Grow House

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Kent discovers the nefarious intentions of Earths future inhabitants.
My cover painting "Alien Origins"

Kent rolled was 8:30, his neural alarm had been blaring in his head for thirty minutes. He stared at the ceiling. Blinking twice to activate his window, the static view of his schedule was now on full display. White ceilings has given way to a bright light green colour, and for the last five years it had been the trend,  and subsequently his job painting them. It was the perfect substrate for windowview, a neural link that had replaced phones, tablets, and computers. For one thousand credits and fifteen minutes,  you could have your implant, on the same day you could read a book while your interface drove you to work, or wherever you needed to go. Just plug yourself in, and the interface system did the rest.

The possibilities were literally endless.

Except today, he had to replace his bioportal power block. Without it, his daily functions would be thrown into disarray. He blinked three times to see his credential screen appear on the ceiling.  "Order new Powerblock" he said, as he stretched his arms and legs. The graphics chimed and blinked on the display. "Please complete your order!" The insistant sexy, breathless female voice replied. It still turned him on a bit and also repulsed him in the same instance. Using sex to sell everything seemed juvenile, and pandered to older blokes like him, he was turning 68 in a few days, and because of his regeneration therapy,  his body was like that of a thrity year old. He had a zero credit balance, and he knew he had to find some dough.

Kent rose to the new morning. He stumbled into his bioshower to be cleansed for the day. The Lav had more room now, since the antiquated toilet and sink had been removed, so he added some algae tanks, they fed off his waste and also produced his proteins for his food synthesizer. 

He stepped in and pushed the button. The bowel bench raised to meet his bum, as the extractor went to work, the sucking sound reminded him of a straw trying to inhale the last bit of a milkshake. The mister surrounded him as the jets of water first hot them , warm blasted his skin.the scalp massager came to rest on his head, as the P-pump embraced his member. He sighed as he relieved himself. The warmth of the lazer shaver flashed on his face, as the still disgusting smell of burning hair lingered for a second.

Normally, everthing would have retracted at this point, but the powerblock died, leaving Kent with his robotic lav holding him hostage. It was shaping up to be as bad a day as any from the previous week. He was laid off from his ceiling painting job, and like most people, he'd laid in bed with his neural link and explored the the Windowverse. 

Kent pulled out the waste tube and awitched off the Lav. His body was still moist yet, as the dryers hadn't come on before the power loss.he walked out into the hall closet where his old bathtowels had been stored, he noticed that they still smelled fresh as he began to dry himself manually. 

The living room wall blinked as the morning news flashed on. He had programed the room to come on at 9am. His breakfast is ready notification was blinking in his left eye, along with the 12 hour warning of complete system shutdown, he thought it rude that the lavatories were the first to go in such instances. He blinked each eye to turn it off. His F-Synth light was flashing as he opened the tray, 

While it had the appearance of a western omelet, the taste was still lacking subtle differences from the real thing, but, he ate it anyway. The coffee hadn't been the same since the beans were destroyed by the fires that raged Columbia in 2024. Synthetic food had saved many, but it just wasn't as good as the real thing, and he remembered what actual food tasted like.

He sat down with his fake coffee and blinked through the walls job posts.

GROW HOUSE ADMINISTRATOR WANTED....he laughed to himself as he read the heading, knowing that used to mean something else. He stared for three seconds then blinked five times. The wall fluttered as the smiling oversized face spanned the wall.

"HELLO! " the overly make-uped face spewed, pearl white teeth now dancing on the wall. 

"I was calling about the Job? The Administrator job?" Kent asked.

"YES! " the synthetic persona replied. "You can inquire at"

"I'm sending the neural link now!" The sing-songy voice replied

The microprocessor heated his temple, as the information was being received. 

"CONNECT" Kent said, adding "Transfer visual display " the wall fluttered to see the GHS logo, with a house graphic growing beside it.

"This is your House grown coordinator connecing you to the next available operator." The disembodied voice spoke. A synthetic operator appeared, she was an early Japanese female model, who had that annoying breathless "Ahh" at the end of each sentence.

"So, Mr Rollins, you would like to participate in out beta test of GrowHouse?" She asked, tilting her head slightly and adding the "Ahh" which actually sounded more like "oi".

"Yes, what are the requirements, and the pay?"Kent got straight to the point. 

"It is a six month contract, you will be paid $30,000 for each house you grow, rental agreements upkeep and maintenance are the responsibility of each caretaker, you will be provided with available lots in your area, each house takes 9 days to grow, upon completion,  your account will be credited." Again cocking the head with the annoying noise.

"Where do I sign?" He asked, "This neural agreement is being recorded, all you have to say is Yes!" "YES! " he said without hesitation.

"THANK YOU Mr Kent Rollins! you are now a provisional gardener of your first GrowHouse! " "oi" followed by the breathless quirk.

"The starter pack is now being express droned to your location, arrival estimated in 45 to 75 minutes, the lot is located at 347 East Hammerland dr. That is approximately fourteen blocks from your present location.  Thank you for choosing GROWHOUSE!"

The wall flickered off to the video of a brook in a fall land landscape. 

$30,000! Great! That was easy, hopefully growing houses wasn't as hard as it seemed.

Neural was a drug found on the street,  unhaled, it gave the user a euphoric feeling for about 8 hours. Most gamers used it to stay alert, for long online campaigns. Kent's habit had put him in the hole, so the payment would eliminate his debt, give him a surplus, and keep him going.

The proximity alarm went off, he went to his balcony door and opened it to see the drone with the large grey box, with GHS on the side. "That was Fast.." he said, as he signed the text pad with his finger, and the drone released the box and flew away.

A side affect of Neural is that your hair falls out, and is replaced by strands of flat lavender plastic strips, most people shave it off, but some flaunt it and roll them into dredlocks. Kent prefered to shave his off, he couldn't go to the powerblock recycler with points of purple popping out of his head. His straight razor, an antique his mother gave him before she died would do the trick.

The GrowHouse commission came with a $5000 sign up payment just enough to replace his power unit and buy some more happiness. He hopped on his hovercraft and floated down the building to the street. He would go past Hammerland to see the lot, on the way.

Dexifine was Kents plug, she was a dancer at a club at night, and a neural dealer in the daytime, she was one of the best first person shooters you'd ever meet, along with an uncanny skill of terrain mapping, if you ended up in a tight spot Dexi could certainly extract you. She also had no problems having sex for credits, and lived a few doors down from the empty lot. 

Dexi came to the door in a sheer nightgown, her eyes moving wildly, "Windowing!" She shouted, as she turned and rushed back to her king sized bed, grabbing her controller, staring at the freshly painted green ceiling and shooting rapidly., oblivious to the fact that she was for all intents and purposes,completely naked under the see through garment. "Can I  join you?" Kent asked, "Sure," she said as he laid down next to her and touched his temple "Activate Windowview" he said, as the ceiling turned into a post Apocalyptic battlefield. Zombies and aliens lying dead all around them. He reached into his jacket for his controller, a small cylinder about the size of an old pill bottle with a trigger and a button on top. He looked over at her for a second, she was perfect.

The lack of conversation was substituted wth rapid gunshots and lazer blasts, as the scene enveloped him. In the window she looked like Ripley in the half shirt from aliens with cargo pants and a huge repeating lazer rifle. He couldn't decide which version of her looked better. 

"Campaign Complete" the electronic voice said as the neural link ended. "WHEW!" Dexi said exhaustingly. "That new cyclotron rifle has some kick! Wanna cuppa?" "Sure" Kent sighed, transfixed on his obliviously beautiful mate. She pushed the button on F Synth, as the cups began to fill.

"So you remember Jax Mason?" She asked, passing the cup to Kent. "Yeah...Neural guy right?" He said. "He was shot by Robos while boosting a pharm....lazered him 63 times!"

"I am guessing he's dead now?" Kent quiried. "Fucken A! cheesed his ass!" She blurted, then smiling, sipping her coffee, adding  "He raped me you know." She was obviously satisfied with the outcome.

"Well I am now a Home gardener!" Kent added happily, slapping his hand on his knee. "Whoa! Look at us! Great things are happening for both of us!" She smiled, adding "Got my 3 grand?" Kent smiled "Yes I do!" He pulled his sleeve up to expose his credit chip, Dexi grabbed her scanner off the bedside table. "Transfer 3 thousand" the automated voice asked. "YES" Kent added. "Another 600 and we can have some fun?" Dexi asked.

"Sure" Kent grinned. He secretly wanted to anyway, it had been months since he'd had any relief. 

"Sexicron, or Madam Dungeness?" Dexi asked, obviously excited. 

"You pick" Kent couldn't stop grinning. The day was turning out excellently,  he thought, as he began to take off his shirt. "Wanna Neural first? I'll give you a few for the road." Dexi asked. "You Know I can't say no." Kent added, he shoved the remainder in his pocket after huffing the first cap.

Having sex in the Windowverse was exhilarating. Especially when your partner is a nubile beauty, she liked the roll play that came along with it, which included a titillating ten minutes of sex talking foreplay. She loved performance,  whether on stage, in a game, or straddling me. She liked being in control, thats why she chose Madam Dungeness. 

The neural hit had accentuated the experience,  he was completely engorged, and enjoyed every minute of the blissful encounter. 

Dexi climaxed within the first twenty minutes, collapsing on top of him, her firm young body never yeilding..

"I got some excellent weed", she sighed,  reaching over him to the cubicle in the headboard, her erect nipples brushed his face. She lit the spliff and inhaled, then stuck it in his mouth, he inhaled and stared at the marvel before him, content that his day had gone from a dead power block to this.

Dexi rolled off as she took the joint, tapping it out in the ashtray. "One hit wonder!" She said with a giggle. "Hungry K-man?"  "No Love" Kent replied, unable to wipe the permanent grin from his face. 

"I gotta go plant this house." pointing to the grey box on his hovercraft. She peered through the blinds at the box. "Cool." She quiped. Kent got dressed, kissed Dexi on the cheek, and walked out to his Hov."Wanna come?" He asked. "Already did." She replied with a grin, waving him off.

He floated down to ground level vertically,  it was a weird feeling being held in place by the inertial dampening field,  but it had eliminated the need for helmets, and made collisions a thing of the past. "Destination" the bike asked "347 East Hammerland" he replied. "Your destination is 1.25 km away" the bike replied,  as it shot off in that direction.

The lot was indeed empty with the exception of a homeless camp, two or three old timers were sitting around a drum on fire with what looked like plucked pigeons on wire coat hangers dangling over it from each of them.

"Ah crap, this sucks" kent mumbled as he got off the Hov.

"Hey fellas" Kent said, trying to sound friendly. "Piss off" one old bloke sneered. Knowing that this wasn't going to be as easy as he thought. 

"Sorry boys but you gotta vacate the premises,  growin a house here today." Kent was firm but polite. "HE SAID PISSEN-ZEE OFF FUCKNUT!" another added. 

"Look, dont make this any harder man." Kent sighed.

"Son, do you know who this is? This is Major Franklin Boshe, he squashed the alien uprising on Klobar 3!" The remaining hobo explained. A long quaking rumble was heard afterwards,  like an exclamation point to his declaration. They all looked to the west, assuming it was just a mild earthquake. "Major, I am going to have to ask you and your platoon to move over to the next lot, couldn't be more than 500 yards, could you please do that for me?" Kent being ex military tried to reason respectfully. 

"What's it worth to ya?" The old cobber said. Kent checked his credits, blinking up the menu....1400 left. The power block was 1200. "I will give you 100 credits if you can do this Major." The old man rubbed his chin "200!" He blurted, exposing his checkerboard grin. "100, and I don't call the Robos"...Kent waited. "Ahhh fuck!.... Okay!"The old bloke shoved his pigeon all the way in the fire.

A few hours later the lot was cleared. He watched them move their tents from a neuro cafe across the street. A neural addict tried to grab the house box from his bike, but was immediately bounced off by his inertial dampening field,  he laughed as the other patrons looked up to see what made him giggle.

He rose and payed the robotender, 50 credits for a cup of oolong, seemed steep, knowing he had only powerblock money with 50 to spare. He hopped on the bike and glided across the street switching the bike off, and picking up the box. He carried it to the center of the lot, and placed his thumb on the download instructions.  The neural link flashed them into his subconscious mind.  He opened the box to see rows of alternative egg shaped of differing size. Each with an activation button, his link prodded him to place each one equidistant from each other in the configuration provided.clicking the button on each one. As he placed the last, they simultaneously burrowed into the ground.  A dampening field would be produced within ten minutes to keep any blockage from interference. Kent sat on his hovercraft and waited until the invisible fence activated.

He saw the field in his visual cortex appear. Mission accomplished he thought, as he steered his bike towards the Powerhouse recycling centre. 

The old power core was small, compact enough to  fit in your pocket. And as simple as it was, he had forgotten his. So a slight detour to go home and grab his was in order. Kent rounded the corner of his block to find his building in ruins. It looked like a bomb had gone off. That was the sound he'd heard while negotiating with the swaggies. Kent's apartment looked like ground zero. Had his old core overloaded?  It should have been inert, since it was drained. The Robos were on the scene with FR scanners, and since he had a pocket full of neural, he made a u-turn and headed back to Dexi's place.

When Kent arrived the door was closed, unusual as Dexi's door was always open. Her sentry robot was alway on, and standing in the charging cubicle. He could see through the window it was gone, the retina scanner scanned his eye."Kent Rollins is at your door" the electronic voice said.  Silence. He started to worry.  There was a green card tucked under a pot plant on her porch, Kent pulled it out, it was s coupon for a canna lotion,and on the back was scribbled five numbers, 11,14,64,32, 19. He had recognized the first two as her teleportal closet at the Mall of the Universe.  He tucked the  card in his pocket, and the Neural in her empty water can tucked behind her plants, he wouldn't want to get nabbed for it, being the Robos were on the look out for him. Kent hopped on his Hov and headed to the mall.

The MOU was amazing,  for a fee you could travel to all the corners of the galaxy and shop. From the Hex shoppes of Saturn , to the distant water baths of neptune, the pools near the inner core were rejuvenating to say the least. He parked on the side of the building, and stepped out onto the antigrav belt. He hated heights and looking fifty meters down made him queasy as he walked down the building to the entrance. The portals were on the ground level, so he didn't have much of a choice. He loooked on the holomap for Area 11, section 14. He touched it and the conveyor wisked him to the section. Floating was definitely better than walking down a building, and the weightless sensation was almost pleasant. "Destination" the hologram host asked tilting her head to one side. "Arch 64, row 32, door 19" Kent blurted, placing the card back in his pocket.  Again he was weightlessly hoisted to the door. The credit button was flashing 25 credits, Great, he thought realizing his need for a powercore was now obsolete. He placed his thumbon the keypad and the door opened he stepped inside and began to dematerialize as the Robos approached the door, his escape was timely if nothing else.

Epsilon was a resort planet. He recognized it from Dexi's holographic projector. The Hotel Grigsby was right in front of the portal station. The beautiful tropical environment was amazing. A robo taxi flashing a holographic nameplate that said "ROLLINS" was parked across the street. He walked up to it and said "I'm Rollins", to which the vehicle replied "Please Enter" the door opened and he stepped in. It shot off along the sun drenched coast and stopped on a condo balcony about 20 stories up.

Dexi was there, drinking a fru fru drink with a paper parasol in it. "You made it!" She squealed. "Yeah! My place blew up!" Duncan, her sentrybot, stood by holding a drink tray, with his favourite single malt on ice, he snatched it up and downed the contents.

"Four Growers have been blown up or executed." She blurted, "Looks like they get you to plant their houses, then off you. No more payments necessary..." Kent thought the deal was too good to be true. He was right. As it turned out, the buyers also were found deceased. Dexi told him the sordid details she'd pieced together from news reports, she explained that the trackers would have eventually followed his pheromones to her place,  so she decided to take precautions, and leave him a trail of bread crumbs. 

"Epsilon has the only Robo free extradition zone, so we should be safe here for a bit." She smiled, adding "Plus, Duncan is fully charged and Loaded....No Worries! " 

The girl had thought of everything, but Kent's head was still spinning from the teleportal trip. "TA matey!" Kent blurted, as he collapsed on the chaise lounge, exhausted from the experience. 

The startup GHS was a house growing business,  and as far as Kent could tell an Alien company. It was a subsidiary of Synthfoods Inc. The major conglomerate of the planet Kolob, yes the Mormons had been right all along. What wasn't told was that these inhabitants were the giants of old, refered to in the Bible and other ancient texts, called the Nephilim. Dexi explained all this while simultaneously rolling the fattest joint in history. 

"So why blow up my place? I had other houses to do?" Kent quiried. "Probably because they don't want to pay you the balance, it's  called "Nefarious Capitalism",Kent, look it up!" Dexi blurted, being well versed in modern conspiracies. 

"It's all on"she said handing him the smoldering spliff. Kent took a long drag, holding it in, so as to meld with the single malt. "Okay" he said desperate to hold the hit in as long as possible. He started to turn red before sputtering and coughing like a diesel engine.

They both lied back on the oversized bed, as Dexi said "let's Window it." They both took out their controllers as the green ceiling came to life. They shot a glance at each other, then proceeded to watch.

The headline said it all"Cannibalistic Giants set to colonize Earth" the video opened with a scripture. 

"And they brought up an evil report of the land which they had searched unto the children of Israel, saying, The land, through which we have gone to search it, is a land that eateth up the inhabitants thereof; and all the people that we saw in it are men of a great stature.

And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.

"Numbers 13: 32-33

"FEE FI FO FUM..." Dexi added. 

"Many people who have contracted with GHS, have been killed or missing." The narrator explained.  "These houses continue  to grow. In five years, they will reach maturity. ...then the colonization will begin." The visual was of a house five or six times larger than each neighbouring house.

Kent finally realized in his stupor that he was only a pawn in a global Cannibalistic Colonization event. He'd lost everything, except his beautiful friend. And for now, that was all he needed.

Submitted: June 18, 2020

© Copyright 2021 dewey green. All rights reserved.

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