Until I Met Him

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Until I Met Him

“my life was good enough. I was happy with my loving husband Debarth and my 3 years old twin sons. Everything was going very well, Until I met him.” Samayra told Nehakshi.

On 3rd April, 2016 Aryaman came at samayra’s office for an interview as her assistant. He was solemn, intense, idealistic man and also ideal for samayra’s assistant job. When samayra saw aryaman for the first time, he was wearing a formal slim fit green shirt, with tight fit khaki chinos formal pant. Samayra couldn’t take off her eyes from aryaman. After interviewing him samayra learned that aryaman is also an artist and work in a gallery where samayra worked before.

After one month, suddenly aryaman came into samayra’s office and asked “hey sam, wanna join me today at my art exhibition?”

“yes,” Samayra replied. Samayra didn’t think twice and suddenly that yes came out in a flow from her like it had to be that. Aryaman was looking at her confusingly and when samayra gave a thought to her reply and realized that ‘why she said ‘yes’ like this?’

“sorry, I was thinking something else… and you suddenly came to me … what were you asking?” somehow samayra saved her selfresponse and turned the conversation in different way. Aryaman was still silent that time, he was blank.

“ arya… are you allright?” samayra asked. Aryaman got startled when he heard samayra’s voice again.

“yeahh.. yeahh.. I’m fine..why am I here?” aryaman asked samayra. Samayra was shocked that aryaman just forgot why he came into samayra’s cabin. 

“nothing.. I called you for some work.. but it just completed so…” samayra said.

“okay..then.. bye” aryaman told and left the cabin. Samayra was shocked that ayraman so easily believed her like he knew her for long. Later that day, she went home and spent a really great time with her family.

One day, at night samayra woke up from sleep, having dream about aryaman. She dreamed that, she and aryaman was going somewhere by palanquin. Two months passed, and in these two months samayra saw several dreams about aryman. She was frustrated. Samayra couldn’t talk to aryaman about her feelings because he was her assistant, who worked under her. She was married and still those thoughts were disturbing her, that’s why she was feeling guilty.

Ongoing month, there was a promotion program. And Samayra was going to announce the promotions.

“hello everyone, I am samayra meheta, the HR manager of this company and today I’m going to announce the names who are getting the promotions this……..” during the announcement samayra became unconscious and was falling on the stage but mindy came running towards samayra and hold her. Aryaman came running to samayra and picked her and took her to the rest room.

Mindy and aryaman was there with samayra. Mindy was trying to bring samayra in conscious. Samayra became conscious but she was very tired, that she fall asleep again.

“what happened to samayra? Is she okay? She become conscious or not?” aryaman was asking many questions to mindy. Mindy was confused why aryaman was being so tensed regarding samayra.

“Yeah she is fine. She is sleeping now. I told her before not to take this responsibility of announcing promotions. But she is very arrogant you know, In this stage, taking stress is not good” mindy said. Aryaman looked at mindy confusingly.

“what stage?” aryman asked.

“in pregnancy ! I mean she is pregnant of one month…stress up is not good for her health and baby’s” mindy said to aryaman. Aryaman was surprised and became silent. In the meantime samayra’s husband came and “how is she now?” asked to mindy.

“she is fine now, she is sleeping just..” mindy said to devarth.

“she is pregnant you know…I told her not to take stress but, she is she” devarth said.

Devarth suddenly noticed aryaman and asked mindy about him. Mindy said that aryaman was samayra’s assistant. Devarth and aryaman shook hands while, samayra woke up from sleep seeing a dream, that she was running, holding a knife. Mindy and devarth rushed into the room, gave her water. Aryaman was watching, that Devarth kissed her on the forehead, samayra noticed that aryaman was watching her. After sometimes, devarth left and mindy took samayra to her office, “thank you so much mindy..you did a lot” samayra said.

“ you are such a arrogant lady…very bad.. very very bad.. now you take rest and I’ll bring you coffee” mindy said and left.

Samayra dicided to see a psychologist. Then she met nehakshi. She told everything about aryaman, her weird dreams. Samayra was very depressed,which she shouldn’t be because she was pregnant. Nehakshi couldn’t give her pills for hypertension or depression because that would be unhealthy for baby’s health So, nehakshi decided to do hypnotherapy for samayra. Hypnotherapy is very effective and harmless for any paitent. Hypnosis is more effective during pregnancy, it tend to have stronger bonds with their infants and also safe.

On 10th October ,2016 nehakshi started her hypnotherapy to samayra. Samayra lay down on the sofa and closed her eyes. Nehakshi was trying to relax samayra.

“you are in a good place , something good is going to happen to you, relax your mind , relax your body, relax your facial bones, concentrate in my words” nehakshi was continuosly saying those , until she fell into deep trance state. After some minutes, nehakshi said to samayra that, “ samayra, now I’m going to count 10 to 1 and when I say one you will be totally in your deep sleep….ten, nine, eight…..three,two, one”.

Samayra was in her deep trance state. After 40 secondes ,nehakshi dicided to ask her something.

“samayra, can you hear me?”

“yes” samayra replied.

“ what are you seeing? Where are you now?” nehakshi asked.

“ I see a lane, it’s kind of dirty…” samayra said. Nehakshi was surprised, samayra should think about her dreams or feelings about aryaman but what was she supposed to establish by seeing a lane, still nehakshi told her to go on.

“ I  see people… people running here and there….some people have hammers and sickles in there hand… houses are burning, blood….everywhere is blood…. Children are crying…” by samayra’s answers nehakshi was totally surprised. Nehakshi read about reincarnation but never belived in that. She saw 100 of patients but something like this never, ever happened to her. Nehakshi asked her next question and the reply of samayra gave her goosebumpes in her whole body.

“can you tell me the year samayra?” nehakshi asked,

“ it’s 1932 ” after hearing this nehakshi couldn’t belive in her ears. She never ever thought that she also have to handle some case on which she never believed. Nehakshi told samyra to go on.

“can you tell me the name of the place, look around try to find out”nehakshi asked

“the name of the place starts with M. mum..mumbai….mumbai it is” samayra answerd.

“tell me about yourself , look at yourself ,what is your name? tell me what are you wearing?” nehakshi asked,

“ I don’t know my name, I’m wearing a salwar, I …I have a knife in my hand?!…yess I have a knife in my hand …may be I’m finding someone…”Samayra replied.

“ look around properly can you see someone from your this life?” nehakshi asked

“someone is saving me from aggressive peoples, she  is calling my name…fa…fatima..my name is Fatima…she is saving me from those people who are trying  to kill me…” Samyara replied

“why they are trying to kill you?” nehakshi asked

“because I am muslim, ..” nehakshi understood the scenario. Samayra was born in 1932 and when she was around 25, when a massive riot took place in Bombay. Everything was very much surprising to nehakshi.

“do you know the girl from your this life? Look at her carefully..look into her eyes” nehakshi asked.

“may be I know her… her name is laali …she is my very good friend… I know her….yes, I know her…. she is mindy…yeahh she is mindy…” Samayra said

“good, what else you can see tell me” nehakshi said ,

“laali is saving me from those men, no…..no…. they are killing laali …no don’t…. leave her please leave her..” Samayra was sobbing. Nehakshi told her to calm down. Samyra was sad.

“I can understand you are upset, can you see anyone else?” nehakshi asked and after few minutes samyra spoke up.

“laali is dead, they killed her because she is hindu, I am running…..i am running with somebody …..he is holding my hands….may be I know him…I still have the knife in my hand…”samayra said ,

“try to see who Is he? Do you know him? Look at him closely…” nehakshi asked samayra,

“it’s aryaman….yeah he is aryaman he is saving me from fire in the house...” samayra said,

“what is his name?” nehakshi asked,

“his name is zoravar…he is a good person… he loves me .. but I loved somebody else who is dead” samayra answered. Nehakshi told her to go on.

“ he is saving me from killings…. A huge bomb blast took place….”  Samayra said and became silent. 10 minutes passed she didn’t talk. Nehakshi asked her “ Samayra, what are you seeing?”

 “I am dead now, I’m floating…zoravar is also dead… many people have died….i am floating… now I am in peacefull place.” Samayra said.

“okay, you can rest now. You lived that life. And now you born as samayra. Tell me who are you?” nehakshi asked,

“I am samayra.” Samayra answered.

“good. You have a husband and two children, and you are pregnant again, you know this right?” nehakshi asked,

“yes, I know , I have a husband his name is devarth, two childrens, and I am going to be mother again” samayra answered.

“good, now it is the time to come back. Slowly, slowly, come back in this life samayra” nehakshi said. After few minutes samayra was sitting on a chair and smiling peacefully. She got all her answers that day. Samayra understood about sudden occurrence of aryaman in her life. She understood mindy’s concern towards her, she was happy now.

Next day, she went to office and learnt that, aryaman resigned from his job. Mindy told her that, before leaving he gave a thing to mindy and asked her to give that to samayra so, mindy took samayra to her cabin and show the thing, and mindy left. A big frame, which was wrapped up with a paper. She started to open that wrapping paper and after opening that she saw there was a painting. A painting of a woman, who was holding a knife. That was the painting of Fatima.

Submitted: June 21, 2020

© Copyright 2021 swaggy. All rights reserved.

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Sharief Hendricks

Good Story Swaggy

Such a sensitive and complex Story....

I enjoyed it.

Sun, June 21st, 2020 4:04pm

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