The Benefits of Playing Music

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Benefits of Playing Music

Forget About “Perfection Only “


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I learned to play the accordion when I was in my youth. I think this was the only instrument my family could manage or the availability of lessons. My accordion was gigantic for my statue, and I had trouble manipulating it, but I did learn to read notes and to play something.

When we moved to the city I was ten and started taking piano lessons. I had a variety of teachers, from the very traditional classical teacher, to someone who could play by both ear and notes; then to my favorite teacher, Mr. Nicklewitz. He let me play a variety of band music, classical, swing, lively fun music. He appreciated all my efforts, and I really learned to delight in music through him.

Playing music well takes time, patience, and hard work. It has many benefits in your life beyond being able to perform, it….

  1. increases your memory capacity

  2. improves your time management

  3. boosts team skill (if you’re in a band or orchestra)

  4. teaches perseverance

  5. enhances co-ordination

  6. betters mathematical ability ( because the notes are all about fractions)

  7. improves reading and comprehension ( because your mind has to be working ahead all the time, and you learn to play by ear)

  8. increases your ability to take responsibility ( because it takes motivation, and discipline, to start and to stick with it)


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A few things can go wrong, though, in that it can be taken too seriously, and then it’s not fun anymore. I always loved music, so it wasn’t really a dilemma for me. If performance is forced, or if perfection is necessary, it adds a level of stress that “spoils the joy” in it.

Playing music whether we play it, or listen to it, connects us to the past, and to people which I believe, is the very “ essence of it.” I hope you play for enjoyment, and the ability to play well will come along later.


Submitted: June 17, 2020

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