me! Why would I be his girlfriend?!"
"Well because..uhhh...every girl likes him..?" By her look, it was obvious that my trial didn't succeed. So I tried even more. "Because he's popular and he...smells nice..?"
Oh no! Did I just say he smelt nice!
Deborah's brows furrowed together and looked at me suspiciously. "How do you know he smell nice?"
Shit! She caught it!
"'s my guess..."
Debbie sighed heavily and went back to her eating.
But one thing plagued my mind...did I really say that he smelt nice..? I mean, he surely doesn't smell that nice...

Submitted: June 15, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Asphodel. All rights reserved.


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