Chapter 6: Military AU attempt

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chap 1 very raw

I agitatingly look over contents on the general's table, I lifted the picture frame of her and the general up to the light in this weridly dark tent just to see an image behind me. Before I can even put down the picture and look behind me a voice break in the silence, "State your business here". As fast as I looked behind me is as fast as I turned away, realized to stomped and gave my attention while trying to burn down the image I saw, and tame my fast pacing heart.

"Clearly you didn't even know that to properly give attention to your general is to face and greet them, second you don't know respect by pleasing your way inside my tent and go as far as look at the general that close to your face."

"But General you're--", " speak even though I haven't give you my permission to do so, with all that you think you're such an outstanding officer."

"About face", I breathed one second before deciding that it shouldn't be a thing I'd be doing when facing a general or whena soldier is geven an order. I faced the general, now fully dressed.


scenario  1 or 2

soldier man says something to general because of wat he doesn't like about the injustice going on in this camp

the general is undressing becasue she just came outof a patrol or whatever,

he just adresses his concern

this is not what I have in mind

maybe theyre already close

hes confronting her about something

then she changes her clothes while talking

he turns back again

she smirks or chuckles and says what face me

i dont liek this scheme of yours talk to me when youre not treating this as a joke, ill dismiss myself

well teh upper scenario may be okay as an opening and as a past expeience

scenario 3

theyre ina cave theyre kinda close

they are somehow making out

she suddenly doubts

he understands to take it slow or just stop

she insists its fine, but also said just get this over with

he is offended ofcourse he says\

I dont want to have sex with you like this, I don't like this kindof sez

he hurries out of the cave

she is left alone cries a little dressed up

shouts outside the cave

and climbs not really

becasue there's a mountain that you can't just walk up to

you have to run the right speed then stop at the right time or else you'll get thrown off the mountain, they put a big mattress there but no guarantee you'll survive with the broken bones and right turn with the right speed again, then at the top there's  the general fighting that place where you have practice boxing or shooting sutff, hays at dummy scarecrows.she screams she ounch she cries she lays donw at the mattress there too, e=get down then start to dig the whole the army shouldve done months ago , get done the half of it with rage, the next morning she realizes that half is done because a patrolling officer lights her up, she told him to run or to shoot him, and tell the officers to dig up and finish this before the sun sets, and bring her water and microphone? tha t hing i know that anyways, she reches the camp with rage because the most army resists because it's na order froma weak new officer, she came and fire a bullet, drank the water from the shaking officer, finsihes it and through the mic, those assigned there and at camp idk,group will go there if not "were going to play and you're gonna like it" the camp hurries, because the play she's telling is about the play her father the general plays with her, running her in the field as her father is either shooting with the gun or with archery

two officers murmuring she does think she's in control because she sa general's father,

No I dont think I am in charge becasesu, I am in charge do you want to be included there?

The officers doubtly whether to sahek their head

go back to you posts and [atrol or do something like lifting your balls

another scenario?




continuing that

she went to the shower room and cried her heart out there

officers talking about the water bills may go to her time taking in shower room she opens all the showers to max to not hear her screaming inside.

she cries her heart out inside the shower room tll she's on her knees

later on a mail was sent to her, avoid a video of her naked,crying inside the shower room,

a lady cadette, that needs her help in a mission,

after the mission the cadette told her, you knew I was there don't you?

You should stop calling your daughter while in the shower room, who's the judge?

she just shaked her head sadly, I'll take care of it, you know wounds should be treated early right? and you should just pull out the cause of the wounds. She nodded at me, thnaks for the concern, general elsa.

I chuckled ,while she cackled with her joke.

I sighed looking out to the brim nightsky, I wonder where is that bastard that came up with that name.


You should just let it go.


The lady has a bestfreind, not in the military but a lawayer

YOu know why I wanted to be your friend right?

H ejust shaked his head while smiling

It was a private school, and bullying is a norm. I wanted to be a hero, I'd tried my skills while I was still young.

A normal day a kid was being bullied, it was the biggest bully,years higher than me, I don't identified myself as a bully, but someone not even the bullies would want to bully me.

No one dares to clean this repeater for years a lot of people just wait until he graduates, it's in the middle school I was in fourth grade, he was in his last for three years already.

Yah, chong you need to graduate this year. I told him and throw him an orang ejuice and walked on my way when he stopped me in my tracks with his yelling.

You small beet, you want me to beat you? go on in your way or I'll see you here instead.

Irritated I looked at him,You know I really like it when you look up at me like this. I told him while lazy leaning looking at him from the staircase of the first floor. He was beating another kid at the side of the building at the gap of the recycling roof. I noticed it was wearing a birght orange shirt.

You just fckng wait there and I'll be you like a dead meat after this carrot. It seemed familiar.

He was throwing punches at him, when I talked at him again. "Hey that bright carrot is my classmate the break is over , our classes are starting!"

"Keep your fucking annoying mouth shut! and pointed at me, I'll go over there now, be ready!

He and his groupt left the carrot. I sighed and went to the first floor sliding down through the side of the building and jumping to the roof proceeding to enter at the small gap of the roof and wall

Ah fck, I hold at my elbow for a while then began to curiously look at the carrot and then locked the gate of the recycling alley, the old man always just leave the lock at the top of the gate.

Big boy noticed me going to the alley and continue to bang the gate.

You skimpy bitch open this up, that's mine and you'renext open this up weak rat

I banged the door and shouted, It's skinny not skimpy you dumb boy, just study already! I went to the messed up boy, at the floor and kicked it lightly. Is this still alive? The carrot groaned, I looked at it. oh, are you a boy or a girl or none? The bright orange wearing person didn't answered I just sat by the wall o fthe alley and continued to eat my snacks.

"I should've brougth more". I put out this rubik's cube I can never solve on my own, I forgot how to do this part. I starte to just play with it and then ran to the recycling garden and locked the door leading to this way." I'm gonna get screamed again, how long and loud it will gonna be instead"

I was shocked outof  my htought swhen it loudly banged. You evil witch! I'm gonna break this,then break your bones and cook it. I just sighed and went back to the carrot, it already moved slowly facing the roof. I sat next to it, a boy or a girl or what? "Huh?" it looked at me with the broken glasses on his face, bleeding nose, punched eye and a violet jaw,what a combo.

He's anooyed with your glasses, that's why. I said while opening my wafer, want some? He struggled to sit and I just watched him, want help?I ate half of my wafers when he started to whimper I helped him to sat upright.

Eh? I hurried to pick up the dirty juice I threw earlier, he didn't even drank it. Ah! I shouted and jolted when then the kid jolted. I forgot to give the straw and pulled it out my pocket then all my other snacks came out. I sighed and didn't pick them up. I poked it with hte straw and gave it, so a boy or a girl or none answer it or I'll punch you. A boy! he almost screamed.Get it, my arm is tired. I said as I hand him th ejuice, he weakly get it. I looked at the bruise in his arms, and offered him the wafer too. Wake me up when trouble comes in or the old man opens the gate.

I wake up to someone shaking my shoulders, and got up with lots of mosquito bites. What? I looked at him. Is the old man here? He nodded at me but he seemed worried, they'r ehere too. even before I could look at him properly or  completely realized what he said a figure oushed him and I ran around the garden to the the entrance. "Old man! Help! Argh, Professor! Please!

Before th ebig boy and his gang could even come, my old man stand in front of me and said "The classes are already over, you boys should head home now" Move away old hag I need to finish a business here. I smirkingly went to the side of the old man my arms at my side my head held high. He's right you should go home and study. You too go home and pushed me to the kids. I panicked but went on to my fighting stnace and breathed deeply. WAiting for the enemy, the four of his discipls attacked all at once I focused at the one infront of me and ready to fight but then we suddenly all stopped when a strange annoying sound played making u=me drop to my knees while covering my ears, in the midst of all that noise the orange boy just stood there, perplexed, all of us ,the big boy covered our ears. One word I appreciated that day, amazing.

I have another 'bestfriend or archnemesis as others call it

That's it I banged the canteen table. Almost everyone at the table near me looked at me.

A fellow low ranker, mind your behavior. I just looked at him. No, that's just suicide, a feelow eanker told me, I smiled at him and messed his hair ,I really like you.

I set aside my tray to my side and stepped on the table. I first looked at General Cook, she's holding her gun beside her. I raised my two hands but later put down the right hand and raised my left higher. Who wants to challenge me in a physical fight? I looked at all the pairs of eyes directed at me. I raised both my eyebrow, in amusement. If I lose to you in a one-on-one fight you can get, I pulled my badge off my uniform,this and we'll switch ranks, more pair of eyes went to my direction but with more desire oozing. I clapped my hands, at the practice ring.

I clicked my neck and fingers. Rolled my shoulders and jumped a few times.

Beat me in a minute, calling the low rank.

FIghting scene ,,I don't know how to put it.

Arm wrestles, kickboxing, dirtyplays, headlocks, shoulder locks,

YOu know I shouldn't hurt fellow officers right? Give up, made him unconscious with the neck..

A first star general made through the ring.

I breathed through sweats. Who are you? No one, officer elsa.

We got into a tie in a minute, I broke free but pulled my gun instead, this is a war general, it is he smirked and felt something pointed at my hips, I smirked.

A high pitched sound we all know too well broke the tension between the fight and all the audiences. What the hell is this mess?

No, Illegal battle at the practice ring. Are you having a bet. Stepped at the cafeteria table and left all mealsuntouched! all of you shouldve been shot yOu shoul've used those extra strentgh in training. We are trsining, I said in which this one star said surname kicked my shoe I looked at him. SHOUTED MY RANK. step out and give me a hundred laps with the bag and 5 woods, make sure that after that you'll serve at the cafeteria and eat half of usual meal. Some officer smirked and I mimicked them. All of you have a stroll with a hundred laps, re think about this situation,and sleep.

Shouting my name at the microphone,we might still see you strolling in the morning.

As I run around the course, a lot snickered at me and mocked me, when I neared the general.

No general, I'll either be dead in the morning or I'll make sure to wake you all of you before I die.

he shouted at the microphone, prepare me a coffee then.

Rounds of gunshots were heard before sunset, not all too familiar sound even before the call time. BUt an all too familiar sound, a loud groan was heard with the last shot.

The general woke up hurried outside to be greeted by an officer, giving him a hot beverage. What is this? What is happening?

The fieldlights were open, a new truck is at the middle of the camp. Ten bullet boards were placed successively, another shot was fired butnone of the load groan was heard.

What's the mattter officer first name, you used to be good at this, loosing up to the fifth bullet?

General, the general walke dup to the higher general, do not interrupt me general excuse us with the bother, this is a training for the new general, or you'd rather to her place I hope not. It'll be finish in a flash. A blink from the general, theother general continued to aim at the running figure holding her shoulder.

The mood was intense to wake up almost all the officers, an ambulance came after three more shots the last one making the figure stop running and falling face down and every spectator hitch their breathe.

The sun suddenly creeps up, the general patted the shoulder of the general, one of your officers seemed to be injured, you must train her well. I'll see you soon but I hope to neither funerals and cackled, he attentioned. And signaled other soldiers to come, as well as other military officer and ambulance.

Don't be too happy I'm not dead, she said and gulped all the alcohol from the container o f the officer, what's your rank and name?

the three officers looked at her throwing dagger like glares

well I know it's dark but seh pulled out a flashlight and light her top shoulder with it making the two soldiers stand and greet.

The same officer slowly stand lessen the glare to anormal one and greet with power. stated his rank and name

I'll send you black label on your next shift, if you were to be keen and observant thenext time I'll pass by you, said his rank and name. at ease and salute to them smirking wide, with only her wrist moving cause of the bandage attached to her right arm. aw.


chap 2 a noice kinda attempt

I wake up to the familiar rock of the vehicle and the familiar sound of rocks splitting with the armored wheel the reminder that our destination is near. The scenery of tall trees and shades of tangerine in the sky, I involuntarily smirked. The vehicle then screeched as the marching sound becomes clearer. I deeply inhaled the faint smell of duck cannon, I laughed with myself before turning to straight face when the General looked at the back of the truck. I helped myself out and jumped out the back of the truck. Ignoring the hand of the major major whom closed his fist, I winked at him as I passed by him, smiling from ear to ear. I walked while my hands in my short pockets.


Standing at parade rest, while talking to one strip above them.

Operational Risk Managemnt , paperworks that makes you fill out every possible risk factor and how to lessen the risk factor before conducting training.

No phones

checking gig lines. The alignment of cover, shirt buttons, tie belt, zipper in dress uniform.

Knife hands

Getting up at 7 or 8. wake up at the smallest noise and knows where the exits are.

pop smoke, leave a place, or throw or request pop smoke grenades for excape in battle.

Lift your fckng feet, not drag them.

eating fast or ready cooked meals

antok na ako.

basta pumunta siya dun para i check out yung lugar kunwari bisista lang pero dun talaga siya.

Submitted: August 18, 2020

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