So a lot had changed in my life right before everything started shutting down due to the coronavirus so the first thing is I moved halfway across the U.S. to be with my girlfriend and her with care for her kid and to work towards moving back to the state I came from where she and I had originally met. Well I got out here on January 15th and in March I wound up getting a job at a gas station. So when everything was starting to shut down I was working four to five days a week overnight shifts and my Girlfriend also has a job that she worked during the day at a fast food restaurant where she worked five days a week from around one p.m. to nine p.m. where she would then come get me and the kid from home and then take me to work before she went back home with the kid for the night till she picked me up in the morning from work. Well after things started Shutting down my job stopped being open twenty four hours a day and so my overnights were taken away making it to where I had to work on my girlfriends days off so the kid would still be cared for by one of us at all times leaving her and I very little to no time together. My company then closed off access for customers to get their own drinks from the fountain machine forcing us already massively busy cashiers to have to get their drinks for them on top of our other various duties which they just recently opened back up. Then for a few week period of time my company forced us with the threat of losing our jobs and the health department shutting the store down to force our customers to wear face mask in the store and refuse service til they leave if they refuse to comply leading many of us cashiers to be cussed out and called out of our names and full on yelled at pretty much once a day for the entirety of the time that was being enforced.Also My girlfriend  has lost hours at work due to everything going on making our two income household now still two incomes only making as much as we did when it was a one income household at best with my work offering an extra two dollar an hour hazard pay plus a free meal up to nine dollars an hour which I depended on to have anything to eat on the days I worked. So now even though we haven't fully recovered at my store from the coronavirus my corporate has decided to take away the two dollar an hour hazard pay making for a very uncertain financial future till my Girlfriend regains her hours at work or my company goes back to being open twenty-four hours a day. They also took away the free meals from us so unless one of my amazing coworkers throws me some food I may not be eating till I get home at typically midnight or later lately.  So this is my coronavirus story so far. I may add an update entry later on with hopefully some better news than this one but for now that’s all folks.

Submitted: June 17, 2020

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