The Dark

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There were things Sara had been ignoring for too long, now somebody else knew would she be forced to face her fears?

It was so dark I couldn't even tell if my eyes were open or closed anymore. It’s crazy how the pitch darkness seems to amplify every other sense, like the woody musk of aftershave mixed with the stale undertones of day old sweat as I sensed the warmth of another body close to mine. Clenching my fists I can feel the tight straps around my wrists restricting my movement, as I squirm the strap over my chest pins me down, the one across my thighs gives me a millimetre of movement, I feel a small sense of relief as I rock my leg from side to side ever so slightly to try and ease the pins and needles creeping up my calf from my right foot, the right ankle strap was on particularly tight, restricting my blood flow and causing such discomfort. What were they doing to me? This was no ordinary initiation; I was starting to doubt my taste in friends.

I try to shout for Karla but all I can manage is a low muffled groan through the balled-up socks stuffed into my open mouth fixed there with gaffer tape for good measure.

I don’t even know how long I've been here, and I don’t recognise the scent of the body close to mine, I assume it is a guy by the scent.

"Yeah, thats right, Scott Turner from your primary school" a gentle, deep voice echoed in my head. There was no external sound, these words were actually in my head... am I cracking up?

"Nope" Scott’s voice again! "you've passed part one of your initiation, Karla was right, you are one of us"

They must have drugged me. A shriek of laughter fills my head, it's Karla "I knew you were like me; I could tell straight away!"

My eyes close sharply as bright light floods the room, as I squint, opening them slowly there are 4 faces staring down at me smiling, Karla, Scott and two others I don’t recognise, an older woman and a younger kid. I say smiling but they are beaming, like they've just won the lottery or something.

"Sara, I'm so excited, this is just the beginning, there is so much we need to talk about, I can't believe that only took 3 hours to unlock you, I knew you were special." Karla's sing song voice filled the air, her words echoing the expressions of the other three, and I can’t describe it but weirdly, in a strange way, I felt as though these people were family, I had a sense of belonging which I'd never experienced before.



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