All Along the Salt Marsh Chapter 1

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On the mean streets of Brooklyn some people rise while others fall. And sometimes it's brothers who make mistakes.

Along the Salt Marsh 

by Benjamin Patelsky 


Chapter 1: The Beginning


What I'm about to tell you may or may not be based upon real-life experiences, for the protection of those involved I have changed all names, times, and places to unrecognizable ones. I suppose the word “allegedly” comes heavily into effect here as some form of disclaimer for my reader as they proceed, this is because this tale possesses something of a layered truth. The “truth” of what happened is not near to what we traditionally understand or archive as scientific nor is it the factual “truth” determined by evidence but rather it's a perceptually “accepted” one, this is done out of a desire for all parties involved to remain anonymous from the so-called incident that may have “allegedly” transpired. For the meaning of this story to be best understood I ask my reader to harken back to the days of the Ancient Greeks when philosophers contemplated life in the vast solitude of nature. During this time period Plato developed “the Allegory of the Cave,” which in my own words presents this concept that it's our perception that determines our reality. Our reality or “truth” is composed of what we understand and comprehend about the natural world around us, in many ways truth and reality are subjective to how individuals chose to perceive daily life and is often greatly determined by favoring their education over their own personal nature. With that being said regarding the tale you're about to read to some specific people there is what may considered to be a “crime” but to those whom it directly involves there's simply a “boy,” and whilst he may claim his innocence, to a very select few the month of April 2017 is marred with tremendous pain, trauma, and betrayal unlike any other.

Our tale begins when I was 17 years old, I like many young men of generation was in the process of attending university in Brooklyn, New York. This time period was an incredibly capricious one as many factors including money and relationships were of a constant concern, additionally this was an experimental period in my life where I indulged in both sex and drugs as a way of coping with my own existential dread. These two vices were only amplified by a bohemian musician socialite life I was pursuing at the time, needless to say these bad habitats were poisonous both to myself and my academia. However this lifestyle did present its perks, it often allowed me to achieve sexual conquests unheard of to those leading lives without extreme excess. My excess only became more widely known as I grew older and accompanying it were stories of the wild musical performances I'd partake in, underground concerts known for excessive drinking, wild women, and a notable safe-haven for drug users. This excessive living would later come at a great toll once strange characters took note, my biggest folly was the naivety by which I went about believing in the civilized nature of my fellow man. Trust almost came to be my undoing as one individual in their contact with me appeared to have lost all regard for such things as dignity, respect, self-worth, and dare I say perhaps even sanity. 

For the purpose of this story and to keep things anonymous we shall call him “Frank” Frank had gone to high school with me, he was a year younger then me and we performed together in the jazz band. In many ways much of my skills and style as a musician was thanks in part to Frank, he was incredibly talented though perhaps he didn't see it that way. After high school we grew much closer, often arranging meetings to “jam” with other fellow classmates and musicians. This was in many ways a very traditional relationship, but what transpired later would heavily warp my perception of Frank as it did for many others.

During his time in college Frank grew incredibly frustrated, perhaps it was a lack of sexual satisfaction in his women or maybe it was anger in his own position within society, either way he began engaging in activity unknown to me. Frank made friends with another college student named Anthony and with Anthony they traveled to foreign countries, yet in his travels something would appear to grow in Frank. Whilst Anthony felt the kinship of a brother in Frank, Frank himself was growing more unstable and envious of those around him.

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