Chapter 2: School story settings

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I met her cold eyes with my seductive eyes slightly frozen but chilled

I feel a lot of masculine energy from you.

Can you not? her right hand shook egging me to let go as I felt her hair tie on her small wrist.

I smirked at the slightly balmed lips inches away from me eager to taste it.

I clicked my tongue only to be stopped midway, is this what you want a little blow of air went to my ear as the lips vanished from my face. I bit my lower lip, my heart raced and a beating sensation from inside me started as my skin hissed from the tip of her tongue .

She looked at me  her eyes as cold as ever. "Try harder".


I squeeled as I raised my hand aching from writing the dumb project our professor will never read it and will get low grades. Remembering how quick and ecstatic it was, how out of nowhere my eyes rolled back and my neck leaned the other way from the sensation. How I hurriedly went ot my quarters tiring myself replaying the sensation.

"When the fuck is her class break?" I looked at the monitor and stood up fast I didn't care if my three hour staring contest with the monitor saved my dumb report. I went to her Communications building seeing she just went out. I stood infront of her I can feel my skirt flowing but also itching not hiding what's behind me, before I can even shove it in her face she already told me "Wow, dead flowers, too bad I'm still alive" and went on her way.

I chuckled and ran besides her "what, you don't want flowers it's such a shock" while smelling the bouqet and throwing it away. That got her attention.

"Pick up the trash" "Why don't you pick it up?" She turned around for a second to inspect me then went on her way.

Are you hungry? I'm hungry I said as I cling to her.

Don't touch me, why? because I'll turn to stone? Hey buy me foods!

We finally sat down, my tower heels aching. I started to munch my meal when I saw her staring at me while eatting orders of takoyaki.

What?  I pushed my corset infront of her but she didn't bat an eyelash. I just twinkled my eyes before continuing to eat. The only time she looks at me this long is when the time I'm hungry and busy eating. She buys me a lot of foods I like--

I looked at her shocked "Fuck you" then giggled. She just looks at me leaning in her left wrist slurping the gulaman. "Excuse me, sorry" I swallowed my food and prettied myself "Fuck me?". She just wiped the end of my lips with the tissue that made me pout.

Why don't you wipe my lips with your bare-- "Disgusting". I continued to ignore her while ravishing my food. Once I'm finished she stands up, I struggled to even walk. "Wait up" I said while getting the uneatean orders of takoyaki. "You didn't finish eating this? Is this mine?" My heels ached as we walked through the garden where most students smoked before, right now it's just full of students making out. I tried not to smile making my whole get up worth it. I wore my favorite heels, x fishnet with my favorite skirt patterned with white blouse berret and my basic makeup. I gave up when we were nearing the library seeing the no skirt sign, with the traditional security hell I wouldn't be able to even go there not even once in my whole college years. She moved the scattered leaves, in teh bench near the library these is where the bitchiest of em all lives. I hate this place.

I sat opposite of her and pouted I hate this place. Why? Ugh all the bitches that hates me lives here.

See? I pointed at the librarian whos also pointing me because my skirt is evident from her position to which I answered by widening my skirt more.

I stood up because I knewhow well this goes, the securities chasing me to report me again in the dean's office which in turn will not suspend me because she's tired of all the shits too.

But one thing I didn't ever imagine with all my imaginative genes happened. She fucking pulled me even near the devil's den as I just grunted my way through the mirror where the other librarian were my feet as good as dead.  What?! I didn't want to be annoyed but I can't help if all of the students inside and probably the security is nearing us.

Not the first time my breath was taken away, it isn't much but fuck how good it felt during and after.

After she let out a breath and smiled that I almost didn't see along with the glisten in her eyes that I just saw while she was taking me away from the scene. I looked back to see the heads turned our way, securities not moving an inch while holding the takoyaki.

We stumbled down on the nearest tree our breath in sync, lost and finding air but I looked at her still not looking at me. I flinched when my feet hurted taking me back to reality. She unlaced my tower heels, I almost wanted to touch her midlength hair but scared to ruin the moment. Do you want to go to the clinic?

I shook my head while still dazed with the new filter I put in my lens. I just realized "Nisa, you're so beautiful" she just spit out air and chuckled silently as she caress my foot.

"Ofcourse we didn't think enough" shockingly true. "Thank you". I look at her so dreamily while reminiscing again what happened.

"What?!" I even stomped my feet to my frustration. I didn't need another travel to the dean or another trouble related to the kids at the library but heck I never really dreamed about it. I looked at her face, still so cold and blank but now with fire. I don't want to say sorry, bow or do shits and be a mess not when I'm with her. She just raised the side of her lips "breathe in breathe out" "what the fuck are you saying" breathe breathe out" theyre already here, and there in front of the students in the library and the librarian she kissed me totally off guard. my eyes raised as I felt her lips moving. I ,fuck, not everyone but almost everyone stopped just to see the scenery in front of them. before I can respond she smiled at me so sweetly looking at my reaction and offering the takoykati




Submitted: August 18, 2020

© Copyright 2021 siyel. All rights reserved.


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