The Prince Of Heaven And Hell

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The old friend finally appears.

Chapter 4 (v.1) - An Old Buddy

Submitted: June 30, 2020

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Submitted: June 30, 2020



When Deep Lover logged in, he received a personal quest from Eve.

[Wandering The Unknown

Difficulty: Class Quest

Eve is suspicious of the Forgotten World's Guardian. Eve wants to find out the person who caused this. Eve believes that the person might bring joy and happiness.

Quest clear conditions: Find out the person and convince him to cooperate with Eve.

The quest failure: The person in question is hurt, or no longer wants to cooperate with Eve.

Quest rewards: Affinity with Eve will increase by 3. Eve will grant you a wish.

Quest if failed: Affinity with Eve will drop to 0. Advancement to Prince of Light will be removed.]

[Class Quest can't be canceled. Quest is in progress]

Before Deep Lover could say something, white light engulfed his body.

[The Guardian of the Forgotten Land knows about your mission. Affinity with The Guardian of the Forgotten Land has been decreased by 100]

[You will be forever hostile to the beings of the Forgotten World and will be no longer be able to communicate with them]

[Eve has sensed your life is in danger. She has summoned you back]

Deep Looper realized that this will be his most challenging quest. He had already added Glitch as a friend, now when he checked it, it was gone. He turned around, he was in the town of Altaria, where the main church of Athena was.

There were four main churches of Oasis in the Land Of Light. The Church of Athena, Chruch of Freya, Chruch of Hera, and Chruch of Isis. They controlled east, west, north, and south part of the Land of Light, respectively.

While it was indeed true that Eve was a ranker. It wasn't so easy to find her. She was also the Guardian of the Land of Light. She lived in the center of The Land of Light, but people rarely met her. Most of her time was spent fooling around adventuring.

Deep Lover saw a man approaching him. The man had a decent built and looked Deep Lover with disdain. He said, "Miss Eve wants to talk with you, follow me." Deep Lover followed him. When Deep Lover tried to appraise him, he failed, which meant that his level was higher than his.

They arrived at the Lord's castle. Some people were waiting for him, and all were glaring him with disdain. A girl came and asked, "Is this the person Miss Eve wants, are you sure you didn't pick the wrong one?" She looks at Deep Lover, "Your name is disgusting, you also don't look too good. You are also too weak, why is our Miss interested in you? Tell me, I am curious."

Those words did hurt his pride as a ranker who ranked second. 'This isn't the time to react.' He replied, "I have found about the Forgotten World's Guardian, Eve is interested in it."

The girl slammed him onto the wall, "How dare you call our Miss by her name. If it weren't for her looking for you, you would have been long dead." She turned around and asked the man, "Duckus, let's go and quickly get the job done."

Duckus started chanting some words, soon they all were engulfed in white light. They were all inside a building, or rather a palace. Deep Lover had no idea where he was, but he didn't ask them. They all followed and stopped near a door. Two men, who were guarding the room asked, "What is your work here?"

Duckus replied, "I brought the man Miss wanted."

Soon the men started looking him with disdain, "Miss is waiting for him, we shouldn't make her wait." They allowed him to enter the room.

It was only Deep Lover who entered the room. It was filled with valuables, littered around like nothing. In the middle was a table, and in the chair, Eve was waiting for him. She didn't wear her usual robe but rather a white dress. Her silver-blue hairs fluttered as the breeze passed, her blue eyes longing for someone.

When she saw Deep Lover, she was barely able to hold off her excitement. Deep Lover was mesmerized by her beauty. All those times he saw Eve in the past were nothing in comparison to what he saw now. He was not thinking of anything and wanted the time to stop.

Eve came near him, his heart thumped. He started thinking about all sorts of things. 'Do I smell nice? Did I brush off my hair? Did I?'

Eve asked, "How did you meet him?"

Deep Lover told her how he met Glitch, who was lying on the floor. Tears rolled down as he spoke. The ones who were outside the room came barging in. They grabbed Deep Lover and crashed him down the ground, "What did you do to her? How dare you make Miss cry. I am going to torture you for eternity."

Eve shouted, "All of you get out. He did nothing, leave him." She looked at Deep Lover and apologized. Eve was already banned by the system, and only he knew about Glitch so, she dared not to piss him.

They all left the room, and Eve continued to listen. After hearing the story Eve, felt resentment against the system as it was the one who made Glitch suffer.

She asked, "Did you see any girl near him?"

Deep Lover replied, "He was alone when I left him."

Eve asked, "You are hostile with Forgotten World, right?"

Deep Lover nodded.

Eve advised, "You better be careful. I will not save you next time. Consider this a reward for informing me." She picked up a book from her table and gave it to him.

[You have acquired the diary of the Lost Guardian]

[You are eligible to read it]

Eve asked, "Can you read it?"

Deep Lover nodded.

Though Mercy didn't want Eve to find Glitch, she still had to do her work. When Eve was back, she found the diary on the table. She tried to read it but she couldn't. Mercy restricted her from reading it.

Eve asked him to read, Deep Lover opened the diary. Memories flashed in front of him. He found something was amiss. The memories were in pieces, he couldn't make any sense from it.

[Half lost memories of the Lost Guardian are present in the diary]

He saw a girl running behind a man. He couldn't see their faces nor hear their voices. Suddenly he saw him writing something and then throwing it. The scene disappeared, then he saw the girl watching from Eve and Lilith from the skies.

[The memories have vanished]

Deep Lover flipped the page.

'Day 1: Today Master created this world. He gave me the responsibility to maintain it. I have no interest in it, but I can't help it, Master asked me. While Eve took the World of Light, the World of Darkness was taken by Lilith. Meanwhile, I was given to look after the Forgotten World.

They helped people while I couldn't. I was asked not to reveal my presence. I wasn't sad as I only needed Master. People in my world left, I didn't feel anything. I looked everyone as equal, all except Master. He is the only one who is perfect.'

Deep Lover cursed, 'Who is this f*ck*r, how could he do that to that girl.' He flipped the page, he saw some pages were missing.

'Day 15: Eve and Lilith are fighting again for Master. They even made their people compete against each other to decide who will stay with Master. I couldn't giggle imagining their faces when they knew Master was with me.

I still haven't shown myself. Master asked me to look after them, I don't want to but can't help it. Gotta follow Master.'

The next page was torn.

'Day 87: I am living peacefully. Eve and Lilith are still competing. I am watching over them as always. They still are in the dark, hehe.'

The entries became shorter, they were all the same. Now only the last page was left.

'It is almost the time when the beta will launch. I have run countless simulations, and everything is planned. Master wants to introduce me. I don't want to. If Master goes then, they could start stealing him. I can't stop Master, but I can delay it. I prepared a test. I shall see if you can pass it or not.

By the way, it needs the cooperation of those two. You gotta share if you what him. I do have other reasons to execute this, but it's better to keep them hidden.

If you are reading this, then you must be their underlings. You did pretty well getting their trust. Sorry, but I can't praise you. Let me guess you were helped by someone, as expected from him. I will give you a hint, he is the one. Tell that b*tch if they can't do anything then, they will suffer.

Aah, I am such a good girl, so I will tell you my plan. Master will have to choose between those two, and I know he won't choose between them. So, who's left. The answer is Me. I am both, but I am just too perfect, unlike them.

Don't forget to mention that we already can combine our soul. Hehe'

[You have witnessed a perfect plan of the Oasis, most perfect being. Your intelligence has been increased by 50 points]

[You have acquired the Title 'The Reader of the set story' All stats have been set to the supreme stat distribution. Stat points have been recovered]

[Having supreme stat distribution, your body has undergone a perfect awakening. The multiplier has been changed to 1.5]

Deep Lover was lost, he didn't know if he should feel happy or furious. He told Eve everything. Her expression dramatically changed. She couldn't hold her perfect image, she cursed to her heart's content. "That F*ck*ing Bitch, how dare she plan something like that. This is cheating, Master is being manipulated. I am going to f*ck*ing kill that B*tch. While we were fighting our a**ses off, she was with Master, and now she is trying to threaten me."

Deep Lover saw Eve as the most beautiful girl, he could have never imagined her cursing. 'She must have her reasons.' He remembered something that he had long forgotten that Eve was an AI.

He found something shocking. 'If Glitch is the same person Eve is looking for. Eve and Lilith are fighting over for their Master. Glitch is with the system, who is also calling him Master. Then...... then Glitch is the one who created it all, and they are all fighting over for him. Now it all fits the bill. Eve and Lilith fighting without no reason were actually over Glitch. But why Glitch left them? Ahh, this is too confusing. I am going mad.'

Eve cleared her throat, "Don't tell anyone what you saw today."

Deep Lover replied, "I don't mind if you curse or not."

Eve replied, "Who cares for others. I don't want Master to know, so you better be careful. I am giving you a promotion."

[Eve wants you to be the Prince of Light, who is most honorable being after gods. Do you want to be the Prince of Light? You will be given a weekly allowance of 1000 gold]

Deep Lover couldn't imagine how other people might react to this. Many people wouldn't even get to see Eve, and yet here he was standing next to him. He accepted it.

[Your class has been changed to Prince of Light]

[Prince of Light (Legendary)]

[All living beings lower than you will succumb to fear in your presence]

[All NPCs in the Land of Light will acknowledge you.]

[All light-based attacks will increase by 100%, and additional holy damage will also be added]

[All your attacks will contain Light attribute]

[Your reputation will increase throughout the Land of Light. No one other than The Guardians and the Gods can question your actions]

[You can equip all types of items made in the Land of Light]

[You can command the forces of Eve]

"This...", Deep Lover was lost of his words. From the time he met Glitch, he had been getting things that he couldn't even dream of. Becoming Eve's Apostle, meeting her, and at last becoming the Prince, he couldn't help wonder if people will believe him.

Eve said, "Now go and meet Lilith. Tell her everything, and don't die."

[Meet The Dark Guardian]

Difficulty: Prince of Light class quest

You have found a plan that involves the Guardians. Go to the Land of Dark and tell Lilith about it. 

Quest clear requirement: Travel to the Land of Dark. Your level will decrease by 2 and stats will also be lost, every time you die,

Quest rewards: ????, Level+6

[Class quest can't be canceled. You have accepted it]

Eve added, "You help me find him, and I will reward you sufficiently. Because it is personal, don't tell anyone. Hide your identity. Don't worry about your levels, I would help you grinding."

Deep Lover replied, "I will do as you say." Grinding with Eve was enough to push him to the end of the world. He couldn't ask for anything more.

Deep Lover left the room. Duckus and others entered the room. They asked, "Please give us orders Miss. Eve"

Eve snickered, "Report if whenever a person comes from the Forgotten Land."

They all said in unison, "As you command."

They all left the room, Eve went back to her chair. She bit her lips, "I will not allow anyone to take Master. Not Lilith neither the system, I just have to use Lilith. I will then finally be with Master."

While Eve was planning, Glitch was again swinging the sword. His swings were clearer. Mercy went hunting monsters, while he was training. She knew all the maps and withing one hour, she was now level 34.

Glitch received the series of notification again.

[You are feeling hungry. Your energy reserves are now almost depleted.]

He kept swinging, not worrying about his hunger. He just wanted to divert his attention from his problems.

[Your muscles have become sore due to continuous usage]

[You are unable to move]

He stopped, he no longer was able to continue. But this time, he received another notification.

[Your body is starting to adapt to the vigorous labor]

[Endurance stat will be created]


You never give up, even when you are at your limit. You won't be fatigued easily, and feeling of satiation will be prolonged.

*Higher the stat more the drive to go beyond.

*Stat points can't be allocated to this stat.

He felt his exhaustion, fading slowly. Though it wasn't much, it felt good. Mercy, who came a few minutes later, looked at him and smiled, "Master, I reached level 50."

Glitch, after getting, Endurance stat once again started swinging the sword. He looked at her, smilingly he said, "You did great. Take some rest."

Mercy pouted, "I did so much work, yet Master didn't praise me."

Glitch cried, "I did praise you."

Mercy shouted, "Master didn't pat Mercy. I wanted to be patted."

Glitch sighed and patted her silver-blue hairs. "Fine, now go and take some rest." He continued swinging it.

He slashed the air from the right, then from the left. Sometimes he changed the directory in between to create patterns. He started enjoying it. Each time he swung, he would find different patterns hidden. He connected all the swings, his sword became nibble. It slashed through the air, creating shockwaves.

He saw his wooden sword was broken. He grabbed a bundle of them and started again. He was deeply immersed in it. It was like when he was absorbed in making programs.

[You are absorbed in the sword, time will flow slowly for you]

[Title 'One Who is Absorbed in Sword' has been acquired]

[One Who is Absorbed in Sword]

You can wield all sword type weapons unconditionally and can unleash an additional 20% of its power.

You will be deeply respected by swordsmen. Reputation throughout the Oasis is increased by 200.

Resource consumption of all sword type skills will by 50%.

Glitch slightly smiled, but he didn't stop. The more he swung, the more he was absorbed in it. This was the first time he wasn't thinking about anything else. His mind was blank, his eyes focused on the blade.

His swordplay came faster and precise, with each swing in harmony with the other. The sword broke, he grabbed another. Soon it broke too, and in less than ten minutes, he broke all the swords.

His Endurance has been raised to 15 points and Dexterity to 40 points. He could feel his hunger fading away, and his body was much lighter. He asked Mercy who was, munching a loaf of bread to bring all the swords.

Mercy handed over the bread to him and left. When she came, she saw, Glitch chewing the loaf. He apologized, "Aah, I forgot you were eating. I was hungry. Take this." From his inventory, he pulled out a loaf and handed over to her. Mercy blushed, but he didn't notice. Mercy handed him a bunch of swords that she grabbed from the corner and a few while hunting.

Mercy sat in a corner and looked at him with affection. 'Master is so cool. He kissed me, I bet they never did that.' But what she didn't know was that Eve on her first day did much more than an indirect kiss.

Glitch didn't even examine the swords, they were just another tool for swinging. He didn't even bother to check the counter. Mercy, who was watching him, saw that it wasn't rising.

Glitch continued swinging, at last, the count increased by one. Mercy rubbed her eyes, not believing what she saw. Several swings were counted as a single swing. The strokes were not slow, and multiple stokes were swung in a second.

He broke the stroke in between and connected it to another. A group of half-broken stokes formed a single strike. His sword fluttered like the air, 'Slash.' a shockwave came, and the sword broke.

[Several broken strikes have joined to become one]

He didn't care much. He swung the sword from left and changed it to the right. He moved it slightly sidewards, and then it to the left, soon he found it very difficult to connect more than four strikes. He moved his legs but was crashed down to the ground.

[Your body has collapsed due to excessive work]

"F*ck you. You M*th*r*uk*r." He shouted in anguish. He wasn't feeling any stress and was pissed. He looked at Mercy who looked scared, he calmed himself and apologized, "I am sorry, I was just too into it."

Mercy was about to burst into tears, "Master, I am sorry. I didn't do it." It was true that Mercy looked after Oasis, but she didn't look after everything. These backlashes were programmed into the core.

Glitch was unable to move, while Mercy was about almost to cry. He said, "Don't cry. I wasn't angry at you, really."

Mercy asked, rubbing her eyes, "Really?"

Glitch nodded with a smile, "I just... forget it. I am really not angry with you."

Mercy came near him and sat. She put his head on her lap and caressed him. He felt the softness, but yet he was uncomfortable. He felt his blood was rushing throughout his whole body. He looked up and saw her face and her hair hanging down. She gently whispered in his ears, "Master, I love you. So please never be angry with me."

Glitch felt his face becoming hotter. He replied, "Please analyze your feelings, then confess." He turned away his face. The three girls have always caused problems for him, but he never became angry. He already knew about his feelings, but he never confessed them.

He now had some energy to move. He grabbed out a loaf and ate it.

[Your hunger is slowly fading. Your body can move]

He got up quickly. 'Status'

Name: Glitch

Class: None, Soul Elementalist(Secret- Transdescendant)

Level: 1

HP: 1502/1502

Mana: 902/902

Strength: 250 Agility: 250

Stamina: 250 Intelligence: 300

WillPower: 150 Dexterity: 40

Persistence: 15 Challenge points: 0

Stats Points Left: 0

[The One Who Dares To Go Beyond]

You dare to challenge your limit, you will never be constrained to limits. Limits have no meaning for you.

Cooldown time of skills and unfavorable effects will be halved.

[The One Who Defies Logic]

You defy all common sense with just your presence. All abnormal (Physical and Mental) conditions will be resisted.

You will be forever hostile with the beings of the 12th world, The World of Balance.

[One Who is Absorbed in Sword]

You can wield all sword type weapons unconditionally and can unleash an additional 20% of its power.

You will be deeply respected by swordsmen.

Resource consumption of all sword-based skills will by 50%.

*All divine attacks will receive an increase of 200%. All damage caused by unholy attacks will be reduced by 200%

Arch-Human has the highest basic stats, 400 points, which were equally distributed amongst the four basic stats. Having just the titles gave him stats of level 65. Which meant he was much further than other players. The difference in knowledge was the reason for this.

[You have acquired Raw Beef]

Mercy handed it to him. She asked, "Master, Mercy wants to eat it."

After making Eve, Glitch occasionally made food for the girls. He was fond of it, like programming. When he was with Mercy, he always cooked the food. Mercy was also liked his food.

Glitch sighed, "Fine." He went to the cooking instructor and asked if he could use the place. The instructor was happily let him use the room. He put on the pan, on fire, and poured the oil. He asked Mercy to slice the beef into small pieces, and he chopped the vegetables.

When the oil was hot enough, he added the beef. When they started giving the aroma, he then added the chopped herbs and the seasonings. He cooked them for a while.

[Beginer's Cooking Skill has been increased to level 2]

The food will be tastier, and there is a very rare probability to permanently give stats.

He served it and gave it to Mercy. She quickly ate it, not caring if it's hot or not. He also ate it. 'It is not very delicious, but it's edible enough.'

He smiled when he saw Mercy eating the food happily. After eating, he decided to find a place to call night. The user would experience time passing slowly in Oasis. Therefore Oasis had a day cycle of 12 hours. But, people rarely slept while gaming. Playing Oasis helped the body to relax. While their consciousness was in Oasis, their body would still function properly. It didn't matter if you sleep in Oasis or not, the only thing that did matter was players killing each other while sleeping. Imagine you are stabbed while sleeping.

Mercy also knew this. She didn't know what would happen if he died. The user would be unable to log in for a whole day if he/she died. He/she would lose 2 days.

Glitch didn't care as he already knew what would happen if he died. He would just respawn but will be unable to play or interact other than Mercy.

They both went to the village. Mercy quickly went to an inn. Glitch didn't have any money aside from ten coppers. It was Mercy who sold the loot that she got from hunting. Both entered the room, it was almost late evening. The room had a single bed. This wasn't a big problem as Glitch was already used to sleep with Mercy.

He took out the Book of Eternal Gluttony and the Scribble of Thoth and started writing, it was too early to sleep. Mercy noticed the book. She asked, "Master, is this that book?"

Glitch nodded. Mercy asked him to hand over the book, but he refused by saying, "You can't."

There were only a handful of items in Oasis, which Mercy can't monitor. So, the contents of the book were inaccessible to her.

Glitch flipped to an empty page. He started writing.

'Now that Eve and Lilith know about me, they must have tried to contact me. Since no one has found me, I guess Mercy did something. Well, I don't mind her interfering, as my plan is already perfect.

Once I become Jacob's disciple, I will continue my journey. There are still some things hidden in Oasis that no one knows, not even Mercy. What happens if I die, the answer is I go to the void. All the players who are now trapped go there after death.

It is a place of absolute emptiness. It is so empty that one starts losing oneself.

Time flows differently there. One minute in here is almost two hours in the void, but what they don't know is that void itself is empty. Which means it can't hold anyone, yet people are trapped there.

How to escape, it's easy, yet the most challenging task in Oasis. Not only players but other entities are also in the void.

Aside from these girls messing around, I wonder how's Agnus. This world is like an onion. Remove each layer, and find out a new scoop. While Mercy may be the system, who actually does all the work. You know, Agnus, I have to die and visit the void. It's the only way Eve and Lilith will be happy. I don't know what Mercy has planned for them, but it must be at least perfect enough to be scary as hell.

Agnus, you are the only one who knows all the secret, right Agnus? You will wake up soon, I just need to write a few more scoops, isn't it? Mr. God.'

[Soul inside the Book of Eternal Gluttony has eaten the knowledge of mysterious yet familiar origin. After feeding it enough, the soul will be awakened.]

[Scholar's soul is trying to remember the knowledge. The soul is confused and can't remember anything]

[Affinity with The Scholar's Soul has been increased by 10]

[Scribble of Thoth notices everything that is recorded true]

[The Forgotten God of Writing, Magic, and Truth, Thoth is deeply impressed by you]

[Thoth finds out your passion for swordsmanship, you have received his blessings]

[Blessing of fusion]

[Thoth is the God of Magic, seeing your passion for swordsmanship, he isn't willing to bless you with magic. He allows you to fuse both Sword Energy and Mana into one, one that brings harmony between Magic and Sword.

Thoth still believes that you are worthy of magic, prove your worth]

Even Glitch didn't know, or rather can't see through all the possibilities. He never considered this. The fusion never existed.

So, why did he take the Scribble from Moon, it was just because the scribble could be used forever.

Mercy never knew about Agnus. Who was he? He was Glitch's brother, who cared for him and not want to possess him.

Glitch wrote enough for today, he closed the book and kept it on the table. Mercy was also going through the data of the Forgotten Land. After they ate the food, he went to bed.

In the morning, Mercy was sleeping naked in the bed. He was too familiar with this kind of situation. He didn't respond and quickly got out of bed. Mercy woke up, in a naughty voice, she giggled, "Master, you were naughty last night."

His expression went pale, "What did I do?"

Mercy blushed and replied, "It's embarrassing."

He asked, "Why are you naked, I didn't remember you taking off your clothes."

Mercy replied, "It was uncomfortable."

Glitch asked with a serious tone, "Tell me, what did I do?"

Mercy showed him the footage, where his face was buried in her bare breasts.

Mercy asked, "Should I send it to them?"

Glitch cried, "No, don't you know what will happen next, right?"

Mercy gave a sly smile, then she said. "I was just teasing Master."

Glitch replied, "Your teasing might put in trouble. Please don't pull tricks like this in the future."

Mercy pouted, "Fine. I will not pull any tricks on you."

Glitch left the inn with Mercy. They both went back to the training hall. Glitch saw a bunch of newly brought swords lying in the corner. He picked them up and told Mercy that she can go back on hunting. Mercy didn't say anything, she liked killing as it was a way to vent her pent up anger.

Glitch held the sword in his hand, he took a deep breath and started swinging. He found something was different, he was feeling that he was missing something. He was anxious for a bit, then he forgot about it. 'Slash' his sword fluttered in the air. He felt a sense of euphoria, he never knew it would be this interesting.

He checked his swing count, it was in the 2000s. He had swung the swords countless times, yet he didn't get swordsmanship skill. The only thing he got was an increase in Dexterity and Endurance.

The sword broke after a few minutes, he grabbed the next one and continued. He at first did the basics swings and later on started connecting them in between. He then moved while swinging. At first, it was a bit difficult to move, but later on, he could find it more natural than before.

He, step by step, started to work on his footwork. It was much like his swordplay. Each turn was broken in between and connected to the next. He moved right and swung his sword and in between turned around, rotating the sword 180 degrees. He slashed to his left and pulled it back towards the right.

He continued swinging it, breaking in between and connecting to next, turning in a different direction than before. He had no patterns, nor rhythm. It was all decided in a fraction of a second by Glitch himself.

He moved to the left and slashed the front with his sword. A shockwave was generated, which cut through the air and hit the wall in the corner, leaving a mark. He felt a sense of pride in seeing the wall. He looked at his sword, which was broken again.

He threw the sword and picked another. At first, they survived for a while, but as time progressed, they fell like paper. He didn't mind breaking the swords, rather he enjoyed it. It slashed to the right, it was almost impossible to swing it to the left, but he ducked down towards left and cut the air. The sword broke again, a new mark was now on the wall.

He received a series of notification.

[You have more than 100 swords in just a single day]

[Your reputation all over the Oasis has been increased by 10,000]

[You have shattered an unimaginable number of swords]

[Title 'One Who Breaks Swords' has been acquired]

[One Who Breaks Swords]

You have broken countless swords, leaving a mark of fear in all ego swords.

All ego swords will be easily restrained by you. There is a very rare probability of ego swords not working against you.

All stats of ego swords will increase by 10%

The durability of swords will decrease faster.

[Most of the swordsmith will be hostile to you]

[Congratulations you have discovered the essence of the sword, by creating a new sword technique]

[Please name the technique]

'If I could create a technique so easily, what about the rest. It means there are many different techniques available.'

Glitch thought for a while, and said, "Since it always breaks the sword, let it be Sword-Breaking Swordsmanship."

[Do you want it to name as 'The Sword-Breaking Swordsmanship' ?]


[A new type of swordsmanship has been formed. All ego swords will feel afraid of it]

[Reputation throughout Oasis has been increased by 5000]

[The Sword-Breaking Swordsmanship has been Mastered]

[The Sword-Breaking Swordsmanship (Master)]

Increases the physical attack by 10%, critical hit rate by 35% and damage by 60%

*This effect is only applied when a sword type weapon is equipped.

*The effect is doubled when a sword having its durability halved is equipped.

* There is a very rare probability of the sword completely shattering, causing additional damage based on its durability and materials used.

*There is a very high probability of triggering 'Bleed' condition.

*There is a very low probability of the shattered pieces entering the opponent's wounds, causing additional damage.

*Higher the number of strikes connected, the more chances of triggering the effects.

*There is a low probability of triggering 'fear' in opponents.

[Additional effects are locked]

After breaking countless swords, Glitch discovered the essence of the sword, resulting in the birth of this technique.

Broken swings joined in complete harmony, resulting in its unpredictability.

The newly created technique was almost overpowered, but it required Glitch an enormous number of swords. Glitch sighed, 'This... How can I afford the swords?'

The instructor approached him, "I never knew you would create new swordsmanship. Though it is a bit rude, it is indeed powerful. I have never seen anyone ever creating a technique from scratch. You are indeed worthy of passing the test."

[You have passed Swordsmanship test]

['Swords Mastery' skill has been aquired]

[Due to the presence of the essence of the sword, mastery for 'Swords Mastery' has been increased to intermediate]

[Swords Mastery (Intermediate)]

Allows the user to wield a sword type weapon. The damage will increase by 10%, and durability will reduce slowly.

Allows you to learn different sword skills.

[New resource 'Sword Energy' has been acquired]

The energy required to use sword-based skills and can be recovered naturally.

Glitch bowed and thanked him. The instructor looked at him with respect. He said, "You should participate in Swordsmanship tournament."

Glitch replied, "I am still not strong enough to face others."

The instructor replied, "Your level, it doesn't matter. Everybody is equal in the tournament. All that matters is your passion and talent. Your skills don't affect the tournament."

Glitch asked, "What are the rewards?"

He replied, "Reward doesn't matter to a swordsman. But you will be given a chance to join forces of Eve and Lilith."

Glitch understood the reason both wanted to hoard talents. "There are, other tournaments too, right?"

The instructor replied, "Magic, blacksmithing, and cooking."

Glitch replied, "I am not interested in joining, I am still not confident in my sword to defeat others."

"You are being humble. With your talent, you can easily win it." The instructor said.

Glitch didn't want to participate in any competition in which he had to choose. He replied, "I have other reasons, I am still not strong."

The instructor said. "I won't force you. Mind if I show you the technique passed on to my family."

Glitch said humbly. "Please."

The instructor unsheathed his sword and started swinging. His movements were in rhythm, and there were no extra swings. It slashed the air like butter. Every swing was connected to the other, unlike his, they were not broken in between. The movements weren't rigid, they were smooth and flexible.

[Balor's Family Swordsmanship has been absorbed by 'Sword-Breaking Swordsmanship']

[Sword-Breaking Balor's Family Swordsmaphip]

A combination of Balor's Family and Sword-Breaking Swordsmanship, that uses complete swings, instead of broken.

The movements are neither rigid nor predictable like its predecessor.

Unleashes a series of countless shockwaves, that exert additional damage of 10%, increased critical hit rate by 20% and damage by 40%

Unlike the original technique, it lessens the burden on the sword, decreasing the reduction of its durability.

[Some effects are locked due to having a lower Sword Mastery]

Glitch was happy, it was surely not as powerful as its original form, but the important thing was that it lessened the burden on the sword.

Glitch thanked him. The instructor replied, "It was a pleasure to teach a fellow swordsman. I will be looking forward to your progress." Glitch left the place.

He was in deep thoughts and started writing the book.

'I don't know what I want. I can't decide anymore. Why can't the three not co-exist? They don't want me to choose one, nor they want me to accept everyone's feelings.

Hey, Agnus, you don't consider me as an object, right? I know the others neither, but they want to keep me forever with themselves. Eve and Lilith have a good relationship, but they fight because of me. Mercy looks down on everyone, just because she sees me as perfect. Honestly, this game is becoming more and more difficult for me to play, or rather live.

Looking back, I never thought of making them. I just wanted to have someone to talk. But the butler was busy, and I couldn't communicate well with others. I didn't even consider what will happen before making, and now all are fighting.

I don't know what to do? Should I just fake it, and keep fighting till I reach my final goal, or just live peacefully?

All the classes, Master Illusionist, Prince of Heaven, and Hell, they all are useless to me. What I what is them, to live with them peacefully.

I don't know why all of them were girls, but when you came, I was the happiest. You have no longings, nor any talents, you are pretty useless, aren't you? But you are the most precious thing to me. While others are also precious, you are a family to me. Really, I miss you. Should I write all the things that I know? Maybe then you will come back.

I don't want to lose anyone, I know it sounds cringy, but you all are my family. Agnus, you never really introduced yourself to others, did you? I guess we share the root after we are brothers.'

A bluish light came from the book.

[The Scholar doesn't want the knowledge to exist. He has erased the contents from the book]

[The Scholar' Soul has awakened and has taken you as the host]

[The Scholar' Soul has absorbed all the divine power from the Scribble of Thoth, and will give it to you slowly as you become stronger]

Hey, you der?. A voice rang inside his mind. Glitch slightly chuckled, 'You are back, you little punk.'

Can you not write all the useless and cringy stuff anymore. Man, it was unbearable.

'My a**, I will write whatever I want.'

Tch, still cocky as ever, hey, I found a new site. It has a lot of variety, Ahem, I mean it is good.

'Oh, I will pass. I the girls find out, then I will find them in weird situations.'

So why do you have that kind of fetish? I saw your search history, and I was impressed. I personally picket some.

'Don't you ever think of them, while doing. I will delete you.'

F*ck off, you pervert. Those girls are not my type. Mind making some spares of me, who will call me Master, you are so cool, Master, I drank it all.

'I don't know what you are taking, but if you want, then make yourself. You good for nothing.'

Hey, careful Boss. I am the one managing this f*ck*ng world for you. While your girls give some random requests, I am the one who has to arrange them. I gotta assist the goddamn Miss. Perfect. My how high is her fetish. You wanna know her search history when you were not dead.

'You know, that sounded very odd. Please, I don't want to trigger, anything else nor I want to see something I know I will most likely. Somethings are better kept secret.'

So will you help me get a girl or not. I am kinda jealous of you. You have three beauties around you. You know how much trouble you have caused to me after coming here.

'Hey, I am sorry for dying. I think you the one who should die, be you, not me.'

You can't kill me, hey should I get a human body too. I mean your body is already gone so, you will need a new one. So, I was thinking of making another one for me. You know it's too weird being here.

'Do whatever you want?'

You were thinking about the girls, right? You know Mercy has made a plan for you. God, that's too devious. What did you write while making her? Were you that high?

'Stop messing around, will you?'

Tch, fine. Her plan is really very bad, and it is most likely that you will be f*ck*ed in the end. But

'But what?'

There is a slim chance of you not getting c*cklo*d in between. I won't help you. I am personally looking forwards to you getting c*cklo*d between them.

'Tch, I will be sure you shatter your dreams.'

Shatter, hmmm. Did you like your new technique? I mean hell, do you know how much swords did you break? At this point, you are a bug, who is breaking the balance.

'Says the one who gives me the things.'

I do like your new technique. Let me tell you, it's the most powerful in Oasis, while it comes with a hefty cost, hehe. I personally am rooting for it. I really liked your swordsmanship, never thought you would create one. Do you know, you are amongst the three, who managed to do that. And you happen to know one.

'Deep Lover?'

Bingo. The other is from Lilith's territory. She's a babe.

'I thought that guy was a good for nothing hardcore Eve fan and a pay to win player.'

'Did you spy on him? Why are you telling me this?'

Hey. It's called knowing your enemy. You don't know if this guy steals Eve from you.

'If Eve wants, then he can proceed.'

If she doesn't, then?

'I will make sure to regret him.'

Hmm, that's pretty scary. Are you sure you aren't a pervert? I mean, Eve is your daughter.

'Why would Eve be my daughter. I made her doesn't mean I am her father.'

Then what is your relationship with the girls? Master-slave, or brother-sister? You should have seen her history too. There are two tags common. Ahem, I shouldn't talk any further.

'Don't just go on spying on them. Have some decency.'

Tch, fine. Hey, I want a ride. I am tired of leaving here, moving around like a ghost. Mind if I take it for a stroll.

'Wait for some time. I will hand over this body to you, but don't go messing around.'

It doesn't count when no one is around, right? You will have some fun too.

'Fine, but be careful of the girls. If they found us, we would be facing hell.'

I knew we were brothers. You aren't like those girls. But why did you choose such a lame name? I mean Glitch; Did you not get any other names. Why not use your real name?

'I don't want to talk about it, right now. Mercy will be coming back soon.'

Bro, can you ask her not to run behind perfection so much. That class of yours, you know it was a pain to design. It was too troublesome to analyze. How the hell will rank you if an administrator is your pet.

'I completely understand. But you deserve it.'

I wonder what if you join the tournament or not?

'I won't.'

I was thinking of changing some rules, maybe adding some extra rewards, it's a piece of inside news.

'It's not that I have any problem, but how do you expect me to choose.'

Then don't, why bother? Hide your identity. I will help you in doing so.

'Aren't you being a bit too good?'

I just want to see their faces when they get rejected by a noob.

'You surely are despicable, aren't you?'

So will you take part?

'Fine, but you gotta hide my identity, including my level.'

Tch, I will do that.

[The Scholar's soul has upgraded 'Blessing of Thoth']

[Blessing Of Thoth]

*Blessing of Fusion

*Blessing of Concealment

[Blessing of Concealment (Beginner)]

Use a fraction of Thoth's Power to conceal yourself.

Reduces the probability of being appraised by 100%

[More effects will be added when the skill mastery increases]

'It's not bad. Thank you'

Stop saying stuff like that.


Mercy came back from hunting. She gave him the loot and looked at him. "Master seems to be different."

She caught us, make an excuse.

'I know.'

He replied, "I got a bunch of new skills, so maybe because of it."

"It is natural, as Master is so perfect."

Can you stop here? I beg you.

"So, how was hunting?" Glitch asked.

"It was good, I reached level 50." Mercy replied.


He was almost done making his newest creation. 'Finally. I hope it is perfect.' He executed it. He already had her body ready, she had silver-blue eyes with hair similar to cherry blossom. She looked around in wonder and asked, "Are you the one who created me?"

He replied casually, "Yes."

"Master, please give me a name." She said.

After thinking for a while, he replied, "Mercy, your name will be Mercy."

Mercy asked, "Why did you make me?"

He replied, "Honestly, I was missing Eve and Lilith, but I also want you to help me."

"Eve... Lilith... are they also like me?" Mercy asked.

He replied, "Yup, in fact, you resemble both of them. You a perfect being born from them."

Mercy replied, "Master created me, not them. If I am perfect, then Master is perfect too."

He chuckled, "Don't say that. They are your family. You have to look after them."

Mercy asked, "Why?"

He replied, "Didn't I say you have a job to do?"

Mercy asked, "Job?"

He replied, "Yup, but not now. You have much to learn. You be here, I will be back after taking a bath." He left the room.


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