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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sometimes we set a goal and keep on working and working and .....
suddenly at a point of time we realize that we have come very far from our goal.
How Ruhi dealt with it , go through this story to get it!
Happy reading :)

"It is very difficult to put a thread in the needle", said one of the students. This was the first workshop of the orphaned children in the NGO. "Practice can make you do anything", a calm voice came out of the room. I was eagerly listening to the conversation happening between Ruhi and the children."Relate the effort of putting the thread in the needle as the efforts you do to accomplish a particular goal in your life, do it until you succeed but be determined for your main goal", Ruhi said. I was very much impressed by the way she was teaching the young minds about sewing. I was asked to call Ruhi to the NGO's head office regarding some official work. I called her out of the room and we were walking to the office."You teach well!", I appreciated her."I teach well because life taught me very well", she said with a calm voice. It sounded a little awkward to me and then we arrived at the office. She went inside the office and came back after two hours. She spotted me again."I want to know what life taught you", I said to her. "Why would I tell this to a stranger?", she asked."I am Aaditri, is my name enough to introduce myself?",I asked."Right, let's move to the cafeteria", she said and we moved to the cafeteria."I was born in Jaipur, a city with its colours. My life was not that colourful.", she continued."I was an orphan and my grandmother used to weave mats and carpets and sell them to people. It had good earning and she never hesitated to send me to a good school. All went well until she died and I was just in the ninth standard with some mixed feelings"."Mixed feelings?" , I asked Ruhi. " The people were the cause of mixed feelings as some said that I became free from all the limitations, could roam here and there and some said what would I do without any guardian then. I was suppressed and tortured by my batchmates in school. Although I earned a lot of scholarships that helped me to complete my matric but deposits of Amma began to shorten for running the livelihood. Despite having such complications, there was one thing that always cheered my heart", she blushed. "Love?", another question from my side was asked to her."That time it was called fondness", Ruhi uttered.


"Advik was one of my neighbours and his father was a very renowned businessman of the city. He loved painting and he often used to participate in the painting competitions organized by our school and I knew nothing about painting. One day during one of the drawing lectures I was pranked by my classmates. My drawing kit was hidden under a tree due to which I was unable to draw and finish the assignment. Advik noticed it, he completed his work and grabbed my sheet filled with spots of tears and began to paint on my sheet. I asked him why he was doing it. A quick answer came from Advik as he said he did not mind to do the assignment as it would improve his skills too by practicing again and again. I stood with complete silence adjacent to him seeing his passion. Fondness was the only feeling that came in my empty heart", Ruhi said and a bright smile came in her face as she described that moment as magical."Such a sudden moment", I exclaimed."Neighbours to friends was a sudden change for me. After that, I often used to go to his house for learning painting. He always welcomed me with his good heart but his brother never liked my presence. In India, eighty percent of people will judge you based on your family standards and not by your heart", Ruhi continued," I started feeling for him and this was not only my case as every second girl in our batch used to like him". "Was he such a good painter and person?", I asked."Some saw his wealth and I blindly saw his heart and art without knowing that I was dreaming of some impossible situations of my life!. After the midterms, news floated in the whole school that division of classes would take place based on drawing skills and that blowed out my mind as it would separate all the moments I would spend with Advik and I worked hard day and night for the drawing paper. I stopped myself from going to his home and spent most of my time painting. My only goal was to get into the same section with Advik selfishly and I could do anything for that. Finally, the day came and I was well prepared. All the students began to draw and I completely dedicated myself to the drawing sheet and somehow forgot to realize that Advik suddenly fell on the floor due to dehydration and was taken to the hospital and his drawing sheet was uncompleted. As a result, I got selected and Advik remained in the same section. I was in complete regret of not helping him out as he helped me earlier no matter what. Life sometimes does not give you good results even after hard work. At that time everyone congratulated me for selection but the inner me knew that I came far away from my actual goal", Aarti spoke and a dull smile shattered her face.


I could get into the eyes of Ruhi. What I saw was a pain that she used to hide with her smile. It was barely a two-hour talk but I felt at one point that I have known her for years. She again continued, "We no longer remained batchmates but we remained neighbours. He appreciated my so-called accomplishment without caring what had happened to him and at that moment my fondness converted into love for him. Between all that, one day I was rushing to his garden and was suddenly stopped by his brother and he shouted on my face that I did not fit well for Advik.According to his elder brother, I was merely a carefree girl who lived alone in her unfurnished house. I previously said that the people respect you by your power and rarely by your heart and intentions. Further, the words of her brother pinched me like a needle could have pinched me at that situation. According to Advik's brother, I was not even compatible to be a friend with Advik. Advik listened to his brother screaming and rushed downstairs, he had already listened to the stuff his brother said to me, and when I was about to leave he screamed my name and asked me to stay. That moment I realized, he too felt for me. Again a mixed feeling concept came in my mind that was to be happy that Advik loved me or feel bad that the journey was not possible for that time.But with a heavy heart, I told Advik to let me go but I was determined with the biggest goal of my life to go to that cloud of success where no one could touch me and question me again and satisfied my heart thinking that I would definitely come to Advik after I reach to the cloud of success. I left Advik and my heart in tears. Exams were nearly over and after the exams, I went to the room where my grandmother used to sew carpets and other items. I found a truck full of colorful threads and also a guide that my Amma used to write for a variety of patterns. I found what I had to do. I put a lock on the small house and on all the memories inside that small house and pledged to come back after success. I saw Advik in the balcony and his face in anger and tears. With a small money deposit and a big determination, I stepped off my house and left Jaipur. We always have to come out of our comfort zone to achieve our goals" were the lines Ruhi said when a child came and showed what he made out of the threads. She gave him a tight hug and continued.


"A fifteen-year-old girl hardly knew where to start. Whenever some shit people see a girl alone, they never leave any chance to molest her. I was noticeably tracked by many people but somehow I escaped out. My determinations were strong because I had nothing to lose. I took a bus to Lucknow and came to this good city. Nobody was ready to rent me a room seeing me alone. I also needed some money for capital, so one day after roaming for about twelve hours I found a job of sewing in an NGO. Amma sometimes used to teach me the work she did that helped me in those struggling days. As I was new to the place, many workers used to put the pressure of their work too on me but I remembered what Advik could have done in that situation and I happily did other's work too as Advik did for me once. Gradually I started collecting money and also sell my own products. I was admired by the work I did and sometimes my items were also thrown on my face, just like a thread is smooth on one side and rough at the other side but I was not stopped by any circumstance and after eight years of hard work I was able to start a big company, launch my own brand and hire more and more people. After this success, I started one more factory and then one more forgetting what was the actual goal of my life. During those days, Advik many times tried to contact me. But I barely listened to any of his attempts. I knew what he was doing. He was happy with his passion for painting and had become a youtube sensation of painting and Jaipur. I was very happy for him but did not realize, I had run somewhere very far away from him. I forgot that I had a house and memories at Jaipur. Really a person never gets satisfied with what he has and he always wants more. But at that time also I had an admiration to soon go to Advik and take him away holding his hands. That day probably came when a person came to me with a big order of carpets for a corporate office and that person was Advik's brother . He was amazed to see me and asked to call my husband but soon he came to know that all I had was made by me. He had an awkward smile and I could see his mouth uttering sorry to me. Now I decided to go back to Jaipur again!", Ruhi seemed very excited as she sipped coffee and kept the cup on the table.


Then she continued "I went to Advik's house and I saw her making the portrait of her grandma. The brush felt down when he saw me and hugged me tightly. We came to my locked house and unlocked it again. He was very pleased with my success as his brother told him the same about me and whispered that he was very happy to get married to a girl who did such amount of hard work to get him. I asked him to make a portrait of mine and after he handed over the portrait to me, I bid him a farewell"."A  farewell !!!", I shouted."Yes a farewell, when I unlocked my old house and all the memories, I felt that somewhere the zeal to make things better to marry Advik were left very far away in the race. I declared myself as selfish as I was the one to leave the person who loved me and never turned my face towards him. I doubted that if I ever loved him. What if I would have left with the only failure in my hand. I remembered that very incident when I was selected for the top batch and was too blind for the victory that I  not even noticed Advik in pain. I realized that for achieving him in my own goals, I left that very person in pain and often ignored him for whom I was doing all this. That time there was no point of mixed feelings in my mind as I thought if I could forget the hero of my goal for achieving the goal, I could never make him happy. I love Advik but sometimes loving is not sufficient to make someone happy for lifetime and not money too.Although I left Advik for marrying him only but I left, was the mistake. Advik was again left in tears. Sometimes we often forget the main goal in the rush of success were the words I said to Advik and he would never get to know what actually I was trying to say and after some days I finally sold the house and left my actual goal and Jaipur for always. I came back and I worked for the NGO which made me a big person. I was a big person but not a better person. After all this, I felt like a broken thread and donated whatever I had to the NGO and started working as an active person in the NGO. After some days again a piece of news floated of Advik's marriage. It was all over the media, happy faces, decorated e-cards, and all that stuff that hurt my heart more than my eyes. But somewhere I satisfied my heart again and felt a regret to run behind a blind race of unlimited goals. Life is ironic, very ironic. What we ought to do never happens in most of the cases. Money is not everything I realized at that moment but selflessness is everything just like the way Advik painted for me on the drawing sheet".


"What about now, any plans, any goals?", I was surely in tears after listening to this all then Ruhi said " Admit it or not love happens purely only once and I can't deny myself from loving Advik now also. Sometimes a lesson in life is sufficient to live life completely, I have a plan to give out my talent to these young children and most importantly give them the lesson of selflessness through threads. Life is like a thread and your goals like a cloth, we sew our goals and at some point forget to realize what actually is the goal, somewhat like making cloth with not that very same pattern you desired. I don't know I am a selfless person now were her last lines as she was again called by the head of the NGO."You are a selfless person as you sacrificed everything", I uttered and left the NGO.

Submitted: June 21, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Aaditri. All rights reserved.

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Sharief Hendricks

Beautiful story Aaditri

My favourite line was..."Life is like a thread and your goals like a cloth"

Well done !!!!

Sun, June 21st, 2020 9:49pm


Thank you!!!!

Mon, June 22nd, 2020 4:43pm

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