Adventures of Max and Gnome III

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: House of Ghosts

Max, Gnome, Sophie, and Mendingbrew are forced to try to rescue Ruphal the Skull and fight against Horselfoh and Joakk.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Gnome held up his fists in a defensive position. Sophie grabbed the machete next to her and dizzily stood up. Mendingbrew ate a couple Ma... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

The yacht blasted music as everyone cruised back to The Castle. After docking, Dornac held the mouse tightly and ascended the stairs, sus... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Dornac and the army marched back to The Castle, which Dornac entered quickly. The King was not on his throne. "Do you have any idea whe... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Max and Gnome had been transported to a hot, moist land of rolling hills and brown soil. Far away were forests of strange conifers and ev... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Joakk, Horselfoh, and The Exterminator were done using the time machine and started to head back towards the ground floor. "We better h... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

"Mendingbrew, we have to go back there and try to get Ruphal," said Sophie. "I can do it if you all think it's too dangerous." "The wiz... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Mendingbrew gave Sophie the sword and they all headed quickly back to Dornac, who was just starting to wake up upon their approach. Rupha... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

The entrance to the dungeon swung open and Mendingbrew led the charge forward. "When I tell you, yell as loud as you can!" he said. T... Read Chapter

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