Mother Dearest (Fire Is Bad) - Part 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

"I'm coming to get you!"

Lizzie was running around in circles around the livingroom as the doll sat upright in the dead center of the chamber. She can't stop laughing.


"No you won't get me!"

She kept laughing while running endlessly and Adele saw the whole thing while waiting for the laundry to be done.

"That's odd, she usually just plays house with the last one, how is she playing cat and mouse if the doll just lay there?"

There was something peculiar about that doll, ever since she first saw it in the store about 3 weeks ago. Lizzie had been talking to it non-stop, way more than what would have been perceived as normal.

"Oh, really? You're from where now? Hope's End? Where is that?"

Such words were uttered by Lizzie when Adele overheard her talking to the doll in her room before. Believe it or not, Hope's End is actually a real place, only Lizzie had never been there and Adele was sure her daughter never heard of it, let alone talks about. Most of the conversation Lizzie had with Linda was one-sided and predictable; children can only go so far with the details in their imaginary conversation but this one, this one was different. It was as if she was actually talking to a real person.

" can't go there...we're not allowed in there..."

Adele wasn't sure if there should be any reason for concern for sometimes the conversation can get quite mischievous by the sound of it.

"No you shut up...hahaha..."

When her senses returned back to her sitting across from the livingroom, Adele once again found herself staring at the doll, only to realize that the doll was no longer there and so was Lizzie.



Adele was caught off guard with Lizzie standing by her side with the doll in her arms.

"Mommy..why were you staring at us?"

"Stare? Staring at you? No, no, I was just observing, you know, making sure you don't fall and hurt yourself from all that running."

"Really? Cause Phoebe here says that you've been staring at her all afternoon."

"The nerve on that kid."

"No, no, sweetie, I was just thinking how you used to play with was just different than..."

She can't find it in her to say the name.

"Phoebe...her name's Phoebe. Phoebe is my new friend…..and like you said, we don't replace them, we just get used to them," said Lizzie while looking at the doll as if it was a baby.

"Why, yes, yes that's right...your new doll...I mean Phoebe..she's...different...I"

"Yes, she's very...very different and I think I like her more than Linda."

Adele didn't know how to react to that.

"Are we ready to eat, mommy?"

"You're hungry already? Ok..just...just wait a little bit more..."

Adele then remembered that she was yet to attend to her laundry that should've been done by now.

"What's that? You're hungry too? Don't be silly, you can't eat food like us..."

The mother took one more look at the two of them before walking towards the back door.

Submitted: June 22, 2020

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