Chapter 1: Beginning I

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 185

The crew was digging up the remains of the failed experiment of Sumi. Her carcass was laid on the ground rotting away. The new head of the ZEN corporation in Neo Tokyo took custody of the situation. Hoping that she can carry the trust. Her name was Ayaka Sato.

She was CEO at the age of 17 and she built ZEN into a multinational corporation all around Asia and the Chinese forces. Even have some factories in the United States. They were the leading supplier of Electronics, Healthcare, Economics and Disipline but underneath all that is a sinister plot. Of: Developing BOW, Illegally selling mutated flesh. Hoping to spread their influence elsewhere. Ayaka was also a seducer she can seduce any man because most of them were pedophiles anyway. Since she still had the face of a 14 year old. 

After extracting the carcass Chris and Claire were transported to the ZEN facility in Neo Tokyo to get tested on. Ayaka didn’t trust them because she knows they both were direct contact with the infected. Ayaka climbed inside the chopper as they headed to the airport. 

The ZEN facility was taller than any building in Japan. It stood as tall as the Burj Khalifa. In Dubai. It was a monstrous building that held more than 2000 employees all working shifts and hard labor. Chris and Claire were stashed into a chamber as they looked around. Then Ayaka stared at them through the glass window. Then she pressed the button. They started to sweat then before they knew it. They both exploded into bloody chunks. Blood filled the entire chamber as the scientists looked at Ayaka in shock. “They were infected had to contain it somehow” Ayaka said as she walked off. 

Ayaka then stood looking at Neo Tokyo as she smiled. Today was going to be a good day. 


Somewhere in Neo Tokyo: 

Atoshi Anno was riding her bike down the street as she was late for school. Of course if she had a hover board this wouldn’t be an issue. But she liked the classic bike. The school was centered in the center plaza of Neo Tokyo as it was the largest high school in Japan. Housing more than 3000 students and having 1000 teachers it is a astounding feat what ZEN could do for the future. 

Atoshi changed her shoes as she raced up the floating platforms and headed to class. Mr Ryuji was sitting their holding a book as he was getting old. He was her mother’s old teacher also. Kazue was a known trouble maker. She also dated several woman also but until she found out she is actually straight. 

Then as the students piled in the morning announcements case on. It was talking about lunch and how everyone is doing. Plus announce a talent show hosting this week. Atoshi never cared for the morning announcements because it was useless in the first place. Then she seen someone standing outside looking at them. Then a gust of wind and he was gone.

Atoshi obviously wasn’t dreaming that actually happened. She then raised her hand to go to the bathroom. She was walking down as she seen two girls kissing in the bathroom stall. They were loud as one moaned. Atoshi just went bathroom as she pleased. 

After she got out of the bathroom she heard screaming coming from the classroom. She seen someone slaughtering her entire class. Blood and gore filled the classroom. Mr Ryuji was sliced in half as his insides flew out the window. It was a monster of some kind. The monster than charged at her. Then a beam of light came from behind her. 

Atoshi turned. 

Her mother stood in the doorway holding a plasma rifle. 

Submitted: June 21, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Tomie. All rights reserved.


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