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The storm clouds clear with the rain, But I can’t bear them to leave me, Im frigid and still, Forlorn as a runt by the road, Howling at the wind as Nails scratch into revered organs, I’m just a passerby in the hall, A ghost moving through the woods, Standing at abeyance in the ether, I wonder tonight, If I’ll I see you in my dreams, We’re a toss between extremes, Flying past the hills, Like bulls who grew angel wings.

I’ll bear the burden of my actions and yours, A noble sacrifice of pride, After all im just a specimen in your petri dish, Make me cold and blue, Like hail clouds from a birds eye view, A fawn crossing the trail is Timorous at dusk, Intimidated by yellow headed mortals, Austere and ephemeral, They must laugh at us in fear, As we steer a pyramid of complacency, High and scintillating in the haze, Like lights treacly lined across the city, And time gives no mercy for mistakes, For bubbles pop and fog fades, To the rhythm of a thousand ants, Building a pile under leaves as they’re raked.

As distance becomes near again, A siren rings with glum urgency, It’s true I’m floating in a space overcast, But I’m downdraft, And it’s just the proper tension for confluence, Meet me on the grassy hill, With grape jelly & crab apple cakes, For a picnic in trees shade, Your strawberry fingerprinted dress, Smells sweet as the sun, Gleams between branches Leave freckles to kiss, And my fingertips can’t bear, Another night alone.

Submitted: June 18, 2020

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