KS beyond (Vol. 1): What the future holds. Chapter 1 & 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Disclaimer: Based on Emi’s route (good ending) from Katawa Shoujo. Influenced through some of the other routes (scenes you don’t see in Emi’s route but could still realistically happen), some alternations. The pace is for now relatively slow and it’s mostly a simple daily life description of Hisao and Emi’s life after what happened in Katawa Shoujo. Not many scenic or appearance descriptions as this is meant to be read after playing the VN. I do try to describe new additions however obviously.
By no means a professional work, just a way for me to vent and fill a void created through my life situation (at the point of when I started writing this) and playing/reading Katawa Shoujo.

Current content: Chapter 1&2. Chapter 3&4 in next part!

KS beyond (Vol. 1): What the future holds

Chapter 1: Future Decisions

Exams are over but we still have a few weeks of classes ahead of us. Most of them are just about wrapping up the mandatory content before summer vacation and discussions about our future. They certainly aren’t the most interesting classes I’ve had in my so far relatively short time at Yamaku, but I don’t mind. It’s just been four days since I went to the cemetery with Emi, but I feel like a huge boulder that was blocking our relationship from progressing has evaporated just like that.

After morning class we’re sitting up on the roof as usual together with Rin to eat our lunch. Rin doesn’t seem to mind us smirking and grinning at each other most of the time, although we try to keep it to a minimum, so Rin doesn’t feel left out.

“Hey Emi”, Rin calls out. Emi is caught off guard and lets out a nervous giggle as she is torn out of her daydreaming. “Is something wrong with Hisao’s face?”, Rin asks her and smirks as Emi blushes and giggles even more.

„Is there?”, I find myself supporting Rin in teasing Emi.

“Jerks!”, Emi shouts as she punches me in the shoulder.


That was unexpected. A simple jab to the shoulder, not even a strong one made my heart cry out in pain. I clasp my chest and take a few deep breaths. I’m okay. Just a flutter. I keep thinking to myself. Emi suddenly gives me a horrified look.

“Sorry Hisao! Sorry Sorry! Are you okay ?!” she bursts out, close to tears.

“I’m okay”.

I’m reassuring her the same way I reassure myself. I’m okay.

Rin also suddenly had a serious face – which I didn’t even know it existed until now. She is generally very laid back about everyone’s... circumstances here, but it seems when the situation turns bad that even Rin can be a bit serious. She doesn’t say anything but her gaze pierces right through me. It seems like she can feel my anxiety about this heart flutter. In fact, ever since that first attack, I had on the track field on my second day with Emi, I didn’t have any more episodes. I’ve been taking my meds every day as I am supposed to, and my gradual improvement in stamina thanks to the exercise with Emi seem to have strengthened my heart quite a bit already. So…why now all of a sudden? As the school bell rings to mark the end of the lunchbreak, I decide that it was just an unlucky fluke and let it rest for now. Emi still looks at me worryingly while Rin went back to her usual indescribable facial expression.

“I’m okay”, I reassure her again and give her a light kiss on the head before we part ways to our classes.


I walk into Misha and Shizune in front of the class.

“Hello, Hicchan~”, Misha shouts way louder than necessary considering how close we were already standing to each other.

“Did you have a nice lunch break?”

“I sure did, but I don’t think the entire school is interested in that.”

“Wahahaha”, she laughs out loudly and Shizune starts signing something to her.

“You should have lunch with us from time to time as well so you can talk to some reasonable people as well! – Hey that’s not nice Shicchan~.”

Shizune takes on a victorious pose as if she wanted to underline her being the reasonable one. Misha realizing with some delay that Shizune was just joking, starts giggling and walks into class behind her. I walk in as well and I can’t help but notice Misha’s horrified look as she stares down on her desk.

“What’s wrong?”

The ever-cheerful Misha, horrified?

“Look at this Hicchan”, her voice is shaking.

She holds up a sheet in front of my paper. Future Career Plans. I can barely read it because of how close to my face she is holding it.

“So, you haven’t thought about your time after school yet, I take it?”

Misha moans in pain and Shizune lightly taps her on her back to console her.

I guess that confirms my suspicions. Misha really doesn’t seem like the type to think far ahead. But then again, I know a certain someone who doesn’t want to do that either. Personally, I’ve been pretty set on going to one of the universities that Yamaku is partnered with. They’re not specialised for students with disabilities per se, but their teachers – and hopefully most students – are supposedly more used to it so they know better how to deal with various problem that their students may have. Also, the medical institutions in those universities are generally better than the ones in an average university. The only thing I am not set on yet is my major. Mutou is hoping for me to go into sciences, which I don’t mind doing either, the problem is more about what kind of science. Engineering seems to be the most reasonable choice as I can branch out into many applications when I do a master’s degree later on. Theoretical physics seem very attractive as well, but I’m a bit afraid of the career choices I’d have after university…

Speaking of the devil – Mutou walks into class.

“I see everyone has already found their ‘assignment’ for today. Please fill it in by the end of class, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.”

After addressing the entire class, he turns to me expectantly.

“So, Nakai, have you decided on a course of action yet?”

“Direction yes, specifics no.” I start talking like Mutou. Maybe the time I’m spending with him in the science club is turning me into a younger version of him?

“That’s always difficult in the beginning. I’ve been there. I started university with more theory-based courses, so I had some more time to think what I want to apply it to.”

“So, if you can’t decide beforehand, I suggest doing plain physics or even mathematics until you know what exactly you want to go for.”

“…I did end up just graduation in theoretical physics though because I could never decide” he adds while chuckling a bit to himself.

Well, except for that last line, this was potentially the most helpful advice Mutou has ever given me – besides getting me into starting the science club.

“Thank you, I will remember that advice.”

He nods in agreement and starts walking around the class.

“Any progress, Mikado?” Mutou addresses Misha but she doesn’t give any verbal response – just some more moaning and grunting.

I start writing down a few of the routes I’m interested in and decide not to brood about the specifics for now. More importantly I need to talk to Emi about this as well…. I hope we can somehow stay together when transitioning into our life after Yamaku.


We didn’t make any plans for after the classes today, but since I want to talk to Emi about the career plans, I decide to go down to the track field and watch her club practice. I was held up a bit by Misha and Shizune after class (Misha was actually in tears and I couldn’t bear watching her like that), so the practice has already started when I arrive near the field. Sometimes I wish I could just participate in the track club’s practice, but the nurse has made it clear that I definitely shouldn’t overdo it and keep to the 4-5 morning runs a week for a while.

On the other hand, just watching Emi is very satisfying as well. She’s beaming with confidence while running – even more so than before and I like to think that I’m at least part of the reason for that. And that confidence makes her even more beautiful. I can’t take my eyes off her while she’s running her laps, passing the clubmates every now and then – including the team captain.

“Did she become even faster?”, I’m mumbling to myself as I get interrupted by a cheeky but familiar voice.

“Hey Loverboy.”

I turn around and see the nurse walking up to me with a big smile on his face.

“Could you not…”, I return with a face that you could describe as a mix of embarrassment and annoyance.

He chuckles at the sight and he looks like he has already accomplished his mission.

“I see Emi is energetic as ever – and I believe a thank you is in order for that.”

My expression changes to a surprised one.

“A thank you? To me?”

“Yes. Although she hasn’t told me any details, she hasn’t been talking about anything but you on her morning check-ups. So, I assume that you visiting her father went well. You’re probably the first person ever to get through to her and it seems like it has changed her a lot. And that’s why I wanted to thank you.”

“Errr, you’re welcome?”

It’s not like I did it for him, but I understand his emotions. He’s probably been the closest entity to Emi ever since her accident besides her mother. Something like a life advisor or even a father? I doubt Emi sees him as the latter though.

He smiles at my awkward reaction, but it seems like he really meant that thank you.

“Also…”, he continues and starts frowning a bit.

“I hear you had some trouble today…?”

“How did you- “

“I have eyes and ears everywhere”, he says grinning.

Who could have…Emi? No. She must’ve gone straight to practice after classes and wouldn’t have had time to see the nurse in between. That leaves…Rin? I wouldn’t have taken Rin as someone to go talk to the nurse over someone else’s wellbeing. Maybe I’ll ask her tomorrow.

“Yes...I had a bit of a flutter at lunch time. Emi jabbed me jokingly in the shoulder after we teased her a bit. Having a heart flutter really took me by surprise there considering….”

“Considering you’ve been improving a lot and didn’t have any problems recently?”


“That’s exactly the reason why I’m telling you to keep your exercise in moderation as well. Arrythmia is nothing to sneeze at, as you’ve experienced first-hand. It won’t just go away from exercising and one misstep can still cause you – and the people surrounding you – a lot of pain.”

I’m grimacing and nod in agreement.

“Anyways, you’re in great shape, considering the circumstances, and if you keep this up, you’ll be able to considerable prolong your life expectancies. Just don’t go messing it up with bad decisions, okay?” he says while winking at me.

“I will do my best.”

He turns around as he raises his hand to signal a goodbye and he walks back towards his office.


I hear the screaming coming from the track field below. Seems like I’ve been spotted.

Emi comes sprinting up to me with a big smile on her face, but she does stop for a second when she is about a meter or so away from me and starts frowning.

“You okay?”

Seems like she remembered what happened at lunchtime.

“I’m okay.”

She hesitates for another second but then she decides to jump in my arms and give me a big hug and a quick kiss.

“I’m sorry, I’m all sweaty. I went all out today.”

“Aren’t you always going all out?” I return smiling and patting her head. I don’t mind her being sweaty at all.

She blushes a bit and lets out a giggle.

“I do…”

I pull her towards me and embrace her tightly. She returns it in kind. We stand there for a few seconds before breaking the hug.

“Do you want to have dinner together? I can use the dorm’s kitchen and make a Hisao special if you’d like.”

“Sounds great!” and she gives me a big smile – just before she starts frowning again.

“But I can’t come over until a bit later, Rin asked me to help her with something, so I’ll have to see her first”

She’s making her irresistible puppy-eyes face, as if it was needed in this situation.

“No problem, I can do the groceries myself and start preparing a bit until you’re ready. Let’s say…20:00?”

“Sure, should be fine! I’ll give you a call if I run late”, she gives me a quick kiss on the cheek and runs off towards the girls’ dormitory to shower. I’m smiling while looking after her until she disappears behind the dorm doors.

Guess I should get going.


As I walk out of the gates of Yamaku I start pondering about what I should make for dinner. After a few minutes I decide to make a creamy oven salmon, not unhealthy and tastes awesome. Emi will surely like that. After a few minutes of my descent, I can make out a very familiar silhouette walking carefully in front of me. Her long blonde hair makes her easily recognisable around here after all.

“Hey Lilly.”

She slowly turns into my direction.



As I reach her, she continues walking and I walk beside her, matching her pace.

“Where’s Hanako? Don’t you usually do your groceries together?”

“Yes…but she has been feeling a bit down recently. I presume it’s because she’s not confident in how she did on the exams…”

Silence falls over us for a few minutes as we walk down the road. The only sound is that of Lilly’s Cane hitting the ground every now and then.

“Would you…mind helping me with my groceries?”, Lilly breaks the silence.

“Sure thing”, I expected as much. I really don’t want to leave Lilly alone to doing groceries.

I’m thinking hard about doing some small talk with Lilly but the only thing I can come up with are the Future Career Plans we had in class today…

“Mutou gave us a Future Career Plans sheet today to fill in, did your class have that as well?”

She lets out an uncharacteristically girlish giggle and holds her hand in front of her mouth. Did I say something wrong?

“Mutou isn’t the fastest one with these things, is he? We already had those before the exams.”

“Ah, well. I don’t mind doing it a bit delayed, so I didn’t have to worry about it during the exams.”, I say while scratching my head a bit. Is Mutou really that laid back?

“So, what did you write?”, I ask her.

“My, Hisao. That’s a very private question.”, she giggles a bit.

“I – Uh…Sor…”, I’m stumbling over my words as I see a teasing smile forming in her face. She got me there.

“English teacher”, she whispers while leaning towards me a bit.

“That seems like a perfect fit for you! Have you decided where you’ll study yet?”

Her face turns slightly hard on that question.

“I…haven’t. But my family wants me to study in the UK so I can be closer to them and have British native teachers…”

“That would make a lot of sense, they’re probably better English teachers than those around here”, I say while laughing and crying internally at how bad my own English is.

“Yes, maybe…”, she answers in a short manner, not reacting to my jest.

Silence falls over us again.

After a few more minutes we reach the convenience store. I give a basket to Lilly and she clenches her cane in it and then carries the basket with one hand and holds on to my arm with the other.

“I hope Emi doesn’t see this”, she mumbles while blushing a bit.

“I don’t think she would mind”, I blush as well and really hope that Emi wouldn’t mind if she saw me helping Lilly with groceries like this.

This isn’t the first time that I help Lilly with her groceries since coming to Yamaku, but it is the first time I’m doing it since I’ve been dating Emi.

We steadily walk through each row one by one until we both have all we need, and we line up to the cashier. Only one person is in front of us so it quickly becomes our turn and we can go back outside.

“Thank you so much Hisao”, Lilly says as she pulls out her cane. “I’ve done groceries alone a few times but…it takes very long, or I have to ask a stranger for help.”

“You’re very welcome Lilly.”, I return with a calm voice while wondering how she would manage alone at all.

The walk back to school is uneventful. We talk a bit about my Future Career Plans. Lilly’s face twitches a bit when I mentioned my potential university choices, but I didn’t ask about that any further.

“What about Emi?”, the question I’ve been a bit afraid to hear comes up.

“I…don’t know yet. I don’t think she’s decided. And knowing her she probably wrote down “Pirate” again.”

Lilly frowns a bit but then she giggles a bit.

“That would be something Emi would do.”, she says with a smile.

We reach the gate and we say goodbye as we split up to our own dorms. I look after Lilly for a few seconds. She’s so elegant. I turn away and walk towards my dorm as well. It’s only 18:30 so I still have some time before I have to start cooking. Maybe I should come up with a plan on how to talk to Emi about our future…



I’m in the dorm’s shared kitchen preparing the food. I rarely use it because we have a small stove in our rooms as well, but I need the oven here today.

I suddenly hear some footsteps from the entrance. More than one pair of footsteps. As I look out of the kitchen door into the entrance hall, I can see Emi walking up with a big smile – walking, not running – and someone is right behind her…Kenji?! What kind of sorcery brought these two together.

“Hisaooo~”, Emi jumps at me and giving me a passionate kiss.

Kenji behind her frowns, and I can’t tell if it’s because of what Emi just did or because he tries to figure out what she did.

“Hey man”

“Hey”, I nod at him to return the greeting.

“Good luck”, he just says and disappears towards his room.

“What the-….”, I start.

“Remember how I told you I’d help Rin with something she asked me to? Turns out he was there as well. But I’m actually not sure WHAT he was doing” she says while frowning a bit.

“What did Rin ask your help for anyways?”, I ask her while checking on the fish that’s slowly baking in the oven.

“She wanted me to help her wrap some of her art pieces that she wants to send to her art school of choice – as references for her application apparently. Seems like a tough place to get in to and I’m a bit concerned about how other people there would look at Rin…”

Hearing that actually makes me a bit concerned as well. Knowing Rin though she won’t give a damn about what others think about her.

“She might get looked down at a bit in the beginning, but her art is second to none so she will shut up any doubters in no time.”

Emi thinks a bit about that statement and her face lights up.

“You’re right!”

She sits down on the small kitchen table and starts humming while throwing her head left and right.

“Whatcha making by the way?” She suddenly asks.

“Food” I reply, which doesn’t seem to be a pleasing answer, unsurprisingly. I really should stop hanging out too much with Mutou.

“Creamy oven salmon” I correct myself with an apologetic face.

I can see Emi’s eyes slowly widen up and her smile getting bigger and bigger.

“I LOVE SALMON”, she shouts.

“Glad to hear that. It will be ready soon”

As the fish is done baking and the rice cooked, I serve both on a normal plate but trying to arrange them a bit to look it more appetizing; the rice in the form of a small volcano and the fish alongside with some of the creamy sauce dripped over it.

“This looks amazing” She says as she gets ready to eat.

We both start eating and all I can hear from Emi are “Mmmm” “mmmmmhhhhh” and some moans of ecstasy as she devours the salmon.

“I didn’t know you were such a good cook Hisao!” She seems genuinely surprised.

“Well, technically this isn’t that hard to make but I’m still a bit disappointed you thought I couldn’t cook at all”

She just giggles as she happily finishes her meal. I take the plates and start doing dishes while preparing some tea.

“So, Emi…” I decide it’s time to bring up the subject she won’t like.

“We had Future Career Plans in class today, how about you?”

“We had them a while ago already”, she already starts frowning at the mention of the word “future”.

“What did you write down?”, I ask hesitantly.

“Pirate Captain of course!”, she says and starts giggling and looking at me expectantly.

I sigh, loud enough for Emi to hear.

“Is there a problem?”, she stopped giggling.

“Have you thought about OUR future together?”, I ask her directly as I start pouring two cups of tea.

“O-of course I have…”, she becomes hesitant and starts blushing a bit.

“Let’s hear it then”

I’m not planning on pulling any punches today. It’s important and even though it’s still the first term and some time left before summer vacation starts, we have to come up with a plan as soon as possible.

“I-I-I….”, she starts stuttering, obviously at a loss of words because she hasn’t thought about it.

“I expected as much”, I say quietly and taking a deep breath.

She is obviously not happy to hear that.

“I decided to go to one of Yamaku’s partner universities in the city or near it at least. Although I haven’t decided on an exact major yet, at least I know I’ll be around here. I don’t want to tell you what to do, but obviously I would be happy if you would be nearby as well – even if it’s not exactly the same university. Also, in case you have something that you want to do that requires you to go farther away, I am still ready for discussion.”

She’s staring at me with a blank face. I can’t read her at all right now, which is quite a rare occasion as she usually has very obvious emotions expressed through the face.

With an extremely quiet voice while facing down at the table she says: “I just want to …”


“be with you and keep on running.” That last part was so quiet I couldn’t hear it.

“I’m sorry Emi could you repeat that a bit louder? I couldn’t hear you…”

“BE WITH YOU AND KEEP ON RUNNING”, she shouts now and obviously embarrassed.

So, after all, she doesn’t have any plan for the future on where to go or what to do.

“I really appreciate that, and it makes me happy that you put being with me above anything else, besides running maybe. But does that mean you have no plan whatsoever what you actually want to do after Yamaku?”, I ask in a very serious tone.

She pouts again.

“How about…studying sports and education? You could become a sports teacher at a school or maybe a trainer in a club, wouldn’t that be something good for you? I’m sure one of the universities around here have a course like that…”

Emi stops pouting and puts on a thinking face. Emi is thinking. A rare sight, but a more than welcome one right now. Her being the spontaneous energy bundle that she usually is, is one of the reasons I fell in love with her in the first place, but right now she does need to do some thinking.

“That sounds nice…”, she lifts her head and her voice becomes a bit clearer. Her eyes are actually a bit red as if she had suppressed crying.

“Are you alright? I didn’t mean to upset you Emi…”

“It’s okay, I’m just bad with thinking ahead and making long term plans and such, you know that. I wish our lives could just continue like now forever, but I also know that’s a childish thought.”

She takes a deep breath.

“Thank you for the suggestion Hisao. I will think about it more seriously and tell you my decision soon.”

I feel relieved. Not 100%, but this went a lot better than I expected. Now I just have to hope she sticks to her word of thinking about it more seriously…

She pushes her chair back and gets up.

“Now…for your reward for the food”, she says with a sly smile as she grabs my arm and pulls me towards my room.


I wake up with Emi in my arms, still sleeping. I’m less worried thanks to our conversation yesterday, but I still have other things to think about. Can we live together? Will I have to live in a university dorm? Things I won’t be able to answer until Emi as well as me have decided on an exact location for our respective future institutions. I hope Emi can decide soon if she’ll be nearby or not, and I’ll have to take a closer look at my choices as well.

I realize it’s Saturday and wake up Emi.

“If you want to go for a morning run, we’ll have to go soon.”

She yawns and gets up while holding the blanket in front of her naked body. She gives me a sleepy smile, yawns again and kisses me on the cheek. After a short stretch she turns to the edge of the bed where her prosthetics are waiting to be put on.

“I’ll head over to my room to get my running blades and sports clothes, see you at the track.” She says as she leaves my room.

I figure I have a few minutes, so I’ll remain in bed for just a bit longer and ponder about the future again. After 5 minutes I decide it’s useless to do that now though and I get up and change into my old football clothes and head out to the track field.

Emi is already there waving at me. Damn, this girl is always so fast.

We stretch and do a warmup lap together before we each run at our own pace. It feels like Emi is still twice as fast as I am, but then again condition wise I probably shouldn’t be looking at Emi as a goal. 

After we’re both done with our routine, we head back to our respective dorms to get ready for class.


Although it’s Saturday we still eat Lunch together on the roof. Rin, Emi and me, as usual. I can relate to Emi’s wishful thinking of keeping this life forever. It’s peaceful and nobody has to worry about anything. If there wasn’t a thing called responsibilities heading for us together with the future.

“Hey Rin”, I break the silence we had while everyone was busy eating lunch.

“I hear you’re applying for an art school?” I ask being genuinely curious.

She nods.

“Where is it?”

“In Japan”

“More precisely…?”

She gives me a sly smile. It’s so hard keeping up a normal conversation with this girl.

“It’s in the outskirts of Tokyo”, she finally says.

“Ah, so it’s rather close to my old home! What do you think your chances are of being accepted?”

“Who knows”, she says while looking up in the sky with a dreamy face. It seems like she really has no idea.

“Do you have a backup plan?”

She looks down again and stares at me.

“Do I look like I have one?”

I guess that answers my question.

Emi just sits next to use slurping her strawberry milk and starts giggling while listening to our conversation.

“You’re not in a position to be laughing!”, I say half serious and half teasing.

Emi pouts: “I know, I know”, and puts on her puppy dog-eyes. I will never win against those eyes.

Her face suddenly changes to a more serious one.

“By the way Hisao”, she starts.

“I will head to my mother’s place today and will be gone for a few days, I should be back in school by Wednesday though”

I raise an eyebrow.

“Did anything happen?”, I ask her, slightly worried about this sudden revelation.

“Nothing you need to worry about!”, she says with a smile.

“So, you’re leaving me alone with Rin for 4 days?!”, I fake pout.

“Hey”, objects Rin.

“I know where you live”, she says with a slightly threatening tone and then gives me a slight smile.

Emi giggles again and even Rin chuckles a bit. I was taken off guard by that.

“Don’t skip out on the morning runs though!”, Emi lectures me before I even had the chance of thinking about it.

“I won’t Emi, don’t worry.”

Emi looks at her watch and jumps up.

“I gotta go! See you in a few days Hisao! You too Rin!” she says and gives me a loving hug and kiss before she dashes off.

I wonder what happened…

“Hisao”, Rin addresses me.


“Could you help me for a bit after this? Postman will come pick up my art references and my application for the art school and I’m not very good at carrying or pointing at things.”

“Sure thing”, I decide to ignore the pun she makes about her missing arms. She does them a lot so I don’t think she’ll mind.

We head down to the art room and I can see a lot of packages in various sizes lying and standing around.

“Are these all yours?!” I burst out.

“Nah, I’m not the only one sending art references to schools.”

She lifts her right foot to point in the direction of her pieces.

“Those over there.” She says.

It’s one bigger board, probably a portrait of some sort and a few smaller ones as well as an envelope and a photo. I take a closer look at the photo.

“Hey this is what you made for the festival.”

“How did you know?” she looks at me in shock.

I turn to her, unsure if she’s serious or not.

“We LITERALLY helped you wi…”

“I know”, she cuts me off and smirks as usual. I feel like I lost again…

She looks up at the clock over the door and nods decisively.

“The postman should be coming soon, could you carry these to the entrance gate?”

“Of course.”

I pick them up and walk out of the art room. Rin masterfully turns off the light with her foot and kicks the door to close it before catching up to me.

We walk silently side by side until we reach the front gate. I carefully drop off the art pieces next to the gate and notice that I broke a bit of a sweat carrying them. I guess just running doesn’t exactly help me building up strength.

“Thanks”, Rin says.

“No problem. I hope you’ll get accepted”, I reply while catching my breath.

“I hope so too.” She agrees as she looks around to see if the postman is coming yet.

I decide to keep her company at least until the packages get picked up, even though it’s hard to talk normally to her.

“Did Emi tell you what she’s up to the next days?”, I ask her.

“Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t. Even if she did, I wouldn’t tell you unless…”


“Unless you had the power to make me say something or read my mind!”, she says with a grin.

“Ah…” is all I can form as a response. I give up any further questioning on the matter. Guess I’ll just have to wait until Wednesday for Emi to tell me.

Obviously amused Rin is back at scouting for the postman and indeed we both spot a car driving up the slope to the school.


“Finally.”, Rin says. I’m starting to think this girl has some kind of power to make me uncomfortable. The car comes to a halt right in front of us and a tall man in a blue postman uniform climbs out. I reach for the packages and hand them over to him. He scans each piece and checks address and payment.

“Seems to be all in order, good day”, he nods to us and puts the packages into the back of the car and drives off.

Rin looks after the car for a while and then turns around to head back into the school. I follow her.

“Alright, see you Monday for lunch then?” I ask her before we part ways.

“Actually, I will be seeing my art teacher for lunch on Monday, sorry. Tuesday I can accompany you though if you’re lonely”, she says as she playfully winks at me.

“Tuesday it is then”, I respond and wave her a goodbye.

No plans for tomorrow and no one to eat lunch with on Monday? What should I do…


Green eyes flashing in the darkness. Heavy Breathing creating vapor in the cold air. Slow steps can be heard cracking down on fresh snow. A voice in the darkness.


I try to face the direction of the voice, but I can’t lift my head. It’s too heavy. I start panicking and I can feel my heart beating faster and faster.


Constantly getting faster.


The pain is excruciating. Another voice.



I wake up drenched in sweat in my bed. Looking at the clock it’s still way before my Alarm. I take a quick shower and change my bedsheets which suffered from my sweat as well. What was that dream? Or nightmare? I can’t recall the details besides a voice screaming my name towards the end.

It’s Monday so I get ready for my morning run. I skipped it yesterday because it was raining quite heavily, and I decided to indulge myself in a few books in the library instead. The library is mostly deserted these days anyways since exams are over. Interestingly enough, not even Hanako was to be seen, so I ended up reading by myself and having an occasional awkward conversation with Yuuko.

Going down the track reminded me of Emi’s absence and I’m already feeling a bit down. The run itself feels nearly as good as usual though so I can lift my spirits a little bit even without my little beam of light being here.

After homeroom I ask Mutou for some information on the partner universities that are available for us. Those, that teach either sciences or sports education. He lifts an eye brow at the mention sports education but then searches a bit through his bag and hands me a few information brochures.

“I assume sports education is not for you?”, he asks finally.

“Of course not”, I reply grinning.

He nods, closes his bag and walks out of class.

During the second period I’m more focussed on my university brochures than the class but the teacher doesn’t seem to care all too much.

For lunch I decided to just go to the cafeteria and grab a sandwich since none of my usual lunch buddies is around. As I get to the crowd trying to buy food however, I see a tall figure a bit to the side looking obviously distressed.

“What’s wrong Lilly?”, I ask her.

“H-Hisao? I overslept a bit this morning and didn’t have time to make food for lunch…”, she’s grimacing as if she was in physical pain.

“I can get you something, what do you want?”

Her face lightens up and a smile bigger than I’ve ever seen before on her face forms.

“Just a tuna mayo sandwich would be fine, thank you so much Hisao.”

“No problem”, I say to her as I start fighting my way through the crowd.

It still takes me several minutes to get to the front of the sandwich counter, but I manage to buy two tuna mayo’s in the end.

I walk back to Lilly and hand her over one of them after making myself noticeable.

“Thank you so much, again Hisao. I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

“You’re welcome Lilly, but where is Hanako?”

“She is probably already upstairs where we meet for lunch, I didn’t tell her that I don’t have food on me.”

“Alright, then talk to you later I guess.”, and I start turning away from her.

“Uhm, Hisao?”, I hear Lilly’s voice again behind me, a bit hesitant it seems.

“Would you like to spend lunchtime with us?”

That question takes me a bit by surprise. Did she just assume I don’t have anything planned or does she know that Emi isn’t here?

“Eh, sure. Certainly beats eating alone in the cafeteria.”

We head upstairs to the room I’ve first met Lilly in when I was looking for the library. Hanako is already sitting there, reading a book.

“Hello Hanako”

She seems a bit startled to be interrupted by someone else than Lilly.

“H-hello”, she mumbles mostly to herself and looks down on her lap.

“Hisao helped me getting my lunch and he seemed lonely, so I invited him to spend some time with us.” Lilly says with a smile on her face.

I twitch a bit at the word lonely but since she’s technically not wrong, I let it pass.

Hanako just nods in agreement.

As Hanako still seems to be very uncomfortable around me even after spending months as classmates, I decide to sit next to Lilly. As Lilly and me start eating our sandwiches, Hanako pulls out her lunchbox and reveals a cutely arranged lunch.

“That looks very good Hanako!” I tell her.

“Th-thanks”, she mumbles again and blushes a bit.

Lilly’s curiosity got piqued so I try to describe Hanako’s lunchbox as much as it makes sense to describe something to a blind person.

“The rice is placed like a small cylinder. The vegetables are arranged to form a cat face and the mini sausages are cut to look like Octopi.”

“My, that certainly sounds very cute Hanako.” Lilly says with a smile and holding her head in one hand.

Hanako blushes furiously now – it seems like praise from Lilly has a bigger effect than from me.

As we all finish our lunch, Hanako pulls out a chessboard and places it between her and Lilly.  I quickly notice the markings on the board that seem to be for blind people. Nevertheless, it always takes Lilly some time to make a move, but Hanako doesn’t seem fazed by it – I guess they’re playing more often. As the game progresses and Lilly’s face slowly gets harder and harder, and my thoughts start drifting to Emi.

I’m wondering what she’s doing that’s important enough to skip school for 2 days. Not that she’d miss anything in class but she’s already not exactly a student with the highest grades, so she should at least keep her attendance as high as possible. At least summer vacation will finally start after this week and I can spend more time with Emi again. The only thing I have to think about is what universities I’m going to apply for.

The school bell rings just Lilly’s head sinks down in defeat. Hanako is surprisingly good at chess. We all get up and walk back to our classes. After we parted ways with Lilly, Hanako also picks up the pace a bit and walks in front of me to get faster to the class – seems like she doesn’t want to be alone with me or at least doesn’t feel comfortable with it.

The rest of the classes pass uneventful besides the occasional tease from Misha and a teacher scolding her for being too loud. I decide to pick up a few books and head back to my room to read for the rest of the day.



Although we didn’t actually make a proper promise to meet up, I head to the roof for lunchbreak in the hopes that Rin will be there. As I open the door and step out on the roof, blinded by the sun I can make out not one, but two silhouettes. One of them belongs to Rin, while the other one…is Kenji?

“Hey”, I greet both of them with a lifted eyebrow.

“Hey man”, Kenji replies while Rin just nods to me.

“What brought you two together here on the roof?”

I genuinely wonder about that. This seems like a very unlikely combination. Rin puts on a sly grin.

“This fella asked the all-knowing Rin for advice and of course I can’t refuse a pupil in ne-…”

Kenji doesn’t let her finish the sentence.

“I just wanted to hear how she applied for art school”, he says loudly over Rin.

“Don’t tell me you’re actually into art, Kenji?”, I’m even more surprised now than before.

“I’m in the art club. Kinda disappointed you didn’t know that man.”

I’m at a loss of words. One reason being Kenji actually doing something that requires a certain degree of socializing as well as the fact that he’s nearly blind and I have no idea how he even manages to draw anything.

“How do you…”

“Sculpting”, he says with a triumphant look.

Makes sense, I guess even completely blind people like Lilly could do that and still be good at it. Although I have my doubts in Kenji’s skills, I don’t further investigate the topic for now and let them have their discussion about art school applications while I devour my lunch.

As their discussion continues my mind wanders off to Emi again. I hope she’s okay. It seems a bit strange to me that she’s keeping it a secret what she is doing these days. Did she already go back to the mentality from before we went to see her father? That nobody can help her anyway, not even me?

From those thoughts my mind goes on to the next topic. I barely have any friends to hang out with. Being alone with Rin always feels awkward, Kenji is awkward personified, Misha and Shizune either tease me or want me to help with their council work. I guess the only other person I’m on good terms with at the moment is Lilly, but she seems so busy taking care of her class, mothering Hanako and family relations. Maybe today’s science club after class will give me some piece of mind.

Kenji and Rin finish their discussion just before the bell signals the end of the lunchbreak.

I notice that Rin hasn’t even touched her lunch.

“You alright not eating anything?”

“I will eat now.”

“But you have to go to class…?”

“I won’t go, easy as that”, she proclaims and starts her lunch.

“Alright, see you then”, I wave a goodbye to her and make my way back to my class.


It’s Wednesday. I get up early, put on my old sports clothes and go down to the track field. No Emi in sight. I’m a bit early but so is she usually. I shrug and start doing my warmup before running.

Maybe she’ll arrive while I’m running.

No sign of Emi as I finish my 2nd Lap around the track. 3rd. 4th. I’m reaching the end of my routine and start walking another lap to cool down. Still no Emi. I’m starting to get worried, maybe I should contact her mother later just to ask if Emi’s alright.

I leave the track and head back towards the dorm. As I come up the hill and see the inner yard of the school premise, I see a small flash of brown twin tails, green eyes and green clothing moving towards the girl’s dormitory.

“Emi!”, I shout at the flash who no doubt is Emi.

She stops abruptly, nearly slipping and turns around.

“Good morning Hisao!”, she shouts back while waving and smiling.

She seems to be in a good mood.

I walk up to her and hug her tightly. She does so in kind.

“I missed you”, I whisper above her head.

“I missed you too”, she replies but breaks the hug.

“Sorry, Hisao! I stayed at my mother’s place last night and we ran a bit late this morning. I’m glad to see you went for your morning run anyways!”, she winks at me. “I have to get ready for class, so see you for lunch, alright?”


“And hey, Emi”, I address her again as she already turned towards the dorm.


“It’s good to see you in full spirit.”

She giggles while waving off the comment and heads to the dorm. I look after her until she disappears behind the big wooden door of the old dormitory building.

A warm feeling spreads throughout my body. Was I this empty without Emi? For just 3 or 4 days without her? My spirits are lifted back to where they were before she left, and I return to my dorm with a stupid grin on my face to take a shower and get ready for class as well.

At lunchtime I head up to the roof a bit faster than usual, leaving the teasing Misha and Shizune combo behind me. I open the door to the roof and nobody is here.

Did I outrun Emi? No way.

After a minute or so the door behind me opens and I turn around with a big smile only to see Rin stumble on to the roof.

“Hey”, she greets me.

“Hello Rin, do you know where Emi is?”

She shrugs.

“Who knows”

Rin being helpful as ever, I sit down on the bench with one hand holding my head in thought and one hand tipping nervously on my knee.

After 5 more minutes, the door opens again, and Emi comes out.

“Sorry for being late! I had to buy lunch from the cafeteria, and I got held up a bit in class so I couldn’t be there before everyone else.” She playfully sticks out her tongue and puts on a cute face.

I heave a sigh of relief, get up and walk to Emi. I push her against me and give her a passionate kiss. She is a bit surprised, but she returns it in kind. Today the usual refrainment to not bother Rin is on halt. Even as we break the kiss, I hold her tightly and she wraps her arms around my waist and puts her right ear on my chest.

Rins coughs.

“Ahem, welcome back Emi.”

We break up the hug, both of us slightly blushing.

“Sorry but I won’t give you quite the welcome as Hisao did though.” Rin says calmly.

Emi breaks into uncontrollable laughter and even I have to smile at that remark.

“Sorry Rin, that was an exception.”, I tell her and grab Emi by the hand to lead her to the bench.

“Let’s eat!”, Emi says after she got herself more or less under control again.

Emi and me quickly finish our lunches, Rin is as usual and unsurprisingly a bit slower. Although to be honest I recently started wondering if that’s more because of her daydreaming than her missing arms, since her dexterity allows her to eat quite easily anyways.

I look at Emi expectantly. She looks back and smiles.

“Sooo, you wanna hear what I’ve been doing these past few days?” she starts teasingly.

Without waiting for an answer, she continues.

“After our dinner the other day together Hisao, I did actually do some thinking and I finally made up my mind. I had already thought about it before but couldn’t decide…”

She really likes raising the tension before getting to the meat of the story.

“But I have applied for a sports academy on the other side of the city. It’s maybe a little far from the universities you’re thinking about, but at least it’s the same city!”, her smile keeps getting bigger.

I’m also incredibly happy that she has taken a decision, and in fact she decided on the place to go faster than me even.

“Why did you have to leave for multiple days then?” I ask her.

“Well, the application includes an initial screening. I had to be there for that initial screening so they could assess my abilities. In a week or two I should be getting a result for that, and then after that there will be a selection test towards the end of our summer vacation.”

I hug her tightly.

“I’m proud of you.” I tell her and pat her head softly.

“What exactly will you do at the academy by the way?” I’m wondering.

Her smile gets even bigger, as if she had waited for that exact question.

“It’s not quite what you suggested. I won’t be doing education, but it’s fully focussed on sports sciences so I could technically still do teaching afterwards, I guess. But the main point is…they train professional athletes in the discipline of their choice. Of course, you need to meet minimum requirements in your discipline but I’m confident that I won’t have problems with that!”

“You’re going to be a professional athlete?!” I’m surprised, I didn’t expect that at all.

“Yes!” she answers with her affectious smile.

I hug her tightly again. That is a load off my mind. Now I just need to decide on my school and major and then we can think about where we live after high school…but that still has time.

While we’re still hugging, Rin coughs again.

“Sounds very Emilike. Good for you”, she says while daydreaming.

We break our hug and Emi giggles.

“Thank you, Rin.” She says happily.


End of Chapter 1


Chapter 2: Summer heat


It’s Friday evening, the last day of school before the summer vacation has come and gone. Emi passed the first screening for the academy she applied for and she has been given an appointment for a selection test at the end of August, which will be both written and several physical tests. I just hope they won’t test anything where she’ll be at a severe disadvantage due to her prosthetics.

“I will be very busy practicing and studying for that test! I hope you won’t get lonely”, she proclaimed happily when she got the message a few days ago and winked at me.

“Although we should still be able to see each other regularly…I hope”, she frowned a bit but it didn’t seem to faze her optimistic spirit.

Meantime I chose two universities that I will visit on their open campus days. Kitaku Technical University and Nishidai University of Applied Sciences. They’re both relatively close to each other and same as Yamaku a bit outside of the city to the west. As a major I have decided to go with engineering with a focus on medical applications. I thought that maybe I can support Emi that way in the future as well as helping many other people that have similar obstacles in their daily lives as the Yamaku students.

I called my parents yesterday to let them know that I will visit them for a week but that I want to spend most of my vacation at Yamaku with my girlfriend. They sounded happy on the phone that I had found someone to spend my time with and mentioned that they’ll also come visit us at Yamaku to meet her.

“Hiiiisaaaaooooo” clong clong clong.

Emi catches up to me in the lobby of the school as I was about to go outside to meet up with her at the gate. Guess I didn’t get that far.

She wraps her arms around my waist from behind and hugs me tightly for a few seconds before breaking it and walking besides me, grabbing my hand.

“How was your last day?”

“Our teachers were as little motivated as we were”, she has to giggle at her own remark.

“Yea, same for us. Also, Misha was in extra high spirits. Can you imagine? She was even more energetic than usual, and she just kept moving around. I guess she really couldn’t wait for summer vacation.”

“Well, I guess the Student Council will have at least some time off as well!”

“Unfortunately, not yet it seems”, a calm voice from behind us said.

The girl with long blonde hair slowly walks up to us.

“Hey Lilly!” Emi and me simultaneously greet her.

“Hisao, Emi”, she looks more less into each of our directions while nodding.

“What did you mean with not yet?” I ask Lilly.

“Well, there’s still a lot of recording and archiving to do before the student council and the class representatives will be off of their work.”, she sighs.

“And on top of that I will be leaving Japan for a while, me and my sister have been summoned to our family in Scotland.”, she continues all while doing her best to suppress a painful look on her face, but it is obvious that she doesn’t like the idea of leaving.

Emi looks shocked.

“You will come back right?!”, she bursts out.

“I will yes, I still have school as you may know.”, she smiles awkwardly, “As for my sister…probably not. They want her to work at the headquarters of the company in Scotland and it doesn’t seem like she has much of a choice…”

I feel like we kept on this topic for too long. And so, does Lilly.

“Anyways, I don’t want to keep you two. Have a nice evening.”, she says after regathering her thoughts and slowly walks off to the side towards the student council room.

“Thank you, Lilly, hang in there”, I try to encourage her, unsure if it has any effect or not.

Emi looks a bit trouble as we head out of the school.

“You won’t go anywhere, right Hisao?” she suddenly asks me.

“You mean I’m not allowed to go back to France where the bourgeois part of my family lives?”, I tease her with a serious looking face.

“Y-you have family in France?”, she is shocked and seemingly doesn’t notice that I was joking.

“Oh, I never told you? My Grandfather is French, and my uncle is a wine sommelier in Paris.”, I couldn’t keep my serious face anymore while continuing the tease and had to chuckle a bit.

“Jerk!” she catches on and giggles. “You gave me a shock there, I thought I’d have to learn French to talk to be able to talk your family for a moment.”

We go out of the gate together, laughing and holding hands. Walking down into town to celebrate the start of summer vacation at the Shanghai, we don’t speak a word. We just appreciate each other’s presence and grin. It must look pretty silly from outside, but we don’t care.

This is the best moment of my time at Yamaku, if not of my life. No stress, few worries and I get to hang out with the girl I love.

“Emi?”, I break the silence before we reach the Shanghai.

“Yes, Hisao?”

“I love you.”, she blushes a bit

“I love you too, Hisao.”

I put my arm around her shoulder and pull her closer to me and slowly move my hand up and down on her shoulder. She leans into me and rests her head on my chest as well as she can while still walking forward.

We keep walking the rest of the way like that and only break it as we arrive at the Shanghai.

Yuuko doesn’t seem to be working today and instead another girl looking like a university student is standing in front of the counter as we walk in – seemingly not very busy as there are only few customers.

“Welcome to the Shanghai!” she greets us and points us towards an empty table in the back.

“I’ll have two pieces of the chocolate cake and a green tea please!” Emi orders happily before we even sit down.

“I’ll have a piece of the same cake and a coffee, please”, I add to the order.

“Very well.”, the waitress says and walks off to the counter to prepare our drinks and food.

“Do you know yet what kind of tests they will do in the selection process?” I ask Emi.

She puts on a thinking face before answering.

“Hmmm, well you always get tested most intensely or their expectations are higher in the specialization you apply for, in my case running of course.”

She continues.

“The written part is supposedly relatively easy and are mostly common-sense questions for when you’re doing a lot of sports. They don’t expect anyone to have deep scientific knowledge on the matter beforehand.”

Then she hesitates a bit and starts frowning.

“The other physical tests…may be a problem. Apparently, they usually test everyone in swimming and any kind of ball sports. Ball sports might be okay as long as it’s not football, but swimming…”

As I feared, they will test her in something that will put her in a big disadvantage.

“So, I assume you can’t swim with your prosthetics…”, I comment calmly, looking into her big green eyes.

She looks down a bit.

“I can’t unfortunately. I could get special prosthetics for swimming, but they would be extremely expensive. I told them that and they said they will think about it and get back at me when they come to a decision.”

“How much are the prosthetics?”, I ask her.

“1.000.000 yen”

My breath stops for a second. That is a lot of money, nothing a high school student could possibly muster. And I somehow doubt that a lone mother like Ms. Ibarazaki would be able to pay for that either.

We fall into silence for a little bit, both of us in deep thought.

“Don’t worry about it!”, she lifts her head and looks at me with a smile. “I’m sure they’ll come up with another test for me.”

I just nod, still in thoughts. If I can’t see Emi much during the Summer vacation anyways, maybe I should give up going home altogether and get a part time job to help her with the money. Then again, even if we manage to muster the money before the test, she would still need to learn how to swim.

“Just one question. Did you know how to swim before?”

“Yes, I participated normally in the swimming classes in primary school.”

“So, if you get the prosthetics you will be able to swim right away?”

“Uh, I’d probably need some time to get used to them.”

I nod and decide to drop the topic as well now.

The waitress brings our drinks and cake and we both start eating. Emi finishes her two pieces of cake faster than I finish mine and she goes on to attempt to steal a piece of mine.

“Hey! That’s mine!”

“Arrrr, we take what we want, matey”, Emi proclaims trying to fake a pirate’s accent and takes on a fighting pose with her tiny cake fork in the right hand.

I fend off her initial attack on my cake and a small fork fencing fight breaks out. I parry one attack after another until she tries to go for a final blow from above. I drop my fork and grab her arm to stop it in its tracks. She puts on a sly smile, drops the fork from her right hand into her left and triumphantly steals the last piece of my cake.

I let go of her right arm and sink down my face in defeat. I lost again. She puts he right fist on her hip and stretches up her upper body and looks down on me. Then her face suddenly turns into the puppy-eyed face.

“I’m sorry Hisao, I got into it a bit too much. Here, open your mouth.”

I lift my head with my eyes half closed, faking a pout only to suddenly taste strawberries. I open my eyes fully and notice that I didn’t get the cake I expected but Emi’s tongue instead. She pulls back, lifts the last piece of cake and directs it to my mouth.

Still stunned form the sudden kiss, I offer no resistance as she slowly pushes the piece of cake into my mouth.

“That was…”

“Amazing?” she laughs.

“Well I wanted to say surprising, but I guess amazing fits as well.”

Emi blushes a bit.

“Don’t get used to it, that was special treatment.”

“So, I’m not good enough to receive special treatment from you regularly?” I fake pout again.

She looks a bit troubled for a second but then smiles again.

“Maybe.”, she says and giggles a bit.


We return to the school and we decide to hang out at her place. Since we both want to shower after our trip out though, I head to the boys’ dorm first. 20 minutes give or take later, we meet back up at her room.

I enter her room, and not a second after I close the door and turn towards her, she jumps on me locking her arms behind my head and her legs behind my waist, not without a loud CLONK of her legs hitting the door. I’m a bit surprised but I grab her behind to make sure she doesn’t fall down and keep her steady. She giggles at the noise she made but forgets about it 2 seconds later. She presses her strawberry tasting lips on mine and our tongues meet in a swirl of exchanges.

I start moving towards her bed without breaking the kiss. I slowly bend down over the bed to drop her off, releasing the kiss.

“Take my legs off first!”, she giggles.

I follow command and remove her legs first, followed by her red skirt, revealing her sky blue panties. I kiss the insides of her thighs to tease her, slowly moving up. As my mouth reaches her most intimate parts, I gently push the underwear to the side and slip my tongue past. Emi moans in ecstasy. After a few more strokes with my tongue. I work my way up her body pulling up her shirt and green top while kissing her all over.

I pull off her clothing, leaving her now only in her underwear.

“H-hey. No fair!”, she says weakened due to her arousal.

She gets a grip of herself though and pulls me down to her to lock in another passionate kiss. Using this as a distraction she opens the buttons of my shirt before making her way down to my pants.

She locks her hands and legs behind my body and does a roll, which reminded me of a wrestling move, so she is on the topside now.

She gently touches the scar on my chest with her tender hands while she returns the body kisses from before. Unlike me, when she gets to my private parts, she does not tease for long. She pulls down my pants and underwear in one go and starts working playfully on my member with her mouth and tongue. As she continues, I start moaning in pleasure and put my hand on her head to assist her movement up and down.

She notices that I’m twitching and rapidly moving towards my limit, so she stops and grins at me.

“Not yet, Hisao! I still want some as well”, she winks playfully at me and grabs protection from the drawer behind her which she masterfully applies.

“Just relax, I’ll do the work”, she says while lifting herself in order to guide me inside of her. We both tense up a little bit the first time I enter her but then we both start moaning in ecstasy. Emi starts slowly moving up and down but gets faster over time. As she seems to start losing balance a little bit, she puts her hands on the sides of my head, giving me a kiss while she keeps up the movement of her hips.

I return the kiss, but I push myself upwards to sit up straight. She throws her arms around my neck to stabilize herself while I grab her rear to assist her up and down movement. It’s not long now that we both reach our limits, trying to suppress loud cries of pleasure is far from possible as we speed up to get us both over the finish line.

I pull out and dispose of the rubber and hand over some tissues to Emi so she can clean herself up a little bit while I’m doing the same. Right after that I get back into bed and pull her towards me for a tight hug.

I’m pondering about whether I should ask her if she wants to live together after Yamaku, but considering neither of us is accepted to their university of choice yet and we still have two more trimesters to go, I guess there is enough time left for that.

We hold each other tightly in a loving hug and drift off to sleep within a few minutes.


The next few days, Emi is all fired up for her training, so besides our morning runs (which are basically warmup runs for her actual training now) I barely get to see her. But that’s okay, I know it’s very important to her and to our future together.

My universities of choice also have their open campus these days, so I have something to do even without Emi. She apologised for not being able to come with me (“I wanted to see where you’ll study as well, since I will come visit you all the time!”, she explained). The only thing I am sad about is that we won’t able to go on a date, with Tanabata being the only exception we make.

I end up deciding for the Nisihidai University. They are both quite similar. Both have their campuses made up of multiple European style buildings around a Park in the middle. The difference for me was that Nishidai seems to have a Track club that is taken care of more than at the Kitaku University. I met the university’s track team captain at the open campus, already fired up to inspire first-years-to-come and he said that everyone is looked after in the club, even those that may not be the fastest runners (which will include me considering my condition).

With that decision out of the way and finishing up my application, I now focus on my summer job search. I find myself in front of the big pinboard in the lobby of Yamaku, that has many leaflets about selling or giving away old furniture and clothes, someone looking for a lost pet and some job offers for students. Unfortunately, but also quite expected, the job offers are very few and most of them consist of tutoring underclassmen.

I guess I could tutor in sciences?

I’m thinking to myself while I keep looking for other job offers. And then one particular one piques my interest.

Tora Sports clothing and accessories – Looking for student sales assistant during summer vacation.

That sounds good, and probably more up my route than teaching.  I grab the leaflet with address and phone number and decide trying to call them.

“Tora Sports clothing and accessories. How may I help you?” I hear an enthusiastic male voice answer the phone.

“Hi, uh”, I hesitate a bit, “My name is Nakai Hisao, I’m a student at Yamaku Academy. I saw your job offering for a student sales assistant…”

“Oh perfect! You want to apply for the job?”


“Great! Would you have time to come by later today or tomorrow so we can have a talk face to face?”

“Today might be a bit difficult since the bus takes quite a while to get into the city, so tomorrow would be good for me”, I regained some confidence, it doesn’t seem to be too difficult to get this job from the sounds of it.

“Perfect! I’ll wait for you in the store at 10 in the morning tomorrow then! Just make sure to bring some kind of student ID with you.”

“No problem.” I answer with some relief and we hang up the phone after exchanging goodbyes. He never told me his name actually. It seemed like he was the shop owner though. The leaflet is signed by “Tora Asada”, so I assume that’s his name.


The morning run the next day passes as usual, I try to push myself just a bit past my routine and do half a lap extra without too many problems. Emi seems to notice that as well and pats me on my back.

“Very good Hisao! You keep improving!”, she smiles warmly at me.

This is the smile I want to preserve. The smile I don’t want to go away because of a silly selection test being an obstacle in Emi’s way.

I breath heavily and nod in acknowledgement to her statement and painfully try to form a smile. She has a trace of worry on her face for a moment but then she giggles a bit and dashes off for the rest of her own routine while I walk my cooldown laps.

Before we split to our respective dorms after the run, I turn to Emi.

“Do you know what exactly gets tested yet?”

She shakes her head.

“Nope. They will let us know sometime mid-August. So in a week or two… I wish I could prepare more precisely for the other physical tests. Instead I’m just hitting the gym to build up my upper body a bit as well.”

I nod.

“I see, I guess that makes sense to prepare yourself more generally.”

“You won’t stand a chance in bed anymore”, she winks at me playfully.

I laugh.

“Guess I’ll have to put in some more effort at least to wrestle you down.”

She looks at me as if she was challenging me to it right now, but we both quickly remember that we don’t have time for that.

A quick kiss as we part ways, Emi getting ready to go to the Gym, and me getting ready to take the bus to the city.

The bus ride takes about 30 minutes, thankfully I don’t have to go all the way into the city as the store is on the outskirts in a residential area. The bus stop is about 5 minutes walk from the store.

In the reflections of the windows I’m passing, I check if my clothes and my hair aren’t too messy. Satisfied with my appearance, I take a deep breath and enter the store as I reach its entrance.

The place is quite small but packed with all kinds of clothing and gear, not leaving much space to manoeuvre. After looking around for a few seconds, I notice a tall muscular man in an orange tank top standing behind the counter working on a computer.

He doesn’t seem to have noticed me yet, so I walk up to him.

“Excuse me, my name is Nakai Hisao, I’m here for…”

“Ahhh Hisao! I’ve been waiting for you”, he interrupts me with a booming voice, but not unfriendly in any way.

He wipes his hand off on his sleeveless shirt and holds it out for a handshake. As I grab his hand, I notice that it is quite sweaty, but I shake it without letting him notice my slight disgust.

“You look like a healthy young man! How come you’re in Yamaku? Got a problem in your pants?”, he laughs loudly at his joke – imagine someone like that was actually at Yamaku.

“No, Sir. I have a heart condition.”

“I see, I see” he continues with his loud voice.

At this point I’m unsure whether I should like him for being direct and friendly, or dislike him because he’s being too loud.

“Anyways, you wanted the job as a sales assistant, right? Sounds fancy but all you have to do is to help customers select an appropriate item for their needs. Obviously, I will teach you the basics in the beginning.”

“Just two things before I hire you: First the official part. I need to see your School ID, even though your uniform is already plenty enough in my opinion.”, he smiles and shining white teeth become visible under his moustache.

“Second, I would like to know why you chose this place as your place to work. I’m certain most offers directed at students at Yamaku would be more fitting for you.”

In order as I was asked, I first hand over my student ID, showcasing my photo, name, birthdate and so forth and then I answer his question.

“I-…”, I think about the reason. Because I need money. But that’s not all. Considering how direct he has been, I decide to lay down all my cards.

“Me and my girlfriend are running a lot, she is actually on the track team and is the fastest runner there. I can’t do much more than morning runs to slowly improve my condition but that is the big thing that brought us together in the first place…”

I hesitate for a moment before continuing.

“Since we’re both 3rd years, we’ll be graduating in less than a year and she has an important test upcoming for her institution of choice that she might need financial support with. So here I am.” I try to make a face as serious as possible.

“So, in other words, a fragile boy wants to make money for his sporty girlfriend’s future.”, he raises an eyebrow.

He starts laughing.

“Hahaha~ Don’t worry I won’t ask further details. Alone the fact that you don’t want this job to have money to fool around is enough for me.”

He looks at me expectantly with big eyes.

“So, when do you want to start? Now?”

“Uh okay, yes. But… Sir?”


“I would like to … know your name”

He stops for a second.

“HAHAHA~ I’m sorry about that, I tend to forget to introduce myself! Tora Asada is the name, same as the store basically! Pleased to be working with you, Hisao.”

“Thank you, Sir, I am looking forward to working with you as well.”, I breath a sigh of relief, finally being able to ask him for his name.

“Oh, and drop the ‘Sir’, just call me Asada.”

I nod in agreement, a bit unsure how I feel about calling my boss by his first name.

From here on he started explaining the uses of the different clothing and accessories in the store. Different types of gloves for different situations, different shoes and so on. Especially when seeing the running shoes, I’m paying attention to what he’s saying. I am trying to get everything into my head, but it’s more information than expected and probably impossible to remember everything after just one day.

After an entire day of learning new things and just one customer who just bought a pair of swimming briefs for his summer beach trips, I am quite exhausted as Asada tells me I can go home.

“But before I forget”, he starts and runs to the back of the store.

After a few seconds he comes back to the front and reaches over a pair of shoes and some clothes. It’s a full new running outfit. A deep black sports shirt with a few white stripes on the sleeves, white short pants with black stripes from top to bottom and a pair of grey shoes.

“See this as a welcome gift!”, he grins.

I bow awkwardly to express my gratitude and wave a goodbye before heading back to school.


The next day I decide to wear the new clothing to the morning run to surprise Emi with the fact that I got a new job. Arriving at the track, I can’t see Emi.

That’s weird. I’m not particularly early. I slowly start warming up myself a bit to keep a look out for Emi. Still nothing. As I start walking on to the track to start my run, my phone rings.

It’s Emi.

“Emi? What’s wrong?”

“H-hisao”, I can hear her pull up her nose, she seems to be in distress.

“P-please help me.”

“Emi?? Where are you?”

“In my r-room”

“I’ll be right there!”

I hang up the phone, slide it back into my pocket and quickly move towards the dorm. I can hear my heart beating.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Unsure whether this is from the sudden burst of movements or from being nervous as to what happened to Emi, I keep going. I knock on her door and walk in at the same time, not wasting a second.

As I get into her room, I see her lying on the floor with her phone in her hand and a face in pain with red eyes from crying.


I quickly grab her slender body and put her back on the bed.

She’s still sobbing and can barely form any words.


I can feel her trying to tighten her hug around my neck, but it doesn’t seem to work the way she wants to.

She takes a deep breath

“I can’t move”, she finally says.

“What do you mean you can’t move?? What happened?”

“I…may have overdone it in the gym and now I can’t move a muscle.”

I slowly move my hand towards my face and rest my palm on it.

I digest what I just heard.

“Emi you’re…you’re such an idiot.”, I tell her as I shed a tear of relief.

I hug her as tight as I can.

“Ouch! Hisao that hurts as well, sorry…”

“I already thought something much worse had happened Emi. Why were you lying on the floor then?”

“I tried to get up and put my legs on but then the strength in my arms disappeared as I tried to push myself up and I slipped off the edge of the bed…”

I chuckle a bit.

“Oh, Emi…”

She still doesn’t seem to be very happy but I breath a big sigh of relief.

After a while in a light hug she lightly pushes me back and looks at my clothes.

“Did you buy a new running outfit?”, she lifts an eyebrow.

“Not quite”, I reply with a smile. “I actually started a job in a sports accessories store, and the owner gave me these as a welcome gift.”

“Ohhhh, that’s where you were going yesterday! I saw you leaving the school premises when I was heading to the gym.”

“I was actually thinking of keeping it a secret longer and surprise you with something but if I work regularly, that probably would have been impossible.”

“Also, I would have been very suspicious of your activities without me!”, she says in a serious tone.

“Haha~ aren’t you suspicious anyways because you’re lonely during your gym workout.”

She puffs up her cheeks to make some kind of weird pouting face.

Being used to all kinds of faces to influence my psych, I chose to ignore it.

“So, Emi. If you can’t move, what are you going to do today?”

“I can move my legs! Just my arms need…some time. Help me put on my blades and we can go running!”

I look at her, still dressed in her pyjamas.

“So, you go running in your…nightwear?”

She blushes a bit.

“You may have to help me change first…But nothing indecent! …not now at least”, she giggles a bit.

“As you wish, my princess”, I say jokingly as I start taking off her pyjamas, leaving her with nothing but her underwear.

Savouring the sight in front of me for a while, I kiss her on her belly as a teaser as she slowly grows angry at me using the situation for my amusement.

“Hisao!”, she says half angry while blushing.

I see the limit of how much I can tease her coming at me quickly and decide to grab her running clothes and help her to put them on. After that, I help her sit upright on the edge of the bed, supporting her body with one hand while the other hand gets to working on putting on the running blades.

Finally having legs to stand on, she gets up and looks as nothing had ever been wrong.

“I guess you really do have very strong legs compared to the rest of your body”, I say into the room while frowning at her.

She pouts.

“Of course, I do! Usually all I do is running!”

I pat her on the back.

“Shall we then?”, I hold out my left hand while putting my right hand on my chest. Like a prince inviting the princess to a dance.

“Gladly”, she says, slowly wiping the leftover tears from her red eyes and grabs my hand.


After the morning run, I help Emi grabbing some new clothes and underwear and we head to the boys’ dorm to shower together, as it will still be impossible for her to do so on her own and Kenji is from my own observation currently not around, so we have the entire bathroom to ourselves.

Emi is still unhappy that she has to rely on me for today to even be able to do simple things such as showering, but that doesn’t contain her tendency to have fun. I wash her body before slowly carrying her over to the bathtub. After washing myself, I join her in the bathtub sitting on the opposite side.

 She doesn’t lose a moment and drifts towards me, pushing herself forward with her legs and then sits on my lap. She slowly moves her arms up to wrap them around my neck and gives me a passionate kiss while rubbing herself on my leg. Her face is blushing both from getting aroused and from the hot bath water. Her lips leave mine only to leave out a moan.

After a few moments of grinding my leg, she decides it’s time and moves one hand down toward my member to guide it slowly inside of her. She uses the bottom of the bathtub with her legs to push herself up and down, but since she has no strength in her arms right now, she can’t balance herself on the sides of the bathtub. I grab her hips to stabilize her movement and also assist the movement itself, so she doesn’t hurt her legs.

We both fall into an ecstatic state and can’t hold ourselves back anymore.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

As we go on, I can feel my heartbeat rising and rising.

TH-Thump. TH-Thump.

I am getting closer to the finish line and visibly so does Emi. I stand up and sit her down on the edge of the bathtub. After just a little bit more Emi reaches her limit letting out one of the most erotic moans, I have heard from her until now.

Not forgetting about me however she slips down a bit, wanting to finish me off with her tongue.

TH-Thump. TH-Thump. TH-Thump. TH-Thump.

The moment I release in Emi’s mouth and on her face, excruciating pain spreads through my chest. I hold my chest and grimace in pain. Overwhelmed by the ecstasy and pain at the same time, I lose my balance and crash with my right side on the edge of the bathtub before falling out entirely and hitting my head on the bathroom floor.

Everything turns white.


End of Chapter 2

Submitted: June 19, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Innonimas. All rights reserved.

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