Aggie and Daggie

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Doolin Carrico

Aggie save the day

Aggie and Daggie

I tried to tell them they wouldn't listen. Aggie and Daggie could never be separated because strange  things happened if they were. I can see you don t believe me, you think I'm talking crazy. But if you will think back to when they were last separated. You know when I'm talking about. That was when the Jones's had them; they found them at a yard sale, bought them and when they came home with them their grown daughter, June was there and said. Well Aggie and Daggie. They are so cute. Do you remember the ones I had when I was seven years old, till I guess I was twelve or so. I had so much fun with them. then you put them in the church bazaar her mother said: You tryed to make us believe they could talk. Well, mom all children have their own imaginary friends. Anyway, I gotta go. I wonder. Can I take Aggie and Daggie home with me. I'll bring them back. her mother said: yes go ahead. So June picked up the dolls and left saying, love yall mom and dad. Bye. Then when she got in her car and lay the dolls in the passenger seat and started the car she said: Okay no one is around, talk to me. Aggie spoke first. Well Junie, how've you been all these years? yeah! Daggie said. guess you forgot all about us, did'nt you I don't guess you had much time to think about us When your mom and dad put us in the church bazaar sale to raise money for that new organ for the church The Lynn s bought us. We left Louisville and went to an air force base in California. The Lynn s gave us to their grand Daughter. Their son flew B fifty two bombers in the air force. Then one day his plane crashed while landing and it demolished every house around their house. But no one was killed and he and his crew survived with just scrapes and cuts.
 Did you two save all those people? Aggie No of course not. Daggie we did to! and you know it. Let me tell you what happened. Aggie Now don t make us sound like we did something big. You know no one can ever know about us. Daggie. Junie already knows about us.
 (They sounded just like children arguing) 
 Daggie. Isn t that right Junie? You won t ever tell anyone will you?
 Of course not. And besides who on earth would believe me, they would think I d lost my mind. 
 Daggie. Anyway. We knew the plane was going to crash about a week before it happened. We knew that everyone in the planes path of destruction had to get out of the way. The circus happened to be in town that day, so we told the Lynn s daughter Mandy, what was going on and all the people had to get out of the way so no one would be hurt, so she went to work trying to get everyone she knew to go to the circus, but just a few families wanted to go, that wasn t good. 
 Aggie. I want to tell some Daggie, you told enough. 
 Daggie. Ok. You can tell some. Aggie. Ok. We had to think of a way to get all the people out of the way. We found out there was going to be open house at Mandy s school, and they were having a big, big rummage sale, so we had Mandy to get her mother to help her make up flyers to give out door to door and post at the local food market and that did it. There was just one flaw. Mandy s mother wasn t going. We tried everything from Mandy begging to her crying. But nothing worked.  Daggie; let me tell this part. You won t tell it right. Aggie. Okay. You can tell the rest. Daggie. So we decided to contact an old friend, Mindy the mystic. We knew that she could protect one house but we weren t sure about all the houses. When the plane crashed our old friend Mindy the mystic was there to save the day. 
 After the crash Mrs. Lynn s husband and the crew were talking at the Lynn s house. And Mr. Lynn said; did anybody see anything funny as the plane came in? Well I did. Or I thought I did. Said his copilot. Mr. Cable. 
Mr. Lynn. What was it? Well your going to think I m crazy, but I could have sworn I saw this great big dragon lady fly up to the plane then turn in front of us and was guiding us in. another crew member, Mr. Grady said. Yeah! I saw the same thing. Only I heard this singing and music a song I had not heard since I was a child  Mindy the mystic magician. Mr. Lynn, I saw the same thing, and when the dragon lady left she turned and stood there for a minute surveying all the houses that was destroyed except for mine. Then she turned and flew away singing that song Mindy the mystic magician. All the crew saw the same thing. Then Mrs. Lynn came in the room carrying a tray with coffee and sandwiches and said. I saw the same thing. Now the question is what you are going to do about, when you write your report. Mr. Cable, We can t put all this in our report. They all agreed. Then Mr. Lynn said. Here s what we ll do. When we write our report we ll tell everything that happened except for the dragon lady and the song. Now if we agree to do this, no one can ever tell what really happened, the rest of us will say it didn t happen, okay?
 They all agreed. 
 Mrs. Lynn. You know when the plane came in I knew it was in trouble, because of the loud roar of the engines. And I ran outside and looked up and there was your plane with the dragon lady in front, but as the dragon lady started over our house she opened his mouth and blew a cloud of smoke that settled over our house I could still see the plane and the numbers on it I knew it was your plane. I dropped to my knees and started to sob and sob. So hard, I knew my heart would come out of my chest, then, Mandy came up behind me and said. It s okay Mommy. Daddy is alright and so are his friends on the plane with him. Please don t cry mommy. I quickly straightened my face. I knew I couldn t fall apart in front of her. She pointed and said. Look mommy, Mindy the mystic dragon lady look mommy, look, look. I said. Yes sweetie. I thought it was a balloon of some sort. But when she stopped and turned, she smiled at us and waved, and then she just turned and left singing that song, Mindy the mystic dragon. Then she was gone. Mandy said. Aggie, Andy and I had saved everyone. Everybody laughed. And said. Mr. Lynn said. Oh, I wish I could have play friends to play with and protect me from the real world. And they all laughed. After seeing Mindy the mystic dragon lady and what he did they didn t believe in us. Aggie. I want to tell this. Daggie said okay.
 Aggie. Mandy tried to tell them it was true. Then it was late and everyone left. Mandy had to get ready for bed, 
 Mrs. Lynn. Okay dear. This has been a long day and I know you are 
 Tired. Mandy. Yes mommy I am. 
 Mrs. Lynn said. Go on up and brush your teeth. We ll be up in a minute. Mandy took us up stairs with her, and put us on the foot of her bed. Then Mr. and Mrs. Lynn came into her bed room and kissed her goodnight.  Mandy ask her daddy to put us so we could be beside her in bed. So he picked us up and put us under the cover. Then Daggie said. I love you Mr. Lynn. Then I said. Me too He looked surprised, and then said to Mrs. Lynn. Did you hear that? She said. Yes. But can we believe it. This has been a trying day. They both turned to leave, and we both winked at them. 
Doolin Carrico
Russell Wilson
12 / 19 / 2005 

Submitted: June 16, 2020

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