Chapter 3: (v.2) Chapter 2: Part 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Avery stared at the brown brass clock plastered on the pale yellow library wall as it tick-tocked menacingly bringing the three hour study group to a close. She glanced at her phone. 10:17pm. It was late but Ian did insist that she reach out to him no matter what time her study group ended so that they could grab a quick bite to eat. Brooke had already taken the liberty and ordered take-out; Chinese again, she could go for something else.

"Alright, well if you all don't have any other questions, I think that's all you need to know for Thursday's exam."

"Thanks again for setting this up again Cheyenne," Jeff remarked, "It really is appreciated."

"Yea, for sure," Asia chimed in."

"Aw you guys. That's really sweet. I just know how hard my first couple years were, so I wanted to help anyway I could," Cheyenne said humbly accepting the praise.

"Well, Cheyenne like Jeff said, It is really appreciated," Avery said, "I guess I'll see you tomorrow at work."

"Yea, take care."

Avery and the rest of the students flooded the doorway to leave the library. It had been a long night. As she walked to the parking garage she rummaged in her bag for her wallet to retrieve Ian's business card. She went over in her head how she would greet him on the phone. As the phone rang, she wondered if she should sound excited, tired, or reluctant to get a cup of coffee this late.


"Is this Ian?"

"This is?"

"It's Avery," she squealed, "I'm sorry I'm not sure what that noise was. It's Avery."

"Oh hey. So I guess your study session is over."

"Yea we just finished. I was wondering if you were still interes--"

"Baby who's that?" A voice said in the background.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize you had company."

"Yea," he said trailing his voice, "something came up. Rain check?"

"Sure," Avery said in a low tone.

"Well...I'll see you tomorrow." Click

Avery starred blankly at her phone stunned at what she had just heard before getting in her car. She was so wrapped up in her attraction to Ian that she hadn't considered if he was even single but clearly he wasn't.

MMMMzzz! MMMMzzz!

Avery glanced over at her vibrating phone. To her surprise it was an incoming call from the number she just dialed; Ian.

"Hello," she answered in a fragile voice.

"Yea...hey..sorry about that. I didn't mean to be so short with you."

"It's okay....clearly you have your hands full," she chuckled.

"Right," he chuckled," how about I take you to dinner tomorrow."

"You sure. I don't want to complicate your busy schedule."

"I'll uncomplicate for you."

"We'll see," I've got to go. I'm about to get on the expressway. No phones allowed."

"Is that a thing now?"

"Yea," she chuckled, "I've got to go. I'll see you tomorrow though."


"Okay." Click

Avery smiled as she merged onto the expressway. Dinner tomorrow night.


"So are you going to ask who the woman was?" Brooke questioned.

"Should I?"

"Uh yea. He told you to call him to meet up with him and when you do, he's with another woman. Unless he wanted you to hear that he was with another woman."

"I'm not following," Avery said raising her brow.

"Yea, he could be trying to make himself seem irresistible to woman by showing you that he has woman at his disposal."

"That doesn't make any sense and besides he doesn't seem like womanizer."

"For now, that's because you know nothing about him. Have you even researched him yet?"

"Researched him," Avery said folding her arms, "What am I Harriet the spy?"

"You could of picked any spy in the world and you're going with Harriet," Brooke looked disappointed, "What's the name of his company," Brooke said grabbing her phone.

"He didn't tell-"

"Never mind I found it. Son of successful Wall Street lawyer and business investor, Ian Novack has earned success in his own right, grossing 1.2 billion every quarter through the success of his IT company; silver eagle."

"Whoa," Avery said softly.

"Whoa is right," Brooke replied as she continued scrolling.

"Where are you reading this?"

"Vanity Fair," Brooke said flashing her phone to Avery, "there was an article done on him a couple weeks ago about New York's rich and talented."

"Interesting," Avery's voice trailed.

"What's interesting," Brooke paused.

"Oh nothing."

"Okay...It says here that aside from being CEO and CFO of the company he invests in small businesses and is a practicing lawyer at Novack & Sons law firm in Essex Fells," Brooke paused, "I thought he worked for Sterling & Cole?"

"He does. Maybe that hasn't been updated," Avery said sprawling across Brooke's bed.

"Oxford graduate, Novack generously gives--"

"Okay could you stop reading it, please?"

"Why? I mean this is good stuff and definitely sounds like a recipe for someone that could have woman at their disposal. You need to know what you're getting into and what you're up against."

"I told you I'm not getting into anything," she sighed," Just dinner tomorrow night and possibly a mentor-ship."

"Well I just hope that you're going to be--"

"Careful. I know," Avery said mockingly.

"Okay Avery. I'm just giving you a warning. We don't need no fifty shades of whatever going on in here," she said pulling her covers over her, "thanks for visiting and sharing at such an ungodly hour. Now if you wouldn't mind hitting the light on your way out."

"No problem," Avery laughed as she headed out the bedroom.

Brooke was right. Avery did need to be careful. She didn't know much about Ian but the lifestyle he had clearly inherited and made for himself was one she was used to being around growing up on the upper east side; those men were nothing but philanderers, however Ian didn't really seem like the type.

Avery peeled off her clothes and collapsed on her bed. She was exhausted, dazed, and hopeful all at once. She reached over to set her alarm before finally drifting off to sleep. Tomorrow would be a long day as she would anxiously wait her dinner date with Ian. 

Submitted: June 18, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Danielle Hawthorne. All rights reserved.


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