Walking Away with the Ray

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

A conversation with the Ray....

In the cold dark room

asleep as I lay,

through a narrow creek 

streams a glistening ray.


The ray beckons to me

as it draws near

A freezing stillness engulfs me,

a strange joy mixed with fear


The ray whispers to me,

it's shiny hands outstretched

Wake-up, Come with me,

it's you I have come to fetch


"Why?", I ask,

a sudden shiver running down my spine,

I have been here for long

Everything's here is mine


The ray smiles and speaks, with a voice ever so calm

"You are still dreaming, aren't you?

Look beyond this room to the endless open skies,

Don't you see that colourful hue?"


I open my eyes,

as if waking from a dream

a blissful warmth fills me,

right to the brim


I rise to embrace the ray

with all my might

putting abay all fear, 

and all fright


The ray hugs me lovingly,

it hugs me tight

And all I can see

is a dazzling mystical light

As if a new dawn is born,

from the womb of the darkest night

As if a new dawn is born,

from the womb of the darkest night


Holding the warm hands of the ray,

happily as I start walking away

my feet drifting effortlessly with the wind

just like a soul rises shedding it's old rind


Towards the vast openness

with the ray, as I soar

Why do I feel

as if I have walked these paths many times before?


The cold dark room

now fading from my sight

Lo! Lays in front of me is another world,

so beautiful, so bright

Submitted: June 19, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Subhrapattnaik. All rights reserved.

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