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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

It's just work work work

Mike's voice was soft and apologetic.


"Sorry Darling," he said. "Its just been dropped on me by HL. He says I'm the only one who can deal with it. I'll be back tomorrow...promise...love you."


Then she heard the click as he replaced the receiver. She wanted to slam the phone down, but that wouldn't achieve anything except break the stupid thing. The bastard knew she'd wanted him to watch the kids tonight. He'd done this on purpose. Look at the time, nearly five thirty. She wondered if Janet's Sophie would come round? She smiled with relief as she picked up the phone again, glad now that she hadn't smashed it. She heard Janet's bright, musical voice answer.


"Hi Janet, it's me." she said.


"Hi Jackie."


"Look Janet, Mike's let me down again, is your Sophie doing anything tonight only I'm desperate for a sitter?"


"I don't know why you put up with him Jackie. This is the second time this week. He knows you enjoy your aerobics. If my Phil kept doing that I'd tell him to sling his hook."

Jackie was nodding and whispering under her breath, 'I know, I know.'


"He's a bastard I know Janet, but maybe it can't be helped this time. What about Sophie?"


"She's in the bath...early for her, but that usually means she's got a date. I'll go and ask her and ring you back all right?"


"Thanks. If she has, try and persuade her, I'm desperate."




Fifteen minutes later Jackie made a face as she applied a thin coat of eyeliner. In the front room she could only hear the sound of the Road Runner on the telly. Her two children had been temporarily silenced by a large pizza shared between them. Instead of concentrating, as she should have done, her mind drifted back to Mike's phone call. The bloody pig, she heard herself say, the sudden blast of breath clouding the mirror. At least Sophie had agreed to baby?sit. When she'd asked Janet what'd happened to the date, she'd said that there wasn't one, Sophie had just decided to have a bath. Don't ask, Janet had said, I can't work it out either. But with her sitting at yours, and Phil on afternoons, I'll have the telly to myself...Jackie had laughed. As the mist from her breath cleared from the mirror, she looked deep into the magnified hazel eye. A cheat looked back at her. It couldn't be she was thinking, I've never cheated. But with Mike's job keeping him away more and more. Maybe Carlo the young Majorca?tanned masseur at the health centre...



A sensual shudder throbbed through her body as she pictured Carlo. She'd always enjoyed his strong, probing, slippery fingers taking the ache out of her lower back. Now suddenly she was thinking about him in another way. She wondered what he would do, if today, she turned over in the middle of the massage and let the towel slide onto the floor? She thought for a moment, her mind drifting again, her eye seemed to catch the light and twinkle, and the mirror disappeared into a haze. His face appeared over her shoulder, then she felt his hands caress her neck and his fingers begin to delicately pinch her skin, gathering her tired aching muscles and removing the pain. Her head tilted back and a quiet sigh escaped from her lips. She placed her hands over his and guided them toward her breasts, his fingers still searching...


"Mom, Lisa's dropped cheese on the carpet." Jackie's son, Harry, was standing in the doorway with an empty plate in his hands and tomato sauce all around his mouth. His older sister pushed past him.


"I didn't...it was him," she said, ignoring her brother's presence. "You know how mucky he is Mom." Jackie twisted round to face them.


"Stop fighting you two...Harry go and pick the cheese up. Lisa make sure he does it properly and then settle down, Sophie'll be here in a minute." She smiled as the two children ran back toward the living room still blaming one another for the mess on the carpet. She spun the mirror back to its normal side, stopping it momentarily at the reflection of her deep cleavage. She watched herself run three fingers slowly over the soft divide. Closing her eyes she imagined it was the masseur...




Mike had parked his car in Tesco's car park which was still full with late night shoppers. He'd pulled his collar up as far as it would go and strode quickly over the main road and into a side street. He'd walked about two hundred yards, when he reached a dirty looking building with a broken neon sign hanging over a dark entrance. A movement in the shadows caught his eye.


"You made it...I wondered if you were going to come..." he said.


"I nearly didn't," Phil replied. "I had to clock out early...I told them I had a stomach upset."


"Well the main thing is that your here. Come on I've booked the same room as last week."


An overweight man, in a grubby Def Leopard T?shirt, snatched the twenty pound note that Mike offered in exchange for the key to Room 23, then resumed reading his well?thumbed paperback.




Submitted: June 19, 2020

© Copyright 2021 PikerUK. All rights reserved.

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