The Flying Fool

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Thousand years has passed since the land of Astaria arose. In a thousand years humans can become gods, gods can become legends, legends can become fairy tales.

Now it is time for gods to walk among mortals. Legends to awaken. Fairy tales to become reality.

Join David as he begins his journey with the gods.

Expect nothing and everything

Table of Contents

The Burning Fish

____________________________________________________________ Darkness, pain, the feeling of loss, hunger as well. Then conscious... Read Chapter

The Laughing Jester

  "Mummy, look!" Tap, tap. "Mummy I will make you proud!" Tap, tap. "Mummy, save me." Tap, tap. "Alright... Read Chapter

The Awakening

"Ugh" "Shh, he's coming to" David slowly opened his eye but as he did so he was blinded by the sun, so doing the most logical thi... Read Chapter

The Arrival

If David didn't dislike nature before, he definitely did by now. With all the insects flying around, trying to either get a bite of him o... Read Chapter

The Chosen

Ether possession. A phrase used when a being born from, or in, the ether. Beings such as the popularly called demons. Full bodily control... Read Chapter

The Interlude

  'The voice?! Of course I can hear it, I embrace it, I follow it, I worship it for what it is! The word of god! And I am a holy... Read Chapter


  Come see the latest play by the genius dramatist Kimberley Dime! "The Stevenson pirates!" Young Billy leaves his home ... Read Chapter

The Ambush

  Shadows. The agents of the mage council. They're a known secret, everyone knows they exist but it's considered impolite to... Read Chapter

The Torture

  All taxes must be paid in a timely and organized manner. Each prince controls tax collection in his princedom War is forbidden... Read Chapter

The Reverse Fool

May contain imagery not suitable for ayounger audiance.
Read Chapter

The Escape

"Evil? Evil is subjective, my good man. What is evil to us might be perfectly normal to them. Who are we to judge what is evil or what is... Read Chapter

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