Black Lives Matter - The Message (Part. 1)

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Title : Black Lives Matter - The Message (Part. 1)
By : Quinton Tebogo Makunyane
One of our own just took the fall for us
I am left hanging deep within my thoughts trying
To not let anyone notice my cry for help
I want to sit down and think of all this
I know my skin may seem to be scary
Tears are streaming down my face
Fears, I know I've reached another phase
The unforgiving beast in me to about to come out
I don't want to smile with you anymore
I can't control myself when all this is happening
I come from the deep jungles of Africa
I will not fear another man any longer
I fear for what I am about to do next
The pain that is instilled in me
Has finally driven me to a ruthless place
I am about to devour in all the misery
I am a proud African man
I am much more stronger than i may seem
Watch me as I work my way to the top
I will take my stand
I shall reign supreme.
This is a message sent out to anyone
Who may feel the need for change
The change for a better life for everyone
How many times have we lost this battle
My bedroom walls are painted with bloodshed
I shed another tear in your remembrance
Who am I?
How do I feel?
Am I numb?
I fear for my life
It comes crashing down piece by piece
I can't live to see another day
I can't stand to see another man fall
I've stopped dancing with the devil
I loved dining with all my demons around
My shackles have been broken free
I don't want that life anymore
I'm done whipping over everything you do 

Submitted: June 15, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Quinton Tebogo Makunyane. All rights reserved.

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