My dream game

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

it's a fantasy story and a family drama.

Chapter 1:
Life is a precious gift. Most of us don't understand the value of life and our loved ones. I am also that kind of a person. I have been married to John since 40 years. I have 2 children and 5 grandchildren. We live with my eldest son. He has two sons. Me and my husband always fight and have so many misunderstandings. Nobody is happy at home. My grandsons keep on fighting whole day. Our day starts  and ends with a fight. I feel that there is no strong bond among us. Here comes my grandson Peter.....
Peter: Granny!!!! look at George. Do you know what he did??
Me: What happened?
Peter: He broke my mobile. That's why I don't give my mobile to him. Why did you give my mobile to him??? I am very angry. You don't like me. You like my brother more than me. I want a new mobile right now!! And I will not leave him. I will see the end.
Me: Be cool. Maybe he did by mistake. Try to understand him. Sometimes it happens.
Peter: You always support him. Nobody likes me in this house ( Crying....)
George: I will also see the end!!
Me: Please don't fight. You both are brothers. You must understand each other.
George and Peter: Nobody will understand our problems!!!
Peter: I am going out. I don't want to live in this house.
George: Me too. Goodbye!!
John: You don't know how to manage small kids. You changed a lot
Me: Are you crazy?? What are you speaking?
John: Now a days you are not showing interest in our family. I don't know why? I feel that you are changed.
Me: I didn't change. Why do you think like that?
John: What I said is true. I need peace of mind. I am going for a walk. Bye
This is the situation everyday. Now that we have vacation, these people are fighting more. My son and daughter in law will come home in the evening. My husband and grandsons will come home for dinner fight for sometime and sleep. Next day the same schedule repeats. I am fed up with this life. I must do something to change my family. I must create a strong bond among us. I will plan something within 2 days. I hope that the situation becomes better.


Chapter 2:

Today I must do something. I am thinking to play a game with my family. So that we all can be together for sometime. I will ask them what to play.

 Me: Peter!! please come here. I want to ask you something.
Peter: Coming Granny
Me: Shall we play a game?
Peter: Ok
Me: Call your grandpa and little brother
Peter: What? I don't want to play with them. We both will play some game.
Me: Please... Only for today. We all will play together.
Peter: No granny. It's difficult to play with them. They will stop playing and fight with us.
Me: Let us try. If they fight, we will stop the game.
Peter: Ok
George: Granny!! What are you discussing about? Is Peter complaining about me?
Me: No no. We are planning to play any game.
George: That's great. What will we play? I want to play with you. But, I don't want to play with Peter.
Shall we both play granny?
Me: George! Just for today we all will play together. Please....
George: No granny. Please...
Me: Please only for today. Please agree for me.
George: Ok granny. I will agree for you.
Me: Thank you. I am happy. Call your grandpa.
Peter and George: Ok granny
Peter: Grandpa! Shall we all play a game?
John: We all? What do you mean?
Peter: You, me, brother and granny.
John: No. I don't want to play. Your granny don't like me.
George: Please grandpa. We will play.
John: You three people play. I want to go for a walk.
Me: Please John. Atleast for the kids.
John: No way
Peter and George: Please Grandpa...
John: Ok. What do you want to play?
Me: We didn't decide yet. You tell.
John: Great!! You didn't decide yet. Tell me after you people decide something. Then I will come and play.
Me: Ok
Me: Peter and George select any game. We will play.
Peter: I will search in my room. There are so many games.
George: Those are boring. We played so many times. We will play something new.
Peter: Something new!! From where will you get something new?? We should play with what we have.
George: I saw few old games in our store room. Maybe we will try them. What do you think?
Peter: Those games are too old. It may be boring.
George: Let us try. If it's boring we will discontinue playing and play other game.
Peter: You are just wasting time.
George: No. Let us try. Please...
Peter: First time you said please. Ok. Let us go to the store room.
Me: Where are you going?
Peter: Store room
Me: Why?? It's not safe. So many people said that it's not good. It's too dark there.
Peter: I am not afraid. It's ok granny. We will come back soon. We will bring any game.
Me: I will also come with you.
George: Ok granny. 
Peter: Let's go and find some game. I heard that our ancestors used to play games. Maybe we can find a game there.
Me: Yes. They used to play. But, my elders never allowed me to enter that room. Since my childhood I never went to that room. If we find something different or feel uneasy we will come back.
Peter: Ok granny
John: What are you people doing? Are we gonna play today?
Me: We need sometime. We will tell you after deciding which game to play.
John: I am going for a walk. We will play in the evening.
Me: Please wait for sometime.
John: No
Me: Ok. We will play in the evening.
John: Ok. Bye
George: Granny! Let's go
Peter: Yes granny. Come let's go
Me: Ok. Carry a torch with you.
Peter: Ok granny.
George: I am excited.
I am little excited and afraid. Let us see what will happen.
Chapter 3:
We are going to store room. 
Peter: Granny! I am so excited. Will there be any ghosts??
George: Or any supernatural things.
Me: No. Don't believe in such things. Don't think too much. Nothing will happen. Don't worry.
Peter: I am not worried. I want to see a ghost.
George: Me too. I never saw a ghost.
Me: You both are crazy. Let's go and come back fast.
Peter: Ok granny.
George: It's very dark.
Peter: Yes. I have torch. No problem I will on it.
George: Finally we came. Hurrah!!
Me: Let's go inside. We have to come back soon. Don't waste time inside. Grandpa will come back home. We must be ready to play the game. 
Peter: Ok granny.
Me: Where is George?
Peter: He already went inside.
Me: Let's go inside.
George: Granny! There are so many photos here. I can't see them properly. Please bring torch.
Me: Ok. Wait there. Don't go anywhere. We are coming.
George: Ok. Come fast. I am so excited.
Peter: Ok.
George: Who is she? This photo is very nice. She is so beautiful.
Me: She is my Grandma.
Peter: Wow. 
George: I think they are very rich.
Me: Yes. Her great grandparents were emperors.
Peter: That's cool. 
Me: Now let's search for games. We will take one and go back soon.
George: Ok granny.
Peter: We will go straight and search.
Me: Ok
Peter: Granny! Here few games are there.
George: I can see chess here. But, we played so many times. Let us see for something new.
Peter: Hey! Look at this. The game of Kings.
George: Haha. It's like game of thrones. 
Peter: Haha. Shall we try this?
Me: Maybe it's interesting. 
George: Yes granny. We will play this game " The Game of Kings".
Peter: Ok.
Me: Bring it. We will go upstairs. 
George: Ok granny.
Peter: Finally we found an interesting game. I am very happy.
George: Yes. I am also very happy.
Me: Me too.
Me: Shall we go back?
Peter: Ok granny. 
Me: Your grandpa didn't come yet. We will wait for him and play in the night. Today your parents will not come home. They are going to another city for some business work.
George: Really! Then we can play whole night.
Peter: Yes we will play whole night. But, you shouldn't irritate me.
George: You don't irritate me.
Me: Again you started fighting.  Please don't fight. At least for today.
Peter: Ok.
George: Let's wait for grandpa.
Peter: Yes.
I hope that this will be memorable and helpful in creating a bond among us.

Chapter 4:

We are waiting for my husband. 

Peter: When will grandpa come?

Me: Don't know. Let us wait.
George: I am excited. I hope that grandpa will come home fast.
Peter: Let us read the instructions meanwhile. What do you think George?
George: Ok. That's a good idea. Let's open the box and read the instructions.
Peter: Okay
George: I will read it aloud.
Peter: Ok.
George: Maximum number of players for this game are 6 and minimum are 4. We must divide into two groups and play. 
Peter: Wow. We are 4
George: Who will be in my group?
Peter: I will not be in your group. 
George: I don't need you. Me and granny will be in one group.
Peter: Ok. Then, Me and grandpa will be in one group.
George: Ok done.
Peter: What else is written?
George: The one who will start the game must press the begin button.
Peter: Where is that button?
George: Don't know.  You check once.
Peter: Ok. It's at the bottom. 
George: Ok. After pressing begin button, the player must rotate the number box. Each player will have a horse. This horse will move after rotating the number box. In the number box there are numbers from 1 to 9.
Peter: Wow! It's awesome!
George: Yes.
Peter: What else is written?
George: The next paper is torn. What to do? How will we know who is the winner?
Peter: It's  ok. We will start playing. We will come to know as we go on. What do you think?
George: Ok. This will be more interesting. 
Peter: Yes. It's like watching a suspense thriller movie.
George: Very bad comparison.
Peter: I didn't ask your opinion. It's my wish.
George: Ok. Leave it. We promised granny that we will not fight.
Peter: Yes. Leave it.
Me: Somebody is knocking the door. Peter please go and open.
Peter: Ok granny. May be grandpa came.
Me: Yes.
John: I came back home. Did you decide what to play?
Me: Yes. We found a game.
John: Really! You invented a new game or what?
Me: John! We found one game in our store room. 
John: It might be some outdated game.
Me: Let us try 
John: Ok.
Me: And promise me that you will not fight with me while playing.
John: Ok. You also
Me: Ok
John: Then let's start the game.
Peter: We must divide into two groups and play. I want grandpa in my team.
John: Ok.
George: I want grandma in my team.
Me: Ok.
Peter: The one who starts the game must press begin button.
Me: Ok.
John: Ok.
Peter: Each player will have a horse. We must select one colour. We have to rotate the number box. It will have numbers 1 to 9. The horse will move according to the number we got.
Me: Ok. After that? What about winning the game?
John: How to win the game?
George: The next paper is torn. We don't know about it. We will start playing. By the end we will come to know.
John: Ok. It's a bit interesting. 
Me: Yes.
Peter: Who will begin?
George: As granny gave us the idea of playing a game, let her start. It will be good.
Peter: Yes. Granny will start.
John: Ok. As you wish.
George: Next will be my turn. Because we are in same team.
Peter: Yes ofcourse. After you, me and grandpa will play.
George: Ok
John: Stop discussions and start the game.
Me: Ok. Be cool. Why do you get frustrated for small things?
John: Ok. Leave it. I don't want to fight with you. Now start the game.
Me: Ok.
George: Start granny. I am excited.
Peter: Yes granny. Start the game. Press "Begin" button.
Me: Ok.
I am very excited to start the game. I am very happy to play with them. For the first time we all are together.
Chapter 5:
Peter: Granny! Press the "Begin" button.
Me: Ok. I pressed it.
 20 minutes later.....
Me: Where am I ? Where are my grand children? Why am I lying on bed? Where is my husband? We all were playing a game.
 Stranger: Princess! What are you speaking? Husband and grandchildren!! Are you ok?
Me: Who are you? And where am I?
Stranger: Maybe you had a nightmare. Take rest for sometime princess.
Me: Princess?? I have grandchildren. I am 65 years old.
Stranger: This is so funny. How is it possible?
You are just 20 years old. You are going to get married next month.
Me: What? I am an old woman.
Stranger: Ok. Look at yourself in the mirror.
Me: Ok. 
To my surprise I am looking young. How is this possible? Maybe it's a dream.
Stranger: Princess Hannah! You need to take rest.
Me: Hannah??
Stranger: Yes princess. It's your name. Shall I call a Doctor? Something is wrong with you.
Me: No. What's your name? Who are you?
Stranger: I am Mary. Your servant.
Me: Ok. I will sleep for sometime. 
Stranger: Yes Princess. You need rest.
I am afraid. What is happening to me? Where is my family? Maybe it's a dream. If I sleep for sometime, it will be fine.

Chapter 6:

I am afraid to open my eyes.  I am still here! What's happening?

Mary: Princess! Are you feeling better?
Me: I am ok.
Mary: Do you want something to eat?
Me: No. Thank you.  I want to be alone for sometime.
Mary: Are you ok princess?
Me: Yes.
Mary: I know why you are upset
Me: Why?
Mary: You are worried about your lover Albert. Your father didn't agree for your wedding. I know that it's very difficult to you. But, you have to accept your father's decision.
Me: What??? Albert? Who is he?
Mary: What happened Princess? He is your lover. He is the Prince of our enemy kingdom. You can't marry our enemy. That's why your father didn't agree for your wedding. Shall we go to a Doctor? You are so disturbed
Me: No. I am ok. I am a bit worried. That's all
Who is Albert? I have my husband, children and grandchildren. What will happen to me? Mary is telling that I am going to get married next month. What about my family? Where are they? Maybe it's a dream.  I will sleep for some more time and see what will happen. 
Chapter 7:
Now I hope that I will be at home. I am so afraid to open my eyes. Oh my God!!! I am still here. How to get out of this place? Even if I go out, where to go? How did I become young? Where is my family?
Me: Crying....
Stranger in the corridor: Hannah! Hannah! Once come out. I want to speak to you. Come silently. Don't make noise.
Me: Who is this guy? I am afraid. He is asking me to come to the corridor. 
Stranger: Hannah! Come fast
Me: Ok. Coming.
Stranger: Thank God! You came. How are you? Don't worry.
Me: This guy looks same like John. Yes. He is John. John looked the same when he was 20. John!! I am happy to see you.
Stranger: Hannah! Don't cry. Everything will be fine. But, who is this John? I am your love, Albert.
Me: What? John we were playing with our grandchildren. When I opened my eyes,  I was here.
Albert: It's so funny. We didn't get married yet. You are talking about grandchildren.  Look at yourself.  You are a young woman. You are disturbed. May be you had a bad dream. We must do something. Otherwise you will get married to someone. I will plan something.  I will try to convince my parents. I will meet you after 2 days in the same place. Take care my love.  I love you.
Me: What?
Albert: You take rest. You are disturbed. I love you
Me: I am afraid. What is happening?
Albert: You don't love me? Do you want to marry the boy whom your father selected? Tell me. 
Me. No. I love you too.
Albert: Haha! Ok you don't worry.  Nothing will happen to me.
Me: Ok. Bye.  Take care John.
Albert: John!!! Who is this John? Tell me. 
Me: No. I am sorry Albert. I had a bad dream. You take care.
Albert: Ok. Take care of yourself.  Bye.  See you in two days.
Albert is John. But he doesn't remember that we were playing a game. I should marry Albert. If I get married to someone else, it would become a disaster. I don't want to lose John. I can't do anything. I just have to wait for him to come.
Mary: Princess! Is everything ok? 
Me: Yes. 
Mary: Princess! Governor general wants to meet you. He asked me to take your appointment. He wants to meet you tomorrow. 
Me: Ok. Tell him that I gave appointment. 
Mary: Ok princess. 
Now who is this Governor general? I don't know what is going to happen. But, I have to marry Albert. I have to manage for 2 days. After 2 days Albert will meet me. I shouldn't have any problem for these 2 days. I should be careful while speaking to Governor General.

Chapter 8:

Announcement: The Governor general is arriving.

Mary: Princess! The Governor general has come. Shall I let him in?
Me: Yes.
Governor: Good morning Princess!
Me: Oh my goodness. He is Peter. After he grows up, he may look same like this guy.
Governor: Princess! Good morning 
Me: Good morning Peter!
Governor: Princess! I am Governor Stephen.
Me: I am sorry Stephen. Good morning. 
Stephen: It's ok. I want to speak to you personally. 
Me: Ok. Everyone! Please vacate the room.
Mary: Can I stay Princess?
Me: No. If I have any problem, I will call you.
Mary: Ok
Me: Maybe he remembers what happened before. Maybe he knows that I am his Granny.
Stephen: Princess! I want to tell you something important. 
Me: I am your granny. You want to tell this. Am I right?
Stephen: What? I know that we are best friends. But, this is not the time to joke.
Me: Uff!! He also doesn't remember. 
Stephen: What?
Me: Nothing. What do you want to tell me?
Stephen: Prince Albert wants to marry you secretly. My cousin is the Governor general in his kingdom. We both will help in your secret marriage.
Me: What? Secret marriage?
Stephen: Yes. Prince Albert's parents also didn't agree for your wedding.
Me: Ok. But, how can your cousin work in our enemy kingdom?
Stephen: My aunt and uncle got separated. My aunt belongs to that kingdom. She took my cousin with her.
Me: Ok. I am sorry. But,  it's very dangerous.
Stephen: Yes. But, we have few soldiers. We all will protect you. Prince Albert will tell you everything about this. 
Me: Ok.
Stephen: I just came to inform you about this. If you agree for the secret marriage, we will plan further. 
Me: Yes. I agree.
Stephen: Ok. Goodbye Princess. I am always at your service.
Me: Goodbye.
I always heard of secret marriages. But, for the first time I am going to experience it. I am nervous. But, I can't do anything. I have to marry Albert. This is so strange. Me and my husband became young. But, Peter grew up. Till now I didn't see my youngest grandson. Maybe I will see him soon.

Chapter 9:

Mary: Princess! Your parents will arrive today night. Your father asked you to get ready for dinner. 

Me: What?
Mary: Yes Princess. They are coming back from war. They want to celebrate the victory with you.
Me: That's really great. I will get ready.
Mary: If you need something, please inform.
Me: Ok.
I am excited.  How do they look like? Are they strangers? Or I know them before.
Whispers.... Hannah! Hannah! 
Me: Who's there?
Albert: Hannah! Don't shout. Come to the corridor. 
Me: Ok. Coming
Albert: I can't stay here for a longtime.  It's not yet dark. Your soldiers may find me.
Me: Yes. Go back. They may find you. You will be in a big trouble.
Albert: Ok. Just listen to me carefully. After 7 days we have to go to the mountains. There we will marry. If our parents accept our marriage, it's ok. But, if they don't accept, we will go somewhere and live.
Me: Ok. But you will leave your kingdom for me?
Albert: Yes. You are my world.
Me: But, be careful. 
Albert: Ok. Don't worry. I will be fine. Did Stephen speak to you?
Me: Yes. He said that he will help us.
Albert: His cousin is my Governor general. His name is Jack. He will also help us. No need to worry.
Me: Ok. Take care.
Albert: You too. Don't panic. Everything will be fine. Bye. Love you...
Me: Bye. Love you too..
Mary: Princess!! Where are you? What are you doing in the corridor? Is everything ok?
Me: Yes. Everything is fine. I am just admiring nature.
Mary: I also like nature.
Me: Yes. It's beautiful. Wait, I am coming inside.
Mary: Select one dress from these dresses.
Me: I will wear that red one for dinner.
Mary: Ok Princess.
Me: Thank you.
Mary: Always at your service.
Me: I will get ready. When will my parents come? I mean at what time?
Mary: They will come in one hour.
Me: Ok. Then I will get ready soon. 
Mary: Ok. I will send your jewellery and other things with servants.
Me: Ok.
After sometime....
Servants: Princess! Please select your jewellery. 
Me: Ok. I would like to wear that diamond necklace. 
Servants: Ok Princess. Shall we leave.
Me: Ok. Thank you. 
I am so excited. I am waiting for the king to arrive. Finally I got ready.
Mary: Princess!! Your parents arrived. They are asking you to come to the dining hall for dinner.
Me: Ok. I will come in 5 minutes.
Mary: Ok. We will be waiting for you.
Me: Ok.
I am so excited to see them. I will go now. The palace is so beautiful.  The walls are filled with beautiful paintings. It's very pleasant. But, I don't know how to go to the dining hall. Now what to do? I will ask someone to show me the way.
Chapter 10:
Mary: Princess! What are you doing here? We are waiting for you.
Me: Yes. I am coming. I like this painting. So, I am just seeing it. Shall we go to the dining hall?
Mary: Yes Princess. Come we will go.
Me: Ok.
Thank God!! She came. There are so many photos. Those are my childhood photos. It's amazing. It's like a magic. How is this possible? There are more than 1000 photos of mine on these walls.
Mary: We came to the dining hall princess. First you go inside. I will follow you.
Me: Ok.
I opened the door. I am excited to look inside. The king and queen are sitting inside. But, I can't see their faces. I am behind them. I have to go and stand in front of them. I will go. 
Oh God!! They are really my parents. My father died 10 years ago and my mom lives with my brother. I didn't see her since 1 year. I am very happy to see my parents.  They are looking young.
Mom: Oh! My dear. How are you? I missed you a lot. (Hugs)
Me: Mom! I am fine. How are you? I am seeing you after a longtime. I didn't see you since 1 year.
Mom: What? Not 1 year dear. One week. We went to war one week ago.
Me: Yes mom. I said by mistake. (Crying...)
Mom: Don't cry my dear. Now we came back home. Go and speak to your father.
Me: Ok Mom. 
My father died 10 years ago. I am very happy to see him again. I am a bit nervous. I got goosebumps.  I don't know why. 10 years is a very longtime. Maybe I can't control myself.
Me: Father!! How are you?
Father: Oh! My sweetie. I am fine. You look worried. What happened? Are you ok?
Me: Yes father. I want to hug you.
Father: Yes. Ofcourse come here.
Me: Coming ( Hugs and cries aloud..)
Father: What happened sweetie? Why are you crying so badly. Did anyone hurt you? Tell me. Whoever it is, I will kill that person.
Me: No Father. Nothing happened.  I just missed you very badly. I don't want to lose you.
Father: I will be with you only. 
Me: Ok. ( Crying aloud....)
Father: Don't cry. Shall I tell you a story?
Me: Yes father.
Mom: First we will have dinner. Then me and your father will tell you stories while sleeping. Is it ok dear?
Me: Ok mom. First we will eat.
Father: Ok.
After Dinner
Me: Father! Can I sleep in your lap?
Father: Ok. You need not ask. You are my little princess.
Me: Ok father.
Father: Mom will tell stories. We will listen.
Me: Ok.
Mom: I will start the story now.
After sometime..
 Everyone fell asleep.
Me:  Whole night I want to see my parents. I am very happy. I couldn't control my tears. This moment is very precious to me. I just want to look at them whole night.
Chapter 11:
Now it's morning. I felt that time passed very soon yesterday night. I want to spend more and more time with my parents. I want to cook for them and take care of them.
Mary: Princess!! Shall I come in?
Me: I am coming. Don't shout. My parents are sleeping. 
Mary: I am sorry.
Me: It's ok. 
Mary:Please give us the list of items to cook for lunch.
Me: I want to cook for today.
Mary: No. You can't cook. It's against your kingdom rules. If your father comes to know, he will kill all the servants.
Me: I will tell my father.
Mary: No princess. I am sorry.
Me: Ok. I can understand you. Can I make cake?
Mary: No princess. 
Me: It's just a cake. What will happen?
Mary: You can't enter the kitchen.
Mom: What happened Hannah?
Me: Mom! I want to make cake. But, Mary is telling that I can't enter the kitchen. 
Mom: Yes. Queens and princesses should not cook.
Me: Mom! Only for one time. I will not go to kitchen again.
Mom: No dear. You tell them what kind of cake you want. They will make for you.
Me: Not for me mom. I want to make cake for father.
Mom: Ok. Tell them what kind of cake. They will make. 
Me: Please mom. I want to make it for father. I don't want anyone to cook.
Father: What happened Mary?
Mary: Good morning majesty. Princess wants to make cake for you. But, I said that princess can't enter the kitchen. 
Father: Hannah! Do you want to cook? But why? You will get tired.
Me: Father! I just want to make cake for you. Please give me permission. Only once.
Father: Ok dear.
Father: Mary! Tell all servants and cooks to vacate the kitchen. Ask them to come back to kitchen after princess makes cake. Is it clear?
Mary: Ok Majesty.
Father: Are you happy sweetie?
Me: Yes father. Thank you. 
Father: Mom will also come with you.
Me: Ok father.
Ten years ago when my dad was ill, he asked me to bake a cake for him. But, I was not at home. I thought to make cake after coming home. But, by the time I came home, my father passed away. Now, I want to make cake for him. This was his last wish. I couldn't do it then. But, I can do it now. I am very happy. 

Chapter 12:

My father liked the cake.  I am very happy. I want to play with my parents. 

Me: Mom! I want to play with you and father. What do you think?
Mom: Ok. We didn't play for a longtime. 
Father: Ok. We will play chess.
Two days passed by...
Me: I don't know how time passed by these two days. We played, danced and sang hundreds of songs. I was the happiest person. I remembered my past. How I used to spend time with my  parents.  Those days were awesome. I don't know what will happen next. Now I am happy.  But, this is not permanent. There is some magic in that game. Only I remember the past. I don't know why? Maybe only the one who started the game will remember the past. But, I don't know how this will end. I want to stay here with my parents forever. What is going to happen in future? I am excited as well as afraid.
Mom: Hannah! Go to sleep. It's 12'o' clock.
Me: Ok mom. Good night.
Mom: Good night. 
Father: Good night. 
Me: Good night father.
Whispers from window... Hannah!! Hannah!!
Me: Is it a ghost? I will not wake up. It's too late. I am afraid.  I will act as if I am sleeping.
Whispers continued....
Me: I will not wake up. 
Albert: Hannah! Wake up
Me: Ahh! Who is this? Are you a thief? Or Ghost?
Albert: It's me. Albert.
Me: Uff! I was afraid.  It's too late. What happened Albert?
Albert: We have to go to the mountains in 3 days. I will meet you after 2 days. Prepare yourself. Be brave. Don't panic. If you have any memorable things, carry with you. Pack your things from now. 
Me: In 3 days!!! I don't want to leave my parents. 
Albert: What?? What's wrong with you? 
Me: I don't want to leave my parents 
Albert: I can understand. It's difficult. But, they didn't agree for our wedding. We can't do anything.  We will try to convince them after our wedding .
Me: I need time to think.
Albert: We planned everything.  And now you are asking for time. Are you losing your mind?
Me: No. But, I need time.
Albert: Now I feel that you are in love with somebody else. Maybe you like the boy whom your father selected for you. That's why you are hesitating.
Me: Are you suspecting my loyalty?
Albert: No. I am sorry. I believe in you. But, in this situation we don't have time. 
Me: Yes.
Albert: I am sorry for hurting you. I am worried that's why I am getting angry for small things.
Me: It's ok my love.
Albert: Ok. Pack your things. Clothes and everything you need.
Me: Ok. 
Albert: I will leave. Bye. Take care.
Me: Bye. You too.
I don't want to leave my parents. I want to spend more time with my father. I can't marry some other person. I can't run away with Albert and damage my father's reputation. I don't know what to do. I will try to convince my father. I hope that he will agree with me. I will tell him that Albert is a good guy. If I request, he will definitely agree for my marriage with Albert. But, if he doesn't agree? What should I do? I can't cheat my parents.  I can't leave Albert. This is a very bad situation.  Tomorrow morning I will speak to my father about Albert. I hope that everything will be fine.
Chapter 13:
Me: I am not able to sleep. I am worried. Maybe I will cry after sometime. 
Whispers... Hannah!! Hannah!!
Me: Oh my God!! This time it's definitely a ghost. Albert already went. This time I will not wake up.
Whispers continued.... Hannah! Wake up. I want to speak to you for sometime. 
Me: Who are you? Now it's Go from here. Otherwise I will shout.
Albert: I am Albert.
Me: Don't lie. He already met me. He will not come again.
Albert: I swear. I am Albert. 
Me: Really! It's very dark. Go and stand in the corridor. I can see your face in the lights. If you are not Albert, I will shout. 
Albert: Ok. I am going to corridor. Come and see.
Me: I can see from here.  No problem. 
Albert: Ok. Can you see?
Me: Albert! Come inside. What happened? Any problem? Are you ok? Why is your face red? Did anyone hit you? Did you fight with anyone?
Albert: No. Nothing happened. I cried.
Me: You cried!! Why? Did I hurt you? Did I do any mistake?
Albert: No. You didn't do anything. 
Me: Then what happened?
Albert: I was going back to my kingdom. I suddenly remembered something. I couldn't control my tears. 
Me: What did you remember?
Albert: I said that you are in love with somebody else. You felt so bad. I can't tell like that. I love you since two years. I know everything about you.  I can't tell like that. I promised you last year that I will never hurt you or trouble you. But, today I did.
Me: You didn't hurt me. Mistake is mine. I didn't understand you. You are struggling hard for our wedding and I didn't respond properly. 
Albert: Whatever the situation is, I shouldn't say like that.  I came to tell sorry. I am extremely sorry my love.
Me: It's ok.  You said like that because you are angry. I can understand. 
Albert: This will never happen again. I am sorry.
Me: Ok. Leave it. You became so weak. Why do you think too much.
Albert: Because I love you.
Me: I am so lucky to have you. I love you. Did you eat?
Albert: No. I am not feeling hungry. Today I felt so sad.
Me: Oh! My love. Now you have to eat something. Wait
Albert: No. It's ok. I am happy because I said sorry. I am not hungry.
Me: No. You have to eat. There is food on my table. I will bring. Just a moment.
Albert: Ok.
Me: Please have it.
Albert: Ok.
After sometime...
Albert: I can't forget this memorable dinner. Thank you. 
Me: No mention ( Crying...)
Albert: Why are you crying? I can't see you crying? 
Me: No. I am happy. You came from so far just to tell me sorry. I am blessed to have you in my life. I promise that I will never leave you. 
Albert: Stop crying.  Promise me that you will never cry. 
Me: Ok.
Albert: I will never leave you.
Me: I know. That's why you are with me for 40 years.
Albert: What?
Me: Nothing. I know that you will never leave me.
Albert: My parents want me to become the king after 2 years. 
Me: That's great.
Albert: But, I will leave my kingdom for you. 
Me: We will convince them.
Albert: No. They will not agree. They want to expand the kingdom. That's why they want me to marry my father's friend's daughter. They have a very big kingdom. They promised to handover their kingdom to us if I marry their daughter. Their kingdom will be included in ours. So that our kingdom will grow. I don't like war. I want peace. 
Me: Why you didn't agree? It's good for you.
Albert: What are you speaking? I love you and I need you. I don't need a big kingdom.  I just need a girl who truly loves me and not my wealth. You are that girl.
Me: Your love towards me is unconditional. Thank you so much my love. 
Albert: I must thank you. I can't find a girl like you anywhere in this world. 
Me: It's too late. It's 5'o'clock.  I think you must go back. After sometime everyone will wake up.
Albert: Ok. I will leave. Bye bye. 
Me: Bye.  Take care. Have a safe journey. 
Albert: Ok my love.  Take care.
I remembered my past. How I met john and how I fell in love with him. He always wanted my love, attention and care. He was always by my side in good and bad times. Tomorrow I should convince my father to agree for our wedding. I will sleep for sometime. 
Chapter 14:
Today I should speak to my father about Albert. Will he get angry? Will he get hurt? Shall I ask now or ask later? I don't have time. I will ask after breakfast. 
Mom: Good morning dear. Get ready soon. Our relatives will come in the afternoon. 
Me: Ok mom.
Mom: Your fiance will also come.
Me: Fiance??
Mom: Yes. They will stay here for 2 days. Do you remember? You are going to get engaged in 2 days.
Me: What?
Mom: Yes Dear.
Me: Mom! Marriage is after one month right?
Mom: Yes. Now you will get engaged.
Me: You said that relatives are coming. Who is my fiance?
Mom: Why are you behaving strange? Your fiance is your aunt's son.
Me: Aunt? She is whose sister?
Mom: Your Dad's sister. What happened to you?
Me: Nothing mom. I am surprised and excited.
Mom: Ok. Get ready. I will go and make all arrangements.
Me: Ok mom.
One more problem. Now, how should I speak to my father. All are busy in making arrangements. I will speak to my father right now. It's better to speak before they arrive.
Me: Father!! father!! I want to speak to you.  Please open the door.
Father: Good morning my dear!
Me: Good morning father!
Father: What happened? Do you want something?
Me: I want to speak to you.
Father: I am going out. We can speak in the afternoon. Now I am very busy. I must make arrangements. Is it ok? If you have any problem tell me?
Mom: Hannah!! You are still here? Go and fresh up. We have less time.
Me: Ok mom. I want to speak to father.
Mom: Oh! Sweetie. He will come back soon. First you get ready. After that we all can speak. Ok?
Me: Ok mom.
Father: Bye dear. I will meet you after coming back. Is it ok?
Me: Ok father. Bye.
I must wait for my dad to come back. I am so afraid. What is going to happen? I shouldn't get engaged to him. I have 2 days time. I will speak to my dad about Albert today itself. 
Chapter 15:
Mary: Princess! Your father has arrived. He asked you to meet him.
Me: Ok. I will go.
Mary: Ok Princess.
I can speak to my father. Now it's 1'o'clock.  I have time to speak to him. I am happy.
Me: Father!!
Father: Yes my dear. Come in.
Me: I want to speak to you for sometime. 
Father: Ok sweetie. Shall I tell you a story?
Me: No father. I want to speak with you. I want to tell you something. 
Father: Ok dear. Tell me.
Aunt: Good afternoon brother!! How are you? I am glad to see you. Hannah!! How are you? 
Father: Good afternoon sister! I am fine. How was your journey?
Aunt: It was good. We reached early.
Father: That's good. Take rest for a while. We will have lunch after sometime. 
Me: I don't know these people. My dad don't have siblings. 
Aunt: How are you dear? You look a little upset
Me: I am fine. I am surprised.  How are you?
Aunt: I am fine. Jim will come in few minutes. 
Me: Who is Jim?
Aunt: It's a good joke. He is my son and your fiance.
Me: Yes. I was joking.
Aunt: Haha! Brother! I want to speak to you. I must tell you something regarding engagement.
Father: Ok Sis. 
Why did they come so early? How should I speak to my father in front of her? I must wait. I will speak to him when he is alone.
Mom: Jim has arrived. He wants to speak to you.
Me: Ok mom.
Jim: How are you my sweetheart?
Me: He is James. We were in same university. He is not a good guy. He used to trouble all the girls in our university. He troubled me for about one year. John used to fight with him. 
Jim: What happened? You are speaking to yourself?
Me: Nothing. Good afternoon! I am fine. How about you?
Jim: I am good. In two days we will get engaged. I am so excited.
Me: Yes.
Jim: I will stay here for two days.
Me: I know. My mom said.
Jim: Ok. I am very ambitious. I want to conquer the whole world.
Me: That's good. 
Jim: I want to kiss you. Can I?
Me: Ofcourse no!! We are not yet married.
Jim: But we will in future. It's ok.
Me: I don't love you.
Jim: What?? What do you mean?
Me: I don't want to marry you.
Jim: I expected this. I know your love story with Albert.
Me: Please help me. Tell your mom that I am in love with someone else.
Jim: My mom knew it .
Me: Then, why don't  you stop this engagement.  Even if I marry you, I can't love you.
Jim: I know that.
Me: Please stop the wedding. Tell my father about this.
Jim: Do you think that I love you? I just want to expand my kingdom by marrying you. I have so many women in my life.
Me: You are so bad. My father will not give our kingdom to you. 
Jim: I know that. I will grab it from him. He will give away his kingdom for you. I will blackmail your parents after our marriage.  They love you. They can do anything for you. 
Me: I will tell my father about you and your plan.
Jim: Ok. All the best. 
Me: What? 
Jim: He will not believe anyone. He loves his sister so much. Before also so many people tried to tell him about me. But, he never believed.  Forget all this. You will be my wife in future and you must follow my orders. Nobody can change this.
Me: Let us see.
Jim: Good luck!
Mom: Hannah!! Jim!! Let's have lunch. Please come to the dining hall. 
Me: Ok mom.
Jim: We are coming aunt.
What should I do? I must speak to my father when he is alone. I have very less time. Jim is a very cruel guy. I should tell my father about Jim's plan. If he doesn't believe me what should I do?
Chapter 16:
I tried to speak to my father. But, I couldn't. At least I must speak to him in the night. 
Mom: Hannah! What are you doing?
Me: Nothing mom. What happened?
Mom: Shall we go for a walk? 
Me: Ok mom.
Mom: We will go to the lawn.
Me: Ok mom.
Mom: I want to speak to you personally. 
Me: Ok mom.
In the lawn:
Mom: I know that you are not happy. But, we can't do anything. I am afraid.
Me: What happened mom?
Mom: I know that you love Albert. I feel that Jim is not a good boy. I told your father. But, he didn't agree with me. I am afraid that Jim will harm you after your wedding. 
Me: Mom!! (Crying....). He was so rude to me.
Mom: We will do something my dear. Don't worry. 
Me: Why don't we try to convince father?
Mom: I tried a lot. But, he believes his sister. Tell me about Albert. Is he a good boy?
Me: Yes mom. He is very good and kind. 
Mom: But, he is our enemy's son.
Me: Yes mom. But, he loves me.
Mom: Maybe he is also like Jim. He wants to trap you for our kingdom.
Me: No mom. He tried to convince his parents for our wedding. But, they didn't agree. He is ready to leave his kingdom for me.
Mom: Really!!!
Me: Yes mom. 
Mom: I saw him once. He came to speak to your father regarding your wedding. He looks like a soft hearted person. Your father insulted him. But, he didn't disrespect  your father.
Me: He is a kind hearted person mom.
Mom: I know that. But, does he really love you?
Me: Yes mom.
Mom: How can you say that?
Me: He never misbehaved with me. He gives importance to my feelings. He risked his life and came to our palace to meet me.
Mom: What? He came to our palace!
Me: Yes mom. He came so many times. 
Mom: Ok. He is sincere. In two days you are going to get engaged.
Me: What should I do mom?
Mom: I will help you in getting out of the palace. 
Me: Mom!!!
Mom: Yes. You can marry Albert.
Me: But, it damages your reputation. 
Mom: You are very precious to me. Reputation is not important. I want you to be safe and happy.
Me: I can't cheat father.
Mom: You are not cheating. You can't marry a wrong person. You will have problem in future. If you marry Albert, we will come to know the true colours of your aunt and Jim. Your father will be happy that you didn't marry Jim.
Me: Yes Mom.  But, I want to speak to father about this.
Mom: What?? If you tell that Jim is not a good boy, your father will not believe you. He will think that you are telling a lie  because you don't love Jim. He don't like Albert.
Me: Yes mom. Father may think that it's a lie.
Mom: Tomorrow night me and governor general will help you. 
Me: Mom do you know about our plan of getting secretly married?
Mom: Yes Dear. I just wanted to know what kind of a person is Albert. That's why I asked you to come for a walk.
Me: Ok mom. After wedding we will convince father.
Mom: Yes. By that time he will know about Jim. He is a very cruel guy. Once you get married to Albert, Jim will become violent and show his true colours. Your father will defeat him and accept your wedding with Albert.
Me: Yes mom. Thank you mom.
Mom: Be careful sweetie.
Me: Ok mom.
Mom: We will go back. Don't speak about this with anyone. You may have problem. 
Me: Ok mom. 
I am happy that my mom is supporting me. I am feeling a bit relaxed. 
Chapter 17:
I am not happy.  I feel that I am cheating my father. What will he think if I run away with Albert? I can't marry Jim. I don't want to cheat my father. But, I don't have any other option.
Mary: Princess!! Your parents asked you to come for dinner.
Me: Ok. I will come in 5 min.
Whispers... Princess Hannah!!! 
Me: Who's there?
Jack: I am Jack. Prince Albert' s governor general.
Me: I am coming. Wait there. 
Jack: Ok.
Me: He is George. My younger grandson. George!!!
Jack: Princess Hannah!! I am Jack. Prince Albert asked me to give you this letter.
Me: Ok.
Jack: Goodbye! Princess. 
Me: Goodbye!
Finally I saw George. I am happy to see him.
Me: Maybe there's some important message in this letter.
Mary: Princess!!!
Me: I am coming.
I will read it after dinner.
After Dinner:
I will read the letter. 
My Love,
Come to the clock tower of your palace tomorrow night at 8'o'clock. I will be waiting for you. Stephen and Jack will come with you. Don't get afraid. Stay safe. I will make arrangements for our travel to the mountains. 
I have only one day. I am not afraid. But, I am sad. I am worried about my father. Will he understand me in future? Will he get angry? Will Jim harm him? How can I leave him? What should I do?

Chapter 18:

I am nervous and feeling so uncomfortable. I want to tell my father about Albert and our plan. But, I can't tell him. I want to speak to him. If I speak to him, I may feel better.

Me: Father!!! Father!!
Father: What happened my dear? Come inside.
Me: I want to spend sometime with you. 
Father: Ok.
Mom: Why you didn't sleep till now? Hannah!! It's too late. Go and sleep.
Me: Mom! I want to spend sometime with you. 
Mom: Whispers... Don't tell anything about our plan. You will have problem. 
Me: Ok mom.
Father: You look a little upset. Any problem sweetie?
Me: I don't want to leave you father.
Father: Why will you leave me? Don't think all that. Even after you get married, we will meet.
You can come and go whenever you want. Don't worry my dear.
Me: Father!! If I ever cheat you or do something which you don't like, will you get angry?
Father: Haha!! No my dear. I will never get angry. But, I will get hurt. What happened to you? Why are you speaking like this?
Me: Crying......
Father: What happened?
Mom: She don't want to leave us after her wedding. She needs rest. Come sweetie you need rest. I will come with you and speak with you till you fall asleep.
Me: Ok mom.
Father: Shall I come?
Mom: No. If you are there, she will feel more sad. She is so attached to you. She can't leave you. That's why she is sad.
Father: Ok. Take care of her. Good night sweetie!
Me: Good night father!
Mom: We will go to your room.
After sometime:
Mom: You are not doing any mistake my dear. Please donot cry.
Me: I will miss you and father.
Mom: No. You will come back. Your father will accept your wedding. Now go to sleep. Sleep in my lap. Come dear.
Me: Ok mom.

Chapter 19:

After 3 hours:

Will I come back again? I saw my father after 10 years. I thought that I can spend sometime with him. What will happen in future?
Father: Hannah!! You didn't sleep yet?
Me: I slept for sometime father. Now I am not able to sleep. 
Father: You are looking restless. What happened dear? You are hiding something.
Me: Nothing father. 
Father: Do you like this marriage?
Me: No Father.  Crying.....
Father: What? Are you serious?
Me: Yes father.
Father: But, you and Jim were so close since childhood. I thought that you love him.
Me: I like him as my cousin. But, I don't love him.
Father: Then why didn't you tell me before?
Me: I was afraid. 
Father: Now also we have time. But, remember you will never get married to Albert.
Me: I love him father.
Father: You are a young girl. He wants to conquer our kingdom. He doesn't love you my dear. Forget him.
Me: Father!! He really loves me.
Father: You are young. You believe people very easily. 
Me: We are in love since two years. He never harmed me or misbehaved with me.
Father: Maybe he is acting like a good person. I think that he is not correct for you. Moreover he is our enemy's son.
Me: He will leave his kingdom after our marriage.
Father: Marriage!!! Nobody is getting married. 
Me: Please father. This would be the biggest gift to me.
Father: I can't keep you in trouble. 
Me: I am your daughter. I will never select a wrong person. Please believe me father.
Father: I believe you. But...
Me: Please....
Father: Ok.
Me: Thank you father. We planned to marry secretly somewhere in the mountains. 
Father: What? Secret marriage!!
Me: Yes father. But, I don't want to cheat you. I am happy that you agreed. I am sorry Father.
Father: I am proud to have you as my daughter. But, remember if Albert harms you, I will kill him. When did you plan for a secret wedding?
Me: We planned to go to the mountains tomorrow night at 8'o'clock. 
Father: Tomorrow go and meet him as per your plan. 
Me: Father!! What are you speaking?
Father: I will follow you. If he wants our kingdom, he may harm you and blackmail us. If something bad happens during your journey to the mountains,  I will kill him and you must marry the boy whom I selected. Is it ok?
Me: Yes Father.
Father: Are you confident that he will not harm you?
Me: Yes father. He will never harm me.
Father: I am confident that he will harm you. Promise me that you will listen to me if  I win.
Me: I promise you.
Mom: I will also come with you.
Father: Why?
Mom: I also love my daughter. 
Father: Ok. 
Mom: Don't tell Albert that we are following you. Promise me.
Me: Ok mom. I promise.
Mom: Don't tell your sister and Jim about this.
Father: Ok. I will not.
Me: Yes father. They may harm us.
Father: She is my sister. She will never harm me.
Me: Jim may harm.
Father: No dear. Anyway I will not tell anyone. I promise you.
Me: Thank you so much father. (Hugs and cries)
Father: Good night dear!!
Mom: Now sleep peacefully.
Me: Good night mother and father!!!
I didn't expect that my father will support me. Tomorrow he will come to know about Albert. He will be very happy to have him as his son in law. 
Chapter 20:
Mom: Good morning my dear!!!
Me: Good morning mom!
Mom: Be careful!! Don't let anyone know our plan. I am worried about you.
Me: Ok mom. I hope that everything will be fine. 
Mom: Yes. Me too. Let's have breakfast.
Me: Ok mom.
In the dining hall:
Jim: Good morning sweetheart!! We are going to get engaged. I am excited.
Aunt: What about you Hannah!! How do you feel?
Me: I am excited too.
Aunt: That's good. You are lucky to have Jim as your husband.
Me: Yes. 
Mom: Have your breakfast Hannah.
Me: Ok mom.
Aunt: Jim is a very good boy. You are the only girl in his life.
Me: Ok aunt.
Mom: Whispers... Speak with them as if you are excited. Otherwise they may get doubt. They know about you and Albert.
Me: Ok mom.
Aunt: What are you both speaking? I can't hear you. 
Mom: I am telling her that Jim is a very good boy and she is lucky to have him in your life.
Aunt: Ok. I am happy to hear that.
Me: Yes aunt. I am blessed to have him.
Mom: We have to select clothes for the engagement. We have to leave. The servants might have arrived.
Me: Yes mom. Shall we go?
Mom: Yes.
Aunt: Shall I come with you?
Me: No aunt. We will select clothes to gift you. I want to give you a surprise. 
Aunt: Ok. Thank you. 
Me: No mention aunt.
Mom: Let's go Hannah.
Me: Ok mom.
Mom: Be brave. I want you to take rest for sometime. You have to travel in the night. 
Me: Yes mom. But I am nervous. 
Mom: Nothing will happen.  Take rest for sometime. At 7:30 you must start from here. I will speak to Stephen.
Me: Ok mom.
Mom: Since two days you didn't sleep properly. You are restless. You need a peace of mind. Take rest for sometime. 
Me: Ok mom.
At 2:pm:
Me: Mary!! Please can you ask my Mom to meet me once.
Mary: Ok Princess. 
Mom: Good afternoon my dear. Now you look little better. I spoke to Stephen. He said to be ready by 7pm. There is a secret route to go to the clock tower from our palace. He will take you there. 
Father: After sometime, Me and your mom will follow you. Even Stephen doesn't know that we are going to follow you.
Me: Father!!! Good afternoon!! Ok father.
Father: You will be fine. Don't worry. I will always protect you my dear.
Me: Ok father.
At 5pm:
I have only two hours left. I am happy that my father is supporting me. But, he don't trust Albert. I hope that he will understand Albert and come to know that he is a good person.
Mom: What are you doing my dear?
Me: Nothing mom.  Mom! I want to see all my photos in this palace.
Mom: There are thousands of photos. It takes a lot of time.
Me: I will see a few of them. Please mom.
Mom: Ok. We will see few photos. We must come back in 30 minutes.
Me: Ok Mom. Thank you so much. ( Hugs...)
I am excited to see my photos. I want to speak to my mom for sometime. 
Chapter 21:
At 6:30pm:
Mom: Oh my God!! It's 6:30. We have to go back. We have less time.
Me: Yes mom. We have only 30 minutes. 
Mary: What happened Princess? Do you have any problem? May I help you?
Me: Nothing happened. If I need something, I will ask you.
Mary: Ok princess. 
Me: Mom I am a little tensed.
Mom: Don't worry my dear.
Me: Jim is not a good guy. We must be careful. 
Mom: Yes. We will take care of everything. 
Me: Ok mom. You and father be careful. 
Mom: Ok dear. We don't have time. Stephen may come at any moment.
Me: Yes mom. Where is father? 
Mom: I will ask him to come. You go to your room and get ready.
Me: Ok mom.
After sometime:
Father: Are you ready Hannah??
Me: Yes father. Thank you so much father. ( Hugs...)
Father: You didn't win yet.
Me: But, thank you for supporting me.
Father: It's my responsibility. 
Mom: Stephen is waiting for you. Take care my dear.
Me: Ok mom. Bye mom.( Hugs...)
Father: Take care sweetie. 
Me: Ok Dad. Bye 
Father: Bye. We are always with you. Never panic. 
Me: Ok father. 
I am going to meet Stephen. It may take 5 minutes to reach there. I can see him waiting. 
Stephen: Good evening princess!! Is everything ok?
Me: Good evening Stephen! Yes. Everything is fine.
Stephen: There is a secret way behind that portrait. We have to go from there.
Me: Ok.
Stephen: Princess! First I will go and move it aside. Then we can go inside.
Me: Ok. Good luck!!
Stephen: Ok princess.
Me: Are you ok Stephen? Is it done? I can't see you. It's too dark.
Stephen: I am ok princess. It's ready. Please come here. We can go inside.
Me: I am coming.
This palace is very beautiful. It's a very good experience. I am attached to this place. It's maybe because of my parents. Without them this palace is nothing.

Chapter 22:

Stephen: Be careful princess! It's very dark. After sometime we will use a lamp.

Me: Ok Stephen. It's an adventure. 
Stephen: Yes.
Me: How much time will it take to reach the clock tower?
Stephen: Around 15 minutes. 
Me: Ok.
Stephen: We used to play so many games when we were kids. Do you remember?
Me: Maybe.
Stephen: Yes. We were best friends. 
Me: Now also we are best friends Peter.
Stephen: Not Peter! I am Stephen. 
Me: Yes Stephen. I was joking.
Stephen: Haha!! Ok. I will always support you. I will be your best friend forever.
Me: Thank you!! We will be best friends forever.
Stephen: I hope so. I am happy to hear that from you.
Me: Haha!!
Stephen: Now we can use a lamp. Nobody can see us.
Me: Ok.
Stephen: Look at the walls. There are so many portraits. 
Me: They are very beautiful. Why did they keep them here? It's a secret passage.
Stephen: Your father uses this passage very often. He likes paintings. That's why there are so many paintings here.
Me: Wow!! That's great.
Stephen: Please cover your face. We will reach the clock tower in few minutes.
Me: Ok Stephen. 
After few minutes:
Stephen: We reached the clock tower. Be careful princess. If you see anyone following us, please inform me.
Me: Ok.
Jack: Stephen!! I am here.
Stephen: Where? I can hear you. But, I can't see you. 
Jack: I am behind the clock tower. Come here.
Stephen: Ok.
Jack: Princess!! How are you?
Me: I am fine. Where is Albert? Are you ok?
Jack: I am ok. He will be here in few minutes. 
Me: Ok.
Jack: There he is. Can you see a white horse coming?
Me: Yes. There are 3 more horses. 
Jack: Yes Princess. They are for me, Stephen and one soldier.
Me: Soldier?
Jack: Yes. One of our soldiers will come with us.
Me: Ok. Where is he?
Jack: He will come soon. He is a very good warrior. That's why we asked him to come.
Me: Ok.
Stephen: Robert came.
Me: Who is Robert?
Jack: The soldier.
Me: Ok.
Robert: Princess Hannah!! I am Robert.
Me: He is my eldest son. I didn't expect this.
Robert: Princess!! 
Me: Nice to meet you.
Robert: Me too princess. I am here to protect you.
Jack: He is a very good friend of mine.
Me: He is your father.
Jack: Haha!!!
Stephen: Now a days princess is cracking so many jokes.
Me: Haha!! Yes.
Jack: Haha!!
Albert: My love!! How are you? Is everything ok?
Me: I am fine Albert. You look restless.
Albert: Yes. I was making all arrangements. 
Me: Ok.
Albert: Finally we are going to get married. I am very happy. Let's start.
Me: Me too. Let's start.
Albert: We both will go on white horse.
Me: Ok.
Stephen: Me and Jack will go in front of you. Robert will follow you. We can check for enemies from front and he can check from behind. We can detect enemy's presence easily.
Albert: Ok. Come on my love. Let's go.
Me: Ok.
Albert: Your dress colour and our horse colour are the same.
Me: Haha!!!
Albert: You are looking so beautiful. 
Me: Thank you!!!
Albert: Let's start. 1...2....3...
We started going to the mountains. I can't see my parents anywhere. Maybe they are following us secretly. They are intelligent. I feel so excited and happy.
Chapter 23:
After 4 hours:
Albert: We will take a break. We have been travelling for 4 hours. Hannah might be tired.
Stephen: Ok. 
Jack: Actually we must stop here. Our soldiers will come and provide food for us. I asked them to come to this place. We will wait for them.
Stephen: Ok.
Robert: Ok. We need some rest.
Albert: Yes. We will stay here for sometime. 
Stephen: Why is Hannah silent? She is not speaking anything. 
Albert: She is sleeping. Look at her. She is sleeping like a small kid in my arms.
Stephen: Yes. She loves you so much.
Jack: Yes.
Me: Where are we? Did we reach the mountains?
Albert: No. We will take rest for sometime. We have to eat something. 
Me: Who will cook for us?
Jack: Our soldiers will bring food for us.
Me: Ok.
Behind the bushes:
Mom: Why did they stop here? Maybe they planned for an attack.
Father: Maybe. Let us see. If they harm our daughter, we will attack. 
Mom: Yes.
Jack: Our soldiers are coming.
Stephen: Yes.
Soldiers: Prince Albert!!! Here is your food.
Albert: Thank you!! You may leave.
Soldier: Ok Prince. Goodbye!!
Albert: Goodbye!!!
Behind the bushes:
Mom: They came to give food. So, no problem. 
Father: Yes.
Albert: Let's have food.
Me: Ok.
Robert: I will eat later. I will look for enemies.
Jack: Ok. Take care. If you find someone, inform us.
Robert: Ok.
Stephen: I will call you after I finish eating. I will take your duty and you can eat.
Robert: Ok.
Behind the bushes: 
Father: This young man seems to be very intelligent. He may find us. We will go to some other place before he comes.
Mom: Yes. We will go.
After sometime:
Stephen: Robert!!! I finished eating. You may come.
Robert: I am coming.
After one hour:
Albert: Shall we start?
Me: Ok. When will we reach ?
Albert: It takes a longtime. We may reach by tomorrow evening. 
Me: Ok.
Stephen: I have food with me. We can eat it later.
Albert: Ok. We will take a break after 6 hours.
Jack: Ok.
Stephen: Ok.
Robert: Ok.
Albert: Let's start.
Me: Ok.
I am worried about my parents. Did they eat? Are they tired? We must travel for a long time. Will they be alright? I hope that they will be fine.
Chapter 24:
After 6 hours:
Albert: Hannah!! Good morning!
Me: Good morning!!
Robert, Jack and Stephen: Good morning Albert and Hannah!!
Albert and Me: Good morning!!
Albert: Let us take a break. 
Robert: Yes.
Stephen: We will eat some food.
Albert: Yes. Hannah might be hungry.
Jack: Ok.
Stephen: There's a tree. Maybe we will eat there.
Me: It will be good. 
Robert: There's a river here.
Albert: Wait we are coming.
Me: It's so beautiful. I love mother nature.
Albert: Me too. It's so pleasant. This place is really awesome.
Stephen: We will come here after eating. 
Jack: Nobody knows this place. I think that it's very safe.
Robert: But, we must be careful. 
Albert: Yes. Robert is right.
Me: Yes. 
Stephen: Let's have some food.
Albert: Yes.
After sometime:
Me: Let's go to the river. 
Albert: Ok.
Jack: Me and Robert will look for enemies. Stephen will come with you.
Albert: Ok.
Me: Albert!! Can I ask you something?
Albert: Yes.
Me: Do you like my father?
Albert: Ofcourse. He gave me a beautiful girl.
Me: You are not angry with him?
Albert: No. He is a good father.
Me: After our wedding will you treat him as your own father?
Albert: Ofcourse my love. Don't worry. If he accepts me as his son in law, I will do by best to prove myself. I will take care of your parents.
Me: Thank you!!
Albert: I will never harm your family.
Me: I know.
Albert: Don't think all these things. Enjoy the nature. Look at the river. It's so beautiful. 
Me: Yes.
From a distance:
Father: I think Albert is a good boy.
Mom: Yes. He is taking care of our daughter very well.
Father: I think Hannah will win.
Mom: Yes.
Albert: We will start in 10 minutes. 
Me: Ok.
Jack: Ok. We may reach by 6'o'clock in the evening. 
Stephen: Yes. Maybe 6 or 7
Robert: Yes.
Albert: Let's start.
Chapter 25:
Albert:We finally reached the mountains. 
Jack: Yes.
Me: Really!!! 
Albert: Yes.
Me: I am happy that we reached safely. 
Albert: There is a cave. We will go there. Nobody knows that place. 
Me: Ok.
Stephen: We will make arrangements for the wedding. 
Jack: Yes. By tomorrow morning. 
Albert: Ok.
Robert: Someone is coming. Maybe enemy. Let's go Jack!!
Stephen: I will also come.
Robert: Ok.
Me: Maybe my parents are coming. I should go with them. They may harm them.
Albert: What?
Me: Yes.
Albert: Then let's go.
Father: Hannah!!! You won.
Me: How are you father?
Father: I am ok my dear.
Robert: Attack!!! 
Albert: No!! They are her parents. 
Robert: Ok prince. Maybe they came to harm you.
Albert: Let us see. But, we shouldn't harm them.
Mom: Hannah!! Are you ok?
Me: Yes mom. 
Father: I agree for your wedding. Albert is a good boy. I was wrong. 
Me: Thank you so much father!! (Hugs)
Albert: Thank you!!
Father: God bless you!! You need not marry secretly. We will go back to the kingdom.
Albert: But, if my parents come to know...
Father: I will speak to them.
Albert: They may attack us.
Father: No my son. Don't worry. I will manage. 
Albert: Can I call you "father"?
Father: Yes.
Albert: Thank you Father!!
Father: I am happy to have you as my son in law.
Me: Did you eat ?
Mom: No we didn't. 
Me: We have food mom. You and father can have it.
Albert: Yes. We will take rest for sometime and go. It's very far. You both need rest.
Mom: Ok my son.
Me: First you and father eat.
Mom: Ok my dear.
Albert: We will go to the cave.
Me: Ok.
Jack: Is this a dream? I didn't expect this. I am happy.
Stephen: Me too. Princess Hannah is the happiest person. I am very happy for her.
Robert: This is a very precious moment.
Jack: Congratulations!!! Albert and Hannah!
Robert: Congratulations!!!
Stephen: Congratulations!!
Me and Albert: Thank you!!!
Albert: We reached the cave. Hannah!! Take care of your parents and give them food.
Me: Ok.
Albert: I will bring water.
Me: Father!! Please have food.
Father: Ok my dear.
Me: Mom!! You too.
Mom: Ok sweetie. 
Me and my parents are very happy.  I hope that we will go back to the kingdom safely.

Chapter 26:

After sometime:

Me: Albert didn't come yet. I am worried.
Albert: Finally I found water. Give it to your parents. 
Me: I was worried about you.
Albert: I didn't find water nearby. I had to go very far.
Me: Ok. Take rest for sometime my love.
Albert: Ok.
Father: Thank you my son!! 
Albert: It's my pleasure father.
Jack: Albert!!!! Enemies are coming. We must go to some other place. Robert and Stephen will fight with them.
Albert: What??? 
Jack: Yes. Jim came to know about your secret wedding.  He sent his army to attack us.
Albert: Ok. We must search for a safe place. We will keep Hannah and her parents there and go for war.
Jack: Ok Albert.
Father: Jim sent his army?? I didn't expect this. So many people told me about him. But, I never believed. 
Albert: Father!! Let's find a safe place. 
Father: We have a secret fort nearby. We usually rest there while travelling long distances. Nobody knows that place. 
Jack: But, it's easy to find the fort.
Father: It is a special fort. It is covered by trees. It's very difficult to find.
Albert: Ok father. We will go there.
Me: Yes.
Mom: Yes. We will go there.
Father: We reached. Let's go inside.  Follow me.
Albert: Nobody can detect it. It's good.
Me: Yes father. It's good. 
Albert: Me and Jack will go to fight. Stephen and Robert can't manage.
Me: Ok. But, be careful. 
Albert: Ok my dear. I love you.
Me: Me too.
Father: I will also come with you. 
Albert: Father!! You protect Hannah and mom. Please be with them.
Father: Yes. Take care my son.
Albert: Ok father.
Me: Take care Jack.
Jack: Ok princess. Bye.
Me: Bye.
Albert: Bye my love. 
Me: Bye. 
I hope that they will return back safely. This is highly unexpected. What is going to happen? I don't want to lose any of my loved ones. If the situation worsens, I will also go to fight.
Chapter 27:
After 2 hours:
Me: I am worried about them father. They didn't come back yet. Are they ok?
Father: I hope that they are fine. Let us wait for sometime. 
Me: It became too dark.
Mom: Yes. Let us hope that they are fine.
Me: Shall we go and help them?
Father: No my dear. You can't come. Jim may harm you.
Me: Yes father.
Father: We will wait for sometime. If they will not come back, I will go to help them.
Me: Ok father.
Mom: Yes. Let's wait for sometime. 
After sometime:
Robert: Jim's army is very powerful. It's difficult to defeat them.
Me: Your right hand is injured. It's bleeding. 
Robert: Yes princess. It's very painful. 
Father: There's a medicines box in this fort. We can use it for wounds.
Mom: Yes. I will treat him. I learnt first aid.
Me: Ok mom. I also learnt. I will help you.
Robert: Thank you!!!!
Father: I will go to help them. They need my help.
Mom: Ok. Be careful. 
Me: Yes father. Take care. 
Father: Bye bye. Take care of Robert.
Me and Mom: Bye bye.
After 1 hour:
Me: Robert!! Are you feeling better?
Robert: Yes princess. 
Mom: Take rest for sometime Robert.
Robert: Ok. After sometime I will go to fight. I will help them.
Mom: You are not in a good condition. It's better not to go.
Robert: It's my responsibility to protect the Prince. I have to go after sometime. 
Mom: Ok. You are so responsible and good person. I can't stop you.
I can't see my son in this position. I am worried about my family.

Chapter 28:

After sometime:

Me: Mom!! Shall I go and help them?
Mom: No my dear. It's not safe. We will wait for them.
Albert: My love!!! Are you ok?
Me: Yes Albert. You are injured. You need treatment. 
Albert: We defeated Jim's army. 
Me: Thank God!! We don't have any problem. 
Albert: No!! My parents also sent army to attack us. The situation is worsening. I came to see whether you are safe or not. I have to go back to fight.
Father: No!! Jim sent few more soldiers to attack us. Your parent's army is also very powerful. There are more than 2000 soldiers. We can't fight with them. We must hide here. Jack and Stephen will also escape and come here after sometime. 
Me: Father!! But, if they will find us.
Father: They can't find us. I hope so.
Me: Your leg is injured father. Me and mom will treat you. 
Father: Let Jack,Robert and Stephen come. If they don't come, I will go and bring them.
Jack: Albert!!! Are you ok? 
Albert: Yes. What about you? Where are Robert and Stephen??
Jack: I am ok. They will come. 
Albert: Ok.
Stephen: Finally we came.
Robert: Yes.
Mom: All are badly injured. Hannah!! First we must give them treatment. 
Me: Yes mom.
Robert: I am sorry Prince. We tried our best.
Albert: No need to tell sorry. You are a great warrior. 
Mom: Shall we begin the treatment?
Me: Yes mom.
After sometime:
Strangers: They came this way. They might be somewhere here only. We must find them.
Me: Mom!! Did you hear that?
Mom: Yes. We must off all the lamps.
Me: Yes mom. I will off.
Albert: We all will be together. Don't make any noise. They may find us.
Father: Yes.
It's very hard for me to see my loved ones getting injured. What will this lead to? What will happen if they will find us? We are helpless.

Chapter 29:

After sometime:

Jim: Albert!!! Hannah!!! Where are you? I will find you for sure. Nobody will be alive. I will kill everyone. 
Albert: I will kill him.
Me: You will not go out. There are so many soldiers. Promise me.
Albert: Ok. I promise you.
Jack: Me and Stephen will wait near the entrance. If anyone tries to come inside, we will kill them.
Father: No. We can't fight with them. There are more than 2000 soldiers.
Me: Yes. We all will be together. 
Mom: They will find us by tomorrow morning.
Albert: We are surrounded by enemies.
Mom: Yes. We can't save ourselves. We will make this night memorable. Let us have some fun. We all will die tomorrow. 
Father: Yes. It's very sad to hear that. But, we must accept the truth.
Albert: Yes. Let's celebrate. We have very less time.
Me: Yes. But, it's very hard to accept. 
Albert: Yes.
Me: I don't want to lose you and my family. 
Albert: Me too. I will never leave you.  I will be by your side even in death.
Me: Me too Albert. (Hugs and cries).
Albert: Don't cry my love. I promise you that I will never leave you. I will be with you forever.
Me: Ok my love.
Father: We all will speak for sometime. Let us speak about our sweet memories. Let us be happy before we die.
Me: Father!! I am sorry. It's because of me.
Father: No sweetie. It's not your mistake. Forget everything. Let's have some fun. We have very less time.
Albert: Yes.
Mom: Yes. Let's have a nice time.
Jack: It must be the best time in our lives.
Robert: Yes.
Stephen: Yes. Let's start with Albert.
Albert: The most precious moment in my life is the day I met Hannah. I can't forget that day. 
Jack: That's great.
Stephen: Tell us your story.
Albert: Ok.
After 2 hours:
Father: We all shared our sweet memories. Now let's play any game.
Mom: Are you serious?
Father: Yes.
Me: But, what can we play here?
Father: We have few games in this fort. Whenever we come, we play for sometime. I will go and bring one.
Me: Ok father.
Albert: I am excited to play with you Hannah. We never played any game.
Me: Yes. Are you ok Albert? Are your wounds hurting?
Albert: No. I am ok. As long as you are with me,I can't feel any pain.
Me: Oh my love!! (Hugs)
Albert: Your father is coming. I am excited.  What will he bring?
Me: I am also excited.
Mom: I hope that it will be interesting. 
Jack: Yes.
Stephen: Yes.
Robert: I am so excited. 
Father: Here's the game. It's  "Game of the Kings".
Me: What?? The same game. I can't believe.
Father: You know this game before?
Me: No father. I heard of it.
Albert: I don't know about it.
Father: Ok. Shall we start.
Stephen: Yes. We have less time. In few hours, there will be sunrise.
Jack: Yes.
Robert: We must play atleast for one hour.
Mom: Yes.
Albert: Yes.
Father: Divide into two groups.
Jack: But, we are seven people.
Father: Yes. In each group 3 people. I am the king. I will wait in the palace. Who will reach me the first, will be the winner.
Albert: Wow!! Ok father. It's interesting. 
Father: Each one will have a horse. 
Mom: Ok.
Albert: Me,Hannah and Robert will be in one group.
Mom: Ok. Me, Jack and Stephen will be in one group. 
Father: Ok. Who will start the game?
Albert: We will start.
Father: You must push the "Begin" button.
Albert: Ok father. Hannah will start.
Oh my God!! I am afraid to push the "Begin" button. Where will this take me now? It's the same game. I am afraid to touch it. What is going to happen?

Chapter 30:

Albert: Push the button Hannah!! 

Me: Ok.
Father: Yes sweetie.
Me: Finally I pushed the button. 
After 20 minutes:
Me: I am afraid to open my eyes.
Peter: Granny!!! Wake up. 
Me: Thank God!! I came home. I can open my eyes.
George: Granny!! Wake up. 
Me: Peter!! Are you ok? I am glad to see you.
Peter: It's like a dream. Me and George grew up. You and Grandpa became young. You were so beautiful. 
Me: Do you remember everything?
Peter: Yes granny.
George: I also remember. We all were badly injured. 
Me: Yes. I was afraid. 
Peter: Where is grandpa?
George: He is sleeping.
Peter: We will wake him up.
Me: Yes. Let's go.
Peter: Grandpa!!! Please wake up.
John: How are you? Is everyone ok? Is it a dream?
Peter: We are fine grandpa. It's because of the game.
John: Where is granny? Is she ok?
George: Yes grandpa. She is fine.
Me: John!! Are you ok? I am afraid. 
John: Yes. I promised you that I will never leave you.
Me: Yes.
George: Granny!! Can we go there again?
Me: I don't know.  But, I don't want to go. I don't want to lose anyone of you.
John: Yes it's dangerous. 
Me: I saw my father after a longtime. 
John: Yes. I am happy. 
Peter: This game is amazing. 
George: Yes.
John: Yes. I remembered my past. It's really a good experience. But, a little dangerous. 
George: Yes grandpa.
Peter: Where is the game?
George: It's here.
Me: Let us keep it back in the store room.
Peter: Ok granny.
After sometime: 
George: I thought that Peter never likes me. But, I was wrong grandpa.
John: Yes. I am happy that you realised. 
George: Yes.
Peter: Yes. We have a strong bond between us.
Me: Yes. I am happy that we all are safe and together. 
John: Yes.
I was wrong. I thought that we all don't have a strong bond among us. If we always fight, it doesn't mean that we donot love each other. Inspite of many fights and misunderstandings we are together means that there is some strong bond holding us together and we call it as love. I always used to think that John doesn't love me as before. But, I was wrong. He is still that John who wants my love, attention and care. I didn't understand him. My attitude towards love changed after having children and grandchildren. I became more responsible and spent less time with John. My priorities changed. But, John was always the same. I am his priority. His attitude towards love never changed. He expected my love, care and attention. But, I didn't reach up to his expectations. That's why he was sad. I will spend more time with him like before. Responsibilities shouldn't change our attitude towards love. I hardly go out with him. I will change by behaviour. I must give same love to all my loved ones.  I learnt so much because of this game. It's my dream game. 
Me: John!! Shall we go to my mom? I want to see her.
John: Ofcourse!! When will we go?
Me: Today or tomorrow. What do you think? If you are tired, we will go tomorrow. 
John: We will go today. I will never get tired. I can travel the whole world with you without getting tired.
Me: I am sorry John. I didn't understand you all these years.
John: We have so much time. We are just 65.
Me: Haha!! Yes. You are not angry with me?
John: No. I love you.
Me: I love you too.
John: Let's go to your mom's house.
Peter: Me and George will also come.
John: Ok.
Me: Ok. My mom will be very happy to see us.
John: Yes. Can you give me a promise?
Me: Yes. What promise?
John: Every Saturday we must visit any place.
Me: Ok. Thank you John!!. Thank you for being in my life.
John: You are my life. 
Family is everything. Don't lose your loved ones for small misunderstandings. Only the ones who love you, will expect something from you. Try to reach up to their expectations. I don't tell that we shouldn't fight. Fight but, never fall apart. I forgot to tell my name. My name is Susan.




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