Chapter 5: Oh god this was so good

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I inched to my right and nosily looked at his beautiful handwriting on our paper, before it would've felt awkward but both of us are totally immersed in quickly coming up with the details for the project that was just assigned this morning and to be passed frustratingly to our professor for the next class. Everything feels like in chaos, it doesn't help that I'm also getting very lightheaded and it's still afternoon. It's been a  month since all of our professors decided to team up and ambush us with endless projects and activities having the same deadlines, yep you're right it's the freaking hell month. We just stayed here at the cafeteria after having lunch, along with all of the other hell bent hangry students. Everyone is so unbothered as the cafeteria also becomes the library. Savory meals mixed with the smell of book, and coffee as an offering to our deflated souls. 

I can't believe the time pressure of coming up with an idea and completing this project in an hour while incorporating mutually agreed insights, see those words that's how my brain works now and it's scary. It'll really be a miracle if we even have enough time to walk to the next class. This professor will be my favorite in the upcoming evaluations; unnecessarily strict while demanding we pass an initial project considering we're just meeting him right after this when he's been MIA all semester. 

"Yeah, that's it! Wait, it's finished?" I almost screamed with glee as I looked at our accomplished project, no way.

"Yeah..", my soul just left me when I looked at him and was welcomed with this man's face just centimeters away from mine. Wow, he smells so good. Ofcourse, he looks so darn good this close,

Maybe it was the stress that's still sticking around with all the sleepless nights. Normally this type of romantic encounter wouldn't happen because I'm always always teamed up with my bestfriends . Pheromone, it's the word that came up on my mind even though I suck at everything science. The usual Ree was supposed to be subtly shocked and move away. Up to this point I don't know what I was doing or maybe I know I just can't believe that I'm just looking at him weird because he's also just looking at me too and not moving.

His eyes started to look at mine I keep blinking because I feel like I'm sinking. Why aren't we moving? I can't move I feel so glued in my seat. My heart beated so fast with an idea in mind. NO. Of all ideas I came up this month that would be so bad I'll get an F from the former Ree, but the other one said something like "Why even think, that's what we've been doing these past few weeks and we're tired". This is just so bad because as quick as that thought came my shoulder just relaxed. This girl with no history in dating or any romantic relationship for two decades now slightly tilts her head to the right and slide forward as focused on the softest part of this person's face, then I paused. I'm not gonna lie that I panicked when I'm an inch away from his face. When I looked at his eyes I felt more dazed, as cringey as that sounds I closed my eyes before pressing my lips against his. The soft feeling I  felt at my lips made my right hand jolt a little having the intention of touching his curly hair. 

My eyes opened when an alien feeling happened on my lower lips, I don't know if I was hallucinating. It happened once more while his eyes are closed. I mirrored the movement once and I was in a daze again but we were brought back to our senses when a someone whimpered so loud.Apparently a poor student bumped their leg at our cafeteria chair, everyone's attention was almost at us. I looked more shocked, I was about to say something but no words are leaving. I don't know for you but it was the perfect time to run for the restroom.

I was out of breath when I opened the restroom door, what the fuck? My mind is blank like after taking a trigo test.  After staring at the mirror and washing my hands thoughts starts to race again. Do you think you're in a fucking drama, what was that for? My mind went on a rage. What am I going to say? Is it consensual? How do I know that again? Did he want it too? Fudgee Bar. I hope everyone was too busy with activities. Would it be a scandal? I think no one really cares. That's not even an excuse. I just finished eating!

Her legs almost gave up with that last thought. The thoughts also stopped when a familiar notebook was held infront of her, she only realized she was outside the bathroom and patting her hand with toilet paper. She frozed, that hand. She looked up with the same face, that she was eating moments ago. I'm not eating him! Her head almost exhausted a gas from the heat on her face, she broke her gaze away. "Our class is almost starting", that very soothing voice said. She can barely nod with her thoughts exhausing her. Walking like her soul left her she ran a little and pulled the hem of his shirt. She spoke in a very quiet voice like she always do,"Can I talk to you later?" almost speaking to the ground, then she tried to looked at his glowing face "I'm sorry". Suddenly, he looked so serious now compared earlier, "Sure" he flatly said. The walk to their class can be worse than hell. She ran to her seat and sat normally for a minute then slowly put her hands on her face and bury her face on her desk. Dumb bitch.


The normal chaos of our class went on because of the requirement no one wanted in the first place. I felt someone shaking my shoulders disturbing my self-loathing. "Hey, did you already finish with your paper?", the shaking went on another level when Gina asked again "Are you okay?". I removed my disgusting hands that probably left prints on my disgusting face, I tiredly nodded. "What happened to you?" her naturally loud voice doesn't help me with my embarassment. I had to silently shush her putting an index finger to my lips, then irritatingly moving my hands back to a fist, when I remembered the tragedy I caused. When did I get the nerve to do such things?! I am a well behaved individual! Not that it's wrong, is it? I almost slap my face when she loudly questioned my silent shushing. "Later", I mouthed. "Stop mouthing me things, I can't lip read!" It's bad enough that I was relieved her nagging was stopped when the old professor barged in the room forcing our chaos to subside temporarily.

The last hell period for the day adjourned, as much as I want him to stop telling his whole life stories to us a part of me wanted Mr. Vergara to never stop it might mean that won't have to face my well deserved consequences.  I'm really dumb and these are the consequences of being dumb. For two decades I can't just behave, can I? I don't know what to say. If I could I'd bury my self to my desk and stay that way forever, but what if I can?

"Hey we're going to a karaoke pub", I can feel Gina standing before me her hands on her hip. I peeked at her aesthetic aura, her tight sweater screams the various curves that I just so envy right now. If only I was pretty as her maybe I deserve to do what I just did.

She a;ready knows my answer and just checking if I ever change my mind,  I just smiled weakly at her.

"Hey, you're not going again?", Ashley pouts at me while she adjusts her tote bag, atleast she has beautiful and shiny lips, very stylish too.

"Exams are coming up--",

"and blahblah she'd rather spend the night studying again than be with us, we know", Gina rolled her eyes. We chuckled seconds after because the three of us knew she's just teasing me but I know she wants to spend time with me too. "Well, just stay safe on your way home with B" 

B nods but I looked at my buddy, "I need to take care of something before going home".

"Well I can go with you. Hey, the library's not opened at Saturday nights" , poor B he probably thought I'm still the same innocent girl that only has problems that are university related. I wish I was the same girl yesterday.

"It's kind of a personal matter", I placed both of my hands in a pleading way and looked at him sadly. "You should join Lee and Gina at the karaoke".

B looked at me in a scrutinizing way, but shrugged it off. Lee saw B's reaction and quickly looked at me and said "You're definitely fishy, but I'll ask you tomorrow" then fancily pecked me, the fresh smell of powder on her cheek slightly printed on mine along her sunnyside up egg dangling earrings. The three went on their way reminding me with their concerns in coming home late at night. I sighed then sheepishly looked at the wall on my left, Van suddenly stood up and walked out of the room which made me hurriedly pack my things. When I reached the door and turn right I almost bumped to him. Dumb. "Is the veranda over there fine?" I nodded at him and he started to walk. He really smells fine, I mean refreshing, wait ohmygosh what am I thinking I should think about what I'm going to say to him. Ugh, I hate this. It's like one of those sudden recitations suddenly all the ideas left are the dumbest ones.

We passed by the dark and empty rooms, almost all had gone home. There are two opposite staircases but this has less chances that people might pass by. The cold breeze of the night made my hand more sweaty and my feet just wanted to stop walking. Upon reaching the veranda, he stopped and looked out at the view of the university. I almost sighed, but I don't think I should be the one sighing.
"I-- ", I looked down but realized this is not sincere. I looked up seeing his right side, any side of him is cute it feels so unfair to be this beautiful. The wind softly stroking his hair and his polo shirt tracing the wind just like a manga character, focus!

"I'm sorry", I finally said then he turned to me. I tried so hard not to avert my gaze for a second, he looked so serious now. "I know it's no excuse but I'm sorry I kissed you out of the blue. It's--" I tried piecing better words but really "I don't have any excuse, I have no excuse other than.." I closed my eyes hard and then faced him. "I like you", right good job Ree that explains it, huh. My fist loosened up, I lifted my hand a little bit and waved them.

"but it's not like I want you to like me, that's just dumb. It's not really an excuse, I mean it's bad enough that I did it. I mean--". I can't read his looks mean while he's waiting for my words but I got none.

"I mean..", why voice getting quieter, I coughed damn it atleast speak properly. I almost let out an exasperated sigh and looked at him. I need to read a lot to amp up my vocabularies, this is the worst exam.I just chewed the inside of my cheeks and tilt my head to the side. As a monologue it isn't even good this is so embarassing. He took a step towards ms. He pressed his lips and focused his eyes at me, that's when i realized I've been doing so the same.

"Yeah, you just did 'that' at the cafeteria with a lot of eyes around, he took few more steps until we're one foot apart. His face loosened up and gave me one of his genuine smile, it's the one I see when he's glad "But it's more like you pecked me and I kissed you" his smile became wider his dimples both on display. "Then you kissed me back" The words registered to me so late, I don't know what to make of it. It's bad enough that I can't hear well in a normal conversation, I didn't hear that well too, did I? Am I wrong? I feel like I'm hallucinating.

He keeps looking at me with that smile. Hello 911 there's no emergency I was just stuck in an ethereal place thanks. He's so cute, gosh. Yet my face fortunately isn't reacting to his cute giggles,yes I think I heard him giggle. What a cutie, wait what?
"I admit you're cute sometimes--", I can't hear well what he's saying then looking out at the view beside us.
He looked at me again, why am I imagining that this is like a sim game? I gulped, clear your head imagine later focus at least once.

"Well it's fine, hi placed his hands at his pockets as the cold wind of November passes by, "I like your.." he intentionally paused and looked at my lips,"..kiss, that's why I kissed you". He fixed his posture, because he's obviously taller than me. "It's getting late we should head home" then he pointed his chin at the staircase to our right. Huh? I nodded "Yes". What the heck is that response? I don't know what's happening or what just happened I can't, my mind can't function. We walked down almost side by side but a feet apart, sometimes I'm a step ahead or he's a step ahead. Even his back is cute, what am I thinking?! Wait, he said he kissed me, he did.. but, huh? I involuntarily scratched the back of my head, then he looked back at me. My eyes just widened, oh wait he might not know I'm asking why. I opened my mouth but he already continued walking till we reached the school grounds.

I looked at our flag pole, then at the moon. There's not as much stars, but this scenery just feels so good. Everything feels the same, the screech and laughs of students like we're grade schoolers but everything just.. my daydreaming where cut when I realized we're at the university gate and weirdly, he walks to the way of my bus stop. I walked up to him but hesitated, maybe he has something to deal with on this way. I looked at our shadows forming in the busy street on our way to the bus stop. There are a lot of restaurants here, maybe he's going to eat dinner but he lives so close here. I almost stopped when he stood below the roof, I stood next to him.

"Are you going this way too?"

"No, I thought this was your stop"

"It is"

Seconds passed and we just waited, the faint sound of students can be heard from the bus stop. I finally looked at him, "You can go home now, you don't need to wait.." for me.

"Are you uncomfortable?" his expression changed again, worried?. I quickly answered him, "No, I'm not.." then why is my heart beating so fast, why am I getting so hot? Argh, I'm still embarassed but what is this feeling, Ree don't be silly.

He just kissed you.. you 'pecked' him, hey don't be silly you kissed him back too. The bus is almost in our line of sight when he talked, "Cherry". I looked at him, no one really calls my name like that.  He looked so determined, having both innocent and not-so-innocent face makes him hard to read. I focused my gaze at him, I almost averted my gaze when I suddenly heard the whooshing sound of the door bus opening--

"I think I like you"

You can play any famous Kdrama songs here, it's that moment. The passengers from the bus went down, normally I'd rush to the door after them but this feels like a drama, all these passing people around us but we only see each other. I blinked when his face loosened up. He closed the distance and shaked his head now while sweetly smiling "I really like you, Cherry". The horn of the bus woke my senses up, but this isn't a dream, although I hoped it is. "I'll see you tomorrow?" his eyebrows raised up a little, his smile. I just nodded at him, dumbfounded. I went in the bus, I was walking but looking at him through the window. This time I wasn't just looking at him, he's looking back at me. When I finally sat, I didn't know how to feel, like my soul went out for a walk, this.. it felt different.


I wasn't hallucinating am I? That smile.. it feels like. I held my hands on my flat chest, this is making me crazy. It felt like he couldn't contain his smile. What does that mean? duh, ofcourse he likes you! I bumped my head on my desk.

"Hey, you're forehead will get wider at that rate". Lee picked my head up from the desk her long nails slightly biting my scalp, "Now tell us the tea".

"Don't speak up if you're not comfortable, Lee don't push her to say stuff" said Gina defending me.

I was early but a terrible miracle happened Lee was earlier and determined to get the 'tea' she's been craving yesterday.

"What did you guys did yesterday?", I innocently asked her hoping she gets distracted.

"Baby you're an amateur" she tsked while glaring at me with her beautiful eyelash. "Well okay then", she put her hands away from my cheeks and sat at her desk.

"Don't sit at the desk--", she shushed me while putting her new nailpolished index finger on her luscious lips. "I told you to spill, and I won't beg for it".When she started her witchly giggles I know she knows something. I almost froze, forgetting a more important matter.***

"There she goes" Ben rolled his eyes while putting his arms infront of him.

***My eyes widened and tried to stand from my seat. She stopped me so fast before I could even blink, this is gonna be so bad. 

She smelled the air at my left side. l begged Gina with my eyes, she just let out a chuckle with all this craziness and watched me get eaten by this hungry witch. Lee's hand rested on my shoulders, and started to tsk a lot of times. "Darling with all the years I'm with you, you think you can trick me? We're all busy with the exams and yet you aren't busy with univ stuff. You're busy with a univ boy"

She faced me this time but never looked at me and she whispered in my right ear. She collected air and started her spell "I smell a hottie looking at your seat all morning, he wasn't that obvious before" my breath hitched and I saw her raise an eyebrow.

" These projects were always done through random draws, I was so stressed with the set back of my godforsaken project members at every subject and I realized.." she breathed at my ear and continued to talk as fast as the wind, " keep getting teamed up with that hotpack. I was and always have been the lucky one in our group. All of these bad events happening to me just means someone's always messing up the pre-planned groupings. They said too much luck kills you--"

"but no one said that" I interrupted but get shushed again.

"All of you can be lucky and get killed yet I won't, but that's the thing", she got away from my face and rised up like those villains in movies. I can almost feel the green smoke emanating somewhere. "You aren't lucky but someone here decided you are a luck and they wanted to have you. What's worse is that it's without the fairygodmother's permission?" she then looked so offended and ramatic placing her hand on her head.

"What are you saying?" I looked at the two for rescue but they just decied to enjoy my turn of the torture.  Before I could even realize it Ashley isn't in front od us anymore, instead I saw her modeled her way to... "Isaac! Isaac! Isaa--" before Lee could even finish her sentence Isaac gave her a note.

She laughed so loud that the whole class stopped for a second and went back to our own businesses. I'd like to believe that happened because if it we're just us, it'll be that, but this Isaac. Not because he's that famous, he's just handsome so everyone thinks it'll be always about relationship when someone is talking to him.

Lee almost touched Isaac's face but just pulled a bit of his curled hair, then he started to chuckle. "What the hell?", I can hear murmurs from our classmates, it's college and some people are still hungry for issues.

Ashley walked back, her face amazed and with relief, "What did he gave you?" B asked. I can feel half of the room has the same question they're itching to ask. "His soul darling someone who wouldn't do such a thing for you", Lee walked straight to B.

"Ashley" Gina shaked her head as a warning.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean that most of the guys ypu go out with just didn't like you lots", Lee fixed B's ribbon.

"What's really happening?" Gina finally speak up.

"Cherry will be a cherry on top if she wants." she almost declared in the middle of the room. My face heated up with a peculiar thought in mind. 

Ashley looked back to Gina and Ben, still looking puzzled. "Aww my amazing friends are always so quick-witted" the queen sat on her throne just in time the professor walked in and the class started.


"What the hell was that?!" Gina said as soon as the class dismissed.

"Patience, there are more ears listening than usual", she looks more upbeat than careful. We got up as soon as possible. My neck ached to look at the wall to my left but then I managed to not do so. 




You were doing that when someone has interest on one of us, what's that?" Gina continues to be troubled

"A miracle, honey" Gina rolled her eyes, her patience leaking then she dropped her protein shake, spilling it a little and then looked at me "You and.."

B seemed intrigued with Gina and for a second she did the same face Gina was making now but B point her finger at me now.

"Now you get it", Ashley sipped the grape juice to it's end, like a snake emptying it's prey. Ashley smiled sweetly at Gina. "Remember to breathe and be kind in three, two,one". We were so hooked with what Ashley was saying when I felt a heat next to me. I was towered with a being next to me. "Can I sit here?", the sun never shined so bright.

"Go on pick a card", Lee places her chin on her knuckles in a classy way, she looked so entertained. 

"Do we really have to do this--" I said.

"Can you hear that, my card says shut up boo. Just kidding they don't say that but shut up", Lee eyed the card Isaac was pulling. 

"Really, I'm enjoying this", he said and looked at me all smiley. 

"Don't ruin the fun Ree, pick your card now", nervously I picked my cards. This is ridiculous, not the cards but how I'm so nervous both with their turnout and our seats. The three of them are on the opposite side while the two of us sit together. I can't erase, my shame can I?

 Four of cups, the start of your connection would be the feeling of unable to move and change. You find yourself dwelling on what could be rather than what is. Learn to be grateful and look for the opportunities for the change you seek. I see both of you working on that opportunity for  a change, that's why we're here. 

Okay Ree my baby boo, look out for trickery and lying. It may be because someone is using it against you or in sometime you might need it in order to protect the ones you love, there's always a way out of a problem.

Isaac, the bestest boi "Thank you" "Stop it you're too handsome" "Huh, you are indeed a luck. Wheel of fortune is usually a positive I change of luck, change is constant, receive the most of you can with this change.

"Will do" "You may kiss the bride" Lee candidly said to which he said confidently "I already did" A shriek came out of Lee's dramatic persona "what?! Pfft Kaloka, bakla ka ichichika mo yan samin mamaya ha" I just nodded at her, I'm so embarassed. 

"What did she say?" "Don't mind her, she just wants tea". "Actually I felt like I was the bride" I subconsciously nudged his side. I don't know if I regret it but he impishly giggled. He's tickly. Not here. he said all giggly biting his lip.

B cleared her throat Excuse me we're still here you know. 

Cherry the devil, don't hold back. The only ones who hold us back are the one that we allow. it's time to break free from the chains and have some fun.

You do yourpart and worked hard for this yet ypu question if  this worth it, and will you resch it. Don't give up the achievement is within reach.

Chariot you may be moving too fsst but you're guided with logic and heart lesrn how you two will balance to not have separate paths.

I told you Ree, always push through. 

From a seat away I can see others looking at our table. It doesn't always mean they're talking about us right? Do they think I deserve to be in the same table with Isaac? We're in fucking college I shouldn't think about petty stuff like that. I fell for him for a reason, 

I look at him but I already saw his smiling face at me. Why are we here again?

The campus bell rang, which signaled the start of horrors we're about to encounter. Terror profs and their undying thirst to make students feel and talk shit about going to academies. I didn't bother to even see him walk in the class wanting to bury my head to the desk. What if I put some wood glue on my forehead so I'd have an excuse? Igroaned when I hear the professor walk in. "Mr. Campo will not be able to make it" My blood rushed so fast when I sat upright when I heard it, and the aura of the classroom starts to pick up from hearing this one just likr me it's very subtle. Ah shit my head hurts. One mistake I've never attempted to make on my whole life in school was to never have gestures of scratching, making wild gestures, being too noticeable , not noticeable it won't follow any disasters. One epic flaw was that my head hurted so much but before I can even place my hand anywhere, it was stopped midway while looking at thesub professor. I gulped when I continued the momentum, but it's too late.

Yes? Three letters that could kill me

Nothing I said dumbfounded or always found dumb.

Just yeet me out of here

As I was saying instead of the recitation everyday Mr. campo relied a message to have a report instead so Maybe you wanted to lead the first group, Ms? Start choosing five members of your team. 

The fck is with this 8!+€|=|? I only have three friends and the most perfect timing happened the gods ahve forsaken me by taking the brightest student and my best friends Ashley and Gina. I was left with a fellow brainwavelength, B. Which I guess wasn't in the mood as he placed a note at his back. We'll be miserable together, nice friend. 

Now I'm just a stack of muscle standing, what am Isupposed to do again? I could just choose them even if they're not here, right?

And please choose those that are present to have less problems in group dynamics. Huh? Do you have more bombs at your back? I can't even look around the room, no one wants in. I just want to crawl back in my mom's womb. 

Excuse me Professor Kim. I'm the vice president of the class since our president is not present allow me to speak in behalf of the class. Our class is usually comfortable with random groups since we don't want to form groups that are left behind. I suggest to speed the process we can just count from Ms. So but only if our blockmates agree to it.  To ehich they did cause I can only see wobbly heads nodding, I Believe thid class is just like me they're olsying the same strategies I'm doing. The heck I'm still standing. 

Okay then Start counting but leave those that aren't present

 "One" then I can finally sit, and my chari could pull me to the abyss. I really don't know what to do, do I? Another project, as if we didn't know it will happen. We're barely starting all of our major subjects shenanigans I don't think we're still alive to do this one. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who feels the same. 

B jolted a bit as I pick him with my sharpened pencil. He looked so annoyed at me "Ow, stop! You're causing a distraction, kill me later" 

"I really will, ho dare you betray me again?", I grated my teeth at him. 

His look softened as his gaze went past me and smiled at me awkwardly, "In second thought I think I want to be members with you I think we'll really stack our strengths together" Huh? 

He pointed with his lips, VP is in your group. Bring me thy energy your highness--

You said I'm unlucky with random groupings. I stared blankly at him. 

You are, but I guess not this time. This bitch.

I looked at our VP and he seemed to notice we're talking about him. I tried to smile and mouth thanks. It was awkward so I just looked straight. Weird thing the person betrayed me became my groupmate. He was so delighted in saying One the only thing left was to do his celebratory dance. So I pulled a bit of his hair this is jus tone of the bith you'd put to hell.

You're not gonna believe what happened, Isaac and I are groupmates! The nerds came back, Lee's period was so bad she needs to rest at the clinic** and Hina said it's a great opportunity to slack off yet she's already hsving the framework of their project like what the hell?

Actually we're also--

I heard Isaac's dorm is a dream, if the project needs all nighters there's a chnace we cpuld crash st his place!

B betrayed me

That's not news, I'd betray you anytime. The other two just nodded. 

We're still waiting for an hour before the professor doesn't show up. It's a rule, but usually we stay one and a half hour since Ashley is the president. 

Cherianne, wait what? No one calls that ugly name. 

Shit it's Ice

You two are close?

Shut up then he smiled so sheepishly, ew what face am I seeing?

Isaac just stood there lookig at B, trying to remember his name.

Bernadette, right?

You can call me Bibi Boy, if you like. Then starts to flip his no doubt awesome long hair. 

Bibi boy, Isaac said so casually while placing his killer smile. Who told him to be cute. Breathe Rianne, calm down the beat of your heart is so loud I can barely hesr anything. You've done this a thousand times, act normal. That's what you're good at, acting like everything is okay. Damn my aesthetic attraction to him is so high, huh aesthetic feels so underrated for him. Just act like ypu don't know they're family tree, and hobbies he like doing and morr. Wait what's the line again between creepy stalking to admiration? 

"Group 1 right? Let's discuss the project"

The discussion went great, there are s lot of ideas but I'm more into the actual plan. All of these are great ideas but what makes it awesome would be actually doing it. I just hope I see the same faces doing the work. Some are casual but motst of these six member group looks dreamily at Isaac, who wouldn't? The chanceof looking at him is rare having this moment should be optimized. Yet just feeling his presence is alreadye nough for me. A lot of people has been obviously looking a thim his entire life eith thwt visuals. I hope they also know him more than just an awfully handsome face. I get the feeling they do. 

The discussion ended with another success of being casual and not greedy with memorizing his face. That's what I took wih the discussionz it kinda felt like an impress Isaac moment for most. So I didn't bother that much. 

Time passed by and we started to go home in separate ways a few minutes later I stared cupping my pockets. What the ? Oh shit. Then the chaos starts. I started rummaging my bag, ah please not my phone. Aish, this old habit is so hard to get rid of. I look at the two opposite roads, they don't have my phone right? I went to the right. 

B! My--

Hey what's wrong? Are you okay? Breathe

My phone, ugh I'm so sorry can you call it. 

Sure wait, ah shit my battery is dead. I was leveling up earlier, do you want me to charge in the convenient store so we can call it?

B was about to go but I stopped him. No, he can't be late for his job again. I look at my watch, ah shii they might close the entrance and I don't know where the hell it will be. 


No you need to go. I won't pay for your shift you know.

Dumb btch you're mom's so gonna be angry.

I know but I'll find it anyways, thanks. Hey take care.

That could be anywhere, knowing you you might even put it inside a vending machine. 

I pouted at him while he has his arms at his hips. I started to run. Eh, whatever happens happens. I was starting to full speed when I heard him shout

Don't run! Hey, clinic!

I looked at him, omyghosh I pointed at him. The best bitch. Yes, we went there but I don't know id it's there it's better han nothing. 

The gates, catwalk, hallways. The only thing left was for someone to say Run forrest run. 

I knocked at the door but it's alrrady opened, uh some nurses are kind right? I looked at every bed, forgetting where Ashley lied down, no joke all of them looks the same. They're all neat, somebody must've cleaned this already. I hope it's still here, please. 

"Here", I was startled after looking at side tables. I turned around seeing my phone was handed to me. Gosh, thanks! I looked at the owner of the hand that's jarringly familiar.

The face is ofcourse stunning. 

"VP, thanks" Now my heart is bewting even louder, don't overreact you ran a kilometer. Don't stay long, go out.

I should go" "Sure" 

You didn't even verified if it's really mine. Thid man is too unsuspecting.

You're the only one that's frantically finding something 

***Oh I'm sorry, I mean the phone-" don't make the conversation long. "Thanks again"

Did I say that out loud, did he hewr that. I was mumbling.

Unless this is the one you're looking for? He playfully showed a box of condom. 

He's really unbelievable "Uh, no. It's my phone". I should go "Take care" I was about to turn when he said "Cherianne, do you mind if you accompany me to Professor Campo's department? The paper outlines are still with me because one group was still undecided they just passed it to me earlier. If you just don't mind. 

There's lot of thoughts going in my head. 













Main point I wanted to show a character where she slowly opens up. She'll be scared of what people will say about her. Like she don't deserve such sweet love. That she's wasting her time, stunts their growth. 






Submitted: August 18, 2020

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