Life : is it pointless?

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It's an article focusing on what life really means. What our journey should reflect at the end.

Question the worth of whatever you do, whatever you earn, and whatever you want to achieve. Be sure to spend some time every day questioning yourself if you are really happy with what you are now? Or, the future you of your imagination is truly happy? Life will be easier and more worthy if you live in the present, not in the past, not in the future, just in the present.

What is the objective of life? it to keep life running in a circle of wakeup, work, earn and sleep?..if we are to go in the dust then how does any of my achievements and bank balance matters?..if we are to go in the dust then how does any memory of sadness or happiness matters?..if we are to go in the dust then how does any love we impart or any love we get matters?

We are made with a brain to use to develop as much as we can..with infinite possibilities..but while developing we are also destroying the core value of life..which is real happiness..also we are made that we can oversee our own greedyness and get over it..and live happily enjoying every ounce of since the first human to the ones born or yet to born..the point of our existence is based on only one much of life living elements you can enjoy while you serve the sole purpose of great survival..survival the only thing that matters actually..but at what cost..bcoz actually we are made to seek happinesss..we are meant to live much that we could finally meet the real agenda of our existence..but the path we have taken since that first human survival has not been meant to seek happiness..all we do is survive at any cost..but does it matter if you don't have happiness at the end of your fairy tale life..bcoz eventually you'll be what's the point of this life if we are meant to die..yeah that's correct..actually there is no point in just surviving..bcoz we were provided a map but have no target point to we all go in different directions..but that's the actual meaning of life..isn't it? see what'll we be doing with our lives with just a map with no target location to reach and with no time clock given to check time see if we can find that final time spot in our life span or not..and how can we decide if we have reached there or not?..well, that lead us back to that same thing for which we have started our journey..happiness..when we truely be happy then only we can assume that now we have reached that target spot..bcoz now we are just happy..truely happy..with no emptyness in ourselves..just a big thankful tear of joy in our eyes while looking back to our life..our journey..the path we have finally crossed..and just waiting for the time clock to hit the end.

So is not pointless if you are is not pointless if you are happy..passion is not pointless if you are happy..relationships are not pointless if you feel happy..the pain you bear is not pointless if they lead you to happiness..the work you do and the money you make is not pointless if you truly feel happy about it..memories of sadness are not pointless if you feel happy once you go through that phase..memories of happiness are not pointless if you feel happy each time you think about them

So just remind yourself that whatever you the end you have to find peace and happiness..before death finds you.

Submitted: June 17, 2020

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Are we really happy in our lives? or are we just complacent?
It is not easy to break out of the giant hamster wheel of life, in which we grind away day after day for a good 50 years and then retire and die. I think we can mistake, routine, complacency, and conformity as happiness.
a very good thought provoking essay, thanks for sharing it.

Wed, June 17th, 2020 9:06am

Criss Sole

I think we all wonder at one point of another what the meaning of life is.
I thought this was a great analysis.

Sun, July 5th, 2020 9:58am

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