Black Lives Matter - For My People (Part. 2)

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Title : Black Lives Matter - For My People (Part. 2)
By : Quinton Tebogo Makunyane
To my people..
Let's come together and hold hands
Allowing all our tears to flow freely
We are much stronger than we think
My heart is broken as I write this
My soul is crying for help as I write this
I am infused with pain as I write this
I keep on trying to confide in all these poems
I know our skin is golden
We come from the soils of Africa
We are meant for greatness
Allow our melanin skin to keep shining
What does it take to get away from all this
Waking up to learn that we have lost another one
I don't wanna live in a world of this kind
I know we are worth more than we think
So let's all rise and take a stand
With our fists up in the sky!
I know we are tired of crying
How everything we do seems to be dying
Winter nights around the fire
Shivering in fear wrapped up in the wire
Our eyes are shiny from all the tears
Melanin skin strong like the polar bears
A gateway to our downfall
Left to drown in all the misery
Fetch all our kids from the nursery
Come together with our sorrows
I am tired of all this fighting.

Submitted: June 15, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Quinton Tebogo Makunyane. All rights reserved.

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